My Favourite Character Types

Before I get stuck into today’s post, I just want to make a quick announcement. Don’t get too excited…it’s pretty boring.

Here’s my announcement: When I started my blog, my aim was to post every Thursday. That’s not really working for me, I don’t have time between school, writing and life to post on Thursday anymore. So, I’ll be moving my posting day to Saturday. I realise that basically everyone posts on Saturday, but at the moment it’s the best I can do. :D. Thanks for sticking with me.

Okay, I had a pretty hectic Saturday, so I’m posting a pre-prepared one, which should hopefully be interesting, all about my favourite character types (original inspiration from Christine @ Musings of an Elf!)

(None of these pictures are mine)

1.    The character trying to escape their past.


Jean Valjean
Picture source


By this, I don’t mean the brooding bad boy stereotype, I mean the character who has done bad things, admits that and is trying to change, genuinely trying to change. However, there is something or someone continually reminding them of their past. They tend to be haunted, guilt-ridden and fearful, and so, so ready for a hug and some love.

Ren (from my own novel, The Blade of the Dragon. I love Ren so much, he’s my favourite character), Jean Valjean (from Les Miserables. You need a hug so badly, Jean), Fantine (from Les Miserables. Fantine needs a fellow girl to cry long and hard with), Hana (from Barefoot on the Wind. Hana is guilt-ridden over the death of her brother, which she believes is her fault. For a long time, she tries to ‘earn’ back her father’s love and forgiveness).

2.    The haunted, hunted, miserable and twisted character


Picture source


Closely related to the character trying to run from their past, but these characters usually don’t realise that there is a way to change. They give themselves up to the darkness in their soul and become so twisted that they don’t even look human anymore. And yet, you feel that if someone was just to love them unconditionally it would untwist their hearts and bring them back to the light.

The Phantom (from The Phantom of the Opera. Poor soul, the world showed no compassion to him.), Javert (from Les Miserables. Nothing can melt a heart of wood, unfortunately), Gollum (from The Lord of the Rings. Frodo was so, so close to bringing Gollum back to the light.), Erik (from the X-Men. One of my favourite villains of all time. I mean, poor Erik watched his mother, his wife and his daughter killed before his eyes. How could that not twist someone?) Loki (from Thor. Don’t we all secretly love poor Loki?).

2.    Girls who can look after themselves, but aren’t super tough and masculine


Picture source


One of my favourite characters tropes. These girls are tough, but not in a muscular way, they are strong, but often not physically. They can defend themselves, but they don’t feel the need to beat up other just to prove a point. These girls can be fiery and feisty, but also quiet and feminine.


Cinder (from Cinder. Cinder is a mechanic and she can defend herself, but isn’t overly “tough”. I love Cinder.), Cress (from Cress. I’ve only read the first chapter, but I love Cress already!), Eowyn (from The Lord of the Rings. Eowyn is pretty cool, even though I don’t agree with her decision to abandon her people, she is amazing.), Hana (from Barefoot on the Wind. Hana feels that she has to take the place of her brother, so she is a good shot with a bow, but really she is still feminine.), Rapunzel (from Tangled. I’m not a huge Disney fan but I do like Rapunzel and her femininity).

4.    Girls who are sweet, gentle, innocent and seem “naïve”, but really aren’t.


Picture source


There are those girls who are so gentle, compassionate and kindly that people write the off as being “weak” and “naïve”. They aren’t and they prove that they are just as strong and brave as everyone else.

Miya (from my own novel, The Blade of the Dragon. I love Miya almost as much as I love Ren), Christine (from The Phantom of the Opera. Christine seems, at first glance, weak and indecisive, but the more you get to know her character, the more you realise that she has suffered so much and has the power to show compassion to a man who is hideous both inside and out.), Cosette (from Les Miserables. Cosette is a lot like Christine, she’s suffered so much and yet she is still capable of loving so deeply.), Fantine (from Les Miserables. Others call Fantine ‘pure’ and ‘naïve’, they tease her for her modesty and kindness. They see her love for Cosette’s father as a weakness and laugh at her. But Fantine proves to them all she is strong and humble, and will literally give everything she has to save Cosette).

5. Men, who aren’t perfect, but are kind, humble and loving, the traditional heroes.


Picture source


There seems to be a shortage of these types of men in YA books. I don’t know why, but all the boys seem to be the brooding, dark type, arrogant and jerks. What is wrong with a love interest who is nice, kind and humble? These types never fail to make me fall in love with them.

Marius (from Les Miserables. He’s a bit of a klutz, he’s awkward and odd, but he’s kind at heart, compassionate, enthusiastic and whole-hearted), Raoul (from The Phantom of the Opera. Why do so many people want Christine to go with the Phantom? Much as I love the Phantom, I love Raoul. He can be a bit arrogant at times, but he truly loves and cares for Christine, just listen to All I Ask of You), Kai (from Cinder. Kai is a lot like Raoul, kind, occasionally arrogant—he’s the emperor though, he’s used to bossing people around—but self-sacrificial, and caring).

What about you? What are your favourite character types? Did I mention any of your favourite characters? Am I the only one who appreciates girls who aren’t “strong” in the physical sense?


35 thoughts on “My Favourite Character Types

  1. I get a very strong vibe from this post that you LOVE Les Mis! 😀

    These are great tropes, and ones that aren’t talked about very often. Good luck with school and we’ll look for your posts on Saturdays! ❤


  2. Thanks for commenting, Amber! I appreciate your comments, they make me smile 😀 And yes, I am going through a Les Mis phase. Please bear with me, I will be over it soon (actually, no guarantees).
    Yes, they’re my favourites, I love them!


  3. Characters types: well I tend to want complex characters over simple ones. I also tend to look for strong characters as well. I want a character to have something unique about them. There are many reasons for me to love a character


  4. My journey with Les Mis started with the Tom Hooper Movie. I saw Les Mis lives 3x at community college due to see it twice as an usher and once with my family and the 4th time I saw it in London. The 5th time will be in Greenville and I will be seeing it with my school.

    There are so many wonderful things to say about Les Mis


  5. I saw the movie last week and it was really good, I was actually surprised by how well it was done, even if I did think it moved a bit fast. My mum saw it once with her school, but I’ve unfortunately not yet had the chance to see it :(. If I ever do get a chance though, I’ll jump at it!


  6. I hope you get to see live at some point. The songs will be in a different order than the movie and conversations will be in the stage show that were not in the movie. It is even more powerful and emotional during the stage production


  7. Yeah, I’ve spent the last few weeks listening to the Dream Cast and London Cast versions and was a bit annoyed by the changes in the movie! I’ve also been reading the book (that was what got me into the musical and then into the movie), have you read the book?


  8. Ah, someone I know suggested I read the book and then my mum suggested I listen to the musical because I was really love The Phantom of the Opera at the time (and it was probably driving her crazy, with it playing 24/7).


  9. Phantom of the Opera, another musical I love.

    My blog post of today does partly bring up why Les Mis has been so impactful in my life. I never thought I love a musical like Les Mis


  10. Yeah, sorry, that didn’t make much sense! What I meant was, which recording of it do you like the best? my favourite recording of it is the 10th Anniversary, which is yours?


  11. I own the Original Broadway Cast. But my favorite cast was the West End Cast I saw live two years ago. When it comes to casts, I always take the Ensemble just as much as the leads into consideration

    What I want from a Les Mis cast is to be able to have the capability to show the underlying spirituality the show is home to and the passion and want it to bring out its tragic nature as well as well as its epic nature.


  12. I’ve never heard the Original Broadway, but I’m sure it’s good. 😀
    Yes, I don’t really know much about musicals or music in general, but I think most of the casts do a really good job at that!


  13. I have seen musicals since I was a child. In middle school, I saw my first show on Broadway, which was Wicked and that show sparked my love for musicals and the beginning of understanding the emotional side of things. Les Mis turned the love I had for musicals into a passion. So I have an incredible understanding of musicals, which my blog clearly shows


  14. I’m only pretty new to the world of musicals, though as a present for my 11th birthday my parents got me tickets to see Mary Poppins live at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney which was very cool, I probably actually enjoyed the acting, story and dancing more than the music and singing at the time, though. Have you ever tried writing your own musical?


  15. I think as a child I loved dancing and spectacle the most in a musical. That eventually evolved into loving the emotions of the songs, the spectacle, the comedy, the romance, the emotional connection. That eventually evolved into a much bigger capability when it comes to musical.

    I have never tried writing my own musical. I know how to play piano. But I do not know how to write music


  16. I really enjoy both dancing and watching dancing, so that part really appealed to me! I like songs that tell stories, so maybe that’s why I’m so attracted to musicals!!
    It would be cool to try one one day!


  17. YEEEEESSS another Raoul admirer! It’s sad how little love that poor guy gets…no he didn’t always do the right thing, but he did try! And it was all for Christine’s sake. I realized recently that Raoul’s family is never mentioned in the musical–so he might have been as lonely as she was.

    And yes there is SO much more to Christine than meets the eye! I had to look closely before I noticed the nuances of her character, however, and a lot of interpretation is up to the actress. But once you look at what she does and why, she becomes a lot more layered.

    This is a great list, and you’ve articulated the appeal of each of these characters nicely! Mind if I borrow your idea and do a similar post on my own blog?


  18. Yes, I love Raoul. So many people dislike Christine because she chose him over the Phantom, but I’d do exactly the same in her place. No, Raoul isn’t perfect, but who is? Hey, I’d never thought of that before. Maybe he is lonely too. It never actually says why he was so close to her family after all.
    Yes, same here! Christine seems like a such a simple character, but after you’ve listened to the musical as many times as I have, you realise that she’s actually very complicated and very well written. And the actresses are amazing too. 😀
    No worries, I’d love to see yours. Send me a link when you post it!


  19. No, I like girls who are like that too. When I was younger, all I cared about was having my girls as tough as the boys, but I realised growing up that strength wasn’t really about being able to “do whatever the guys can do” but about what was on the inside, and now those type of girls are my favourite characters. I hope to be able to write female characters like that as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Yes, those kind of girls are THE BEST. I write a lot of them. and I realise there are girls who are super tough and military trained in the world, but most of us aren’t like that, so we shouldn’t be all like that in fiction either. 😀 Thanks for commenting

    Liked by 1 person

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