#WIPjoy–The Blade of the Dragon

TheBladeoftheDragon (2)

(None of these pictures are mine) I planned to have a really pretty blog header for today but I couldn’t get the photo editor to work…so….I have my book’s collage instead).

Good day all!

My post today is coming from a Twitter hashtag called #WIPjoy. I don’t actually have Twitter myself, but Katie Grace and Jane Maree have both done blog versions of this and I liked the idea. So here I am. I’ll be focussing on my Camp NaNo novel, which is a rewrite of an earlier draft, The Blade of the Dragon.

I haven’t used all of the questions, just picked twelve of them to answer, otherwise I’d keep you here all day. (If you want more info about #WIPjoy check out Bethany’s blog).

Without further ado…the first question!

  1. Describe yourself and your WIP

Me? I’m homeschooled, passionate about God and words and eager to share my beliefs and opinions in the form of stories to entertain and teach. If my story makes someone cry, laugh, smile and think, then I will consider myself successful.

My WIP in progress is the story of a young prince and his sister, desperate to save the world, and each other, from the evil of their father, a man obsessed with the idea of true love.

  1. Describe your main character’s aesthetic with 7 phrases

I have two main characters, brother and sister, so I’m going to give them three each and then one that describes both of them.

Ryu: stubborn but fiercely loyal // compassionate and chivalrous // reckless but brave.

Miya: plain, but beautiful // fierce but loving // foolish but smart

// Weak in the eyes of the world, strong where it matters //

  1. Your 1st inspiration for this WIP

Believe it or not, my first inspiration for The Blade of the Dragon (a.k.a. Jihi) was actually the children’s TV series, Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. My younger brothers were watching this show one day, which I’d never heard of before they borrowed it from the library, and I sat down and watched it with them. It turned a cliché on its head in a very interesting way by making the MC of Season 2, the son of the main villain. However, the MC not only knew that his father was the villain, but actually went out of his way to copy him. Until, of course, he was rescued by the good guys and became good himself. Anyway, I really liked the plot of the series, so I twisted it a little, set it inside a real life, historical Japan and changed the plot into a YA novel. It’s evolved a lot since then, but those were its roots.

  1. Would you rather: get trapped inside your story for a week, OR have your antagonist enter your life for a day?

Well, either could be beneficial. I mean, if I was suddenly dropped into my story for a week, there’d be plenty of time for research and note taking and then I’d never have to use the internet for research again. Then again, if I had my antagonist in my life, he’d cause a lot of destruction, but maybe I could talk him out of murdering my favourite character?

  1. What would your MC be like as the antagonist?

He’d be a stubborn antagonist and he would never back down from what he’d decided to do. In fact, he would make a great antagonist because of that very reason. He will save his sisters and anything that gets in his way he will remove…or die trying.

  1. What parts of this WIP are drawn from personal experience?

Um, well, not the poisoning? Or the kidnapping? What parts are?

   7. What would your antagonist be like as the MC?

I don’t know, honestly. He’d complain a lot, and you’d probably become sick of his obsession with true love. But he would be understandable, I think, and people would care for him.

  1. Would you rather: never publish this WIP or watch it get adapted into a horrible movie?

Well, in an ideal world I would love to have this story published and adapted into a wonderful, well-cast, written and produced movie. However, the likelihood of that happening is pretty slim. So I would rather it was adapted into a horrible movie than never have it published. After all, even if the movie’s horrible it might draw more attention to the book. I can hope anyway.

  1. Describe your MC’s character with a gif


(This is the summary of a whole passage of my book. Ryu and Miya both have ‘strength of a different kind’)

  1. A line involving a decision

Ren hurled the dagger so far and hard that it fell in the fringes of the wood—lost and irretrievable.

  1. What’s something you’re still figuring out about this WIP?

Yes, basically the whole thing. But if I was just to choose one thing it would be the title. The title has been, until now, The Blade of the Dragon, but I feel that the name lacks interestingness and snap. I’ve come with an alternate name Jihi, which is the name of an important sword in the story. That also works with the title of the second book which is Shokan, the name of another important sword. But I still just don’t know???

  1. Why do you yearn to share this story with the world?

I feel it has an important message and I want others to understand it. I also want the world to have a glimpse into what I think and believe.


2 thoughts on “#WIPjoy–The Blade of the Dragon

  1. This sounds like an interesting story! I love sibling relationships in stories. It doesn’t seem like enough stories have those. And you used a Pippin gif. That makes me happy.
    I have a lot of trouble coming up with titles for stories too. Actually I come up with all sorts of cool sounding titles that have nothing to do with any story that exists, but when I have a book that needs to be titled I have no idea what to call it. I think the sword name is a cool idea.
    Good luck on finishing this!


  2. Thanks for commenting! I love sibling relationships too, they’re so underrated in fiction! Ah yes, I really liked the Pippin gif!
    Yep, I’m the same. I have some really cool titles for books I’ll probably never write but the ones I do go to the effort of writing…yeah, no titles.

    Liked by 1 person

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