Abbie’s Early Writing Tag (=Rambling about Embarrassing Things)

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Hello there!

Today I have something slightly different to do. It’s a tag, created by Abbie over at her music/writing/WAFFLES blog, and I said I’d do it ages ago because it looked interesting, but I never got around to it. So…

I shall now proceed to regale you with some information about my early writings and what I learnt from them.


Dragon Riders [So, this was the first story I ever tried to write down. I started writing it when my mum was reading the Inheritance Cycle (which was, at that time, just a trilogy). I think I was about six or seven when I wrote this. The story probably never got beyond two hundred words, but it sparked a passion that’s lasted ten + years. It was basically a blatant rip-off Eragon, though I inserted my four best friends into the story as dragon riders. Oh, you’d like to know the dragon’s names? Hmm….*cough, cough*, fine. The dragons were named Sapphire, Brisinger (Yes, I do think I added the e at the end), Gem and Thorn. Yep *blushes shamefully and crawls away*. Anyway, I had fun writing whatever was written and I actually attempted to resurrect this story a few years ago.]

  • What I learnt:
  • Um, plagiarism is not the way to go?

Warriors fanfics [Ah, now we get to the stories I truly am ashamed of and cringe at the thought of. Oh well, I am revealing my deepest darkest secrets here, so here I go. Maybe you’ve heard of Warriors by Erin Hunter? Well, I used to write fanfic for Warriors whilst I was reading the series which revolved around a clan of my own, MossClan. MossClan was appropriately led by Mossystar. Anyway, it was these fanfics that really fanned the sparks of my writing into flame, so despite their awfulness I am indebted to them.]

  • What I learnt:
  • That I really, really loved writing. That I could tell stories which were (hopefully) entertaining and make people care about my imagination.

Celia [I think when my mum saw that I was really enjoying writing my Warriors stories, she decided to get me a program called Learn to Write the Novel Way. This was a really cool book which basically introduced the concept of novel-writing to students and guided them through the process of writing a novel in a year. As part of this program, I came up with a story idea. I was tired of stories along the vein of Narnia, where children from our world entered a mystical world. So my story idea centred on a girl from another world who entered our world. Her name was Princess Celia and she was the most spoiled, horrible character I could come up with, because I wanted her to have an arc similar to that of Mary in The Secret Garden. I loved this story a lot and eventually I abandoned learning to write the novel way in order to work it by myself. I honed the story, the plot and the writing several times, though I never managed to finish the story. It had a lot of drafts. I’ve now left it buried peacefully, as I lost all my old drafts and ideas when our old computer crashed last year. R.I.P. Celia.]

  • What I learnt:
  • How to create characters, plots and new worlds. It also taught me about turning clichés inside out. How to write grammatically and coherently and a host of other things.
  • It also taught me that I could not write a unlikeable protagonist to save my life.

Blue Moon Trilogy [This is literally the most clichéd piece of writing I ever came up with. I never finished it because I eventually outgrew the clichéd plot and characters. This story focussed on a boy with the delightful name of Adrian and a girl (his cousin) with the adorable name of Sandra  (do you detect sarcasm here? Yes, you do). When Sandra stumbles upon a blue moon ring she is transported into another world, a world of quests and magic and dragons and good-looking archers… (P.S. please don’t ask what a blue moon ring is either. I literally came up with the name Blue Moon Trilogy because it sounded good, it didn’t matter that I had zero idea of what a blue moon ring was or that I had no clue what came next in the story, let alone in two sequels…) the less said about this story the better.]

  • What I learnt:
  • I’m pretty certain I learnt nothing useful from this story.
  • At all.

Otter Storm [An early piece of writing that I’m actually very proud of. It was my first ever completed novel (though it actually classes as a novella). It was the story of a young otter named Violet and her best friend, Fergus. They are both orphans, taken into the peaceful walled city of Otterwald. When a mysterious young otter with no memory turns up in the middle of a storm, Violet and Fergus take it upon themselves to restore her memory, and they lead a clan of enslaved otters to freedom from the tyranny of the Ferret King while they are at it.]

  • What I learnt:
  • This story showed me how to use other authors and stories as inspiration without completely plagiarising it. I used the Redwall, Warriors and Guardians of Ga’hool as inspiration for this story, and combining elements of those tales with my own imagination and plot twists, I managed to create something which was definitely amateurish but was my first step towards originality.
  • I also learnt that to make a readable story, I had to edit. My friend (and frankly the best editor in the world) read over it dozens of times, pointing out grammar and continuity errors, plot holes and other random miscellaneous things. So, not only was it the first novel I ever finished, it was the first novel I ever edited several times over.


Well, there we go! We have a long post in which I ramble about old writings of mine. Some embarrassing old writings of mine.

Oh, and I tag anyone who feels much like doing this! It was actually really fun, so I encourage you to!

What about you? What were some of your embarrassing (maybe downright cringe-worthy) early writings? Will you do this tag?

12 thoughts on “Abbie’s Early Writing Tag (=Rambling about Embarrassing Things)

  1. Haha nice. XD *hides all my early writings in the depths of doom* Ahem yes, I absolutely neeeever had any of those cliche rip-offs or aaaanything. *cough cough* XP


  2. Aw, this is a lovely tag! It good that you look back on this stuff positively… I know that most of mine pre-2007 is AH NO STOP. … With the exception of some Harry Potter fan fiction that STILL exists on FictionAlley and I’m moderately proud/ashamed of.

    Also, just scrolling through your “blogs I follow”… we follow just about all the same blogs and I’m not sure why I didn’t end up here before. 😛


  3. I love otters.
    This is a fun idea for a post! It is really neat to see how your writings got gradually more sophisticated and unique. We all start with painfully embarrassing stories! But without those plagiarisms and fan-fictions, how would we have honed our writing skills? We should be proud of our embarrassing first borns, as painfully terrible as they are. Without them, we would not be writers at all! That doesn’t change the fact that they are embarrassing though…
    Keep writing!


  4. Thanks for commenting! And yes, you’re exactly right! We can’t expect to be perfect as soon as we start, which is a pity. And yes, it was fun to look back on my writing and see how I’ve grown over time!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for commenting! It is a pretty cool tag isn’t it? I really liked doing it!
    I think I might have seen you around on Write for the King? Anyway, thank you for stopping by!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hmm… maybe? I just around a lot of blogs with tags/memes, so it’s possible I’ve been over there at some point! I follow WAY too many blogs. 🙂 Thanks for the fun post. 😉


  7. YAY YOU DID THE TAG!!! *hugs and many waffles* I CAN HARDCORE RELATE TO THIS POST OMG :’) especially writing an unlikable protagonist!! I tried doing that with that “David” book I mentioned in my tag….the main girl character was supposed to be like super mean and… *shakes head slowly* APPARENTLY I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE A SUPER MEAN GIRL??? LOL WHY. I just couldn’t do it. xD Anyway enough about me adklsjfljka THIS POST WAS FABULOUS. I LOVED READING ALL ABOUT YOUR EARLY WRITINGS!! FANFICTION WAS THE BEST WASN’T IT?? I’ve learned SO MUCH from writing fanfiction omg. :’) no idea where I would be without it tbh.

    Thank you for doing this tag!!

    rock on,


  8. THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING!! Yeah, super mean and snooty girls I just can’t write… Actually, as much as I really dislike my fanfiction it ignited my love for writing and it taught me so much. Not to mention it’s actually really fun to write. I wrote a fanfiction piece a few weeks ago, and it was just fun.
    No worries, thanks for creating it!


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