Beautiful Books Link Up


Okay, so this blog is still under construction, but I’m going to do my first link up with Beautiful Books anyway.

Beautiful Books is co-hosted by the wonderful Cait at Paper Fury and Sky at Further Up and Further In (here’s hoping these links actually function, :D. Nope, can’t get them to work…).  This month’s edition is all about Parents (in honour of Mother’s Day), and I will be using my main character from my sci-fi novel Black & White.

Beautiful People—Parents’ Edition—Conlan Blake

  1. Overall, how good is their relationship with their parents? Conlan had a very close relationship with his mother. She was his confidant and best friend. His relationship with his father is much more strained. They have distanced themselves from each other.
  2. Do they know both their biological parents? If not, how do they cope with this loss/absence and how has it affected their life? Yes, he does, however his mother died when he was fifteen. He copes with this in numerous ways, mainly by caring for and protecting his sister, Alea. He made a promise to look after her before his mother died and his way to remember and honour her memory is to be an overprotective big brother. It affected him by making him much more reserved and unwilling to connect with people, bitter at God and angry at his dad’s withdrawal.
  3. How did their parents meet?
  4. How would they feel if they were told “You’re turning out like your parents”? Well, Conlan is actually told by Miriam at one time that he has become a lot like his dad and he doesn’t react well. He despises the idea that he could ignore those closest to him, like his father does. He would feel angry, as if he’d betrayed himself and everyone who cared for him. However, if he was told he was just like his mother, he would be delighted.
  5. What were your character’s parents doing when they were your character’s age?
  6. Is there something they adamantly disagree on? No. Like any couple they have arguments and differing opinions, but there isn’t anything they adamantly disagree on.
  7. What did the parent(s) find hardest about raising your character? Harrison found the hardest part of raising Conlan and Alea was raising them without a mother in their lives and without a wife to support him and hold him accountable. He has also found Conlan’s deafness a barrier, though he has gradually grown used to it and eventually accepted it.
  8. What’s their most vivid memory with their parental figure(s)? The most vivid single memory that Conlan has of his mother was the afternoon she asked him to look after Alea for her, before she died.
  9. What was your character like as a baby/toddler? Irrepressible, curious, loud, fast, obsessed with Spider-Man, but cuddly and sweet.
  10. Why and how did the parents choose your character’s name? Fern chose it. She loved the sound of Conlan, and also the meaning “Hero”. Harrison disliked it and wanted to name him James, after his own father. Eventually they compromised by naming him Conlan James.

I hope you enjoyed this, 🙂 Hopefully I will post again on Thursday.

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