12 Times the Newsies Knew All About Being a Writer

Adjusted blog newsies

~Well, Hello all!~

I had planned for today a serious blog post, which I didn’t end up writing, mostly because I didn’t have a lot of time, and secondly because I didn’t really know what I wanted to write. So, instead I decided on a lighter, funner (that’s totally a word) post for today.

It’s a little known fact that I like musicals. And because I only remembered today that I had to write a blog post I’m a humorous sort of person, I shall now proceed to show you  12 different times when Newsies managed to perfectly capture the trials and triumphs of the writers life.*



Usually when reading old writing and/or fanfiction…



When someone interrupts your writing…



When finishing the first draft…



When reading said first draft…



Seeing your name in print and being all dramatic about it…




When your charm, wit and enthusiasm gains your blog a new follower…




Trying to explain your plot to someone…



When writing romance…



When someone asks what you’re characters are/will be doing this chapter, next chapter, next book, etc…



The desperation you feel after editing for approximately 6,000+ hours…



When someone asks to read your book and you make a quick escape…




Winning NaNoWriMo…

Actually, I won’t be dancing like that at the end of NaNo. I’ll be mentally and physically exhausted and will probably go into hibernation until Christmas.



I’ll face plant like this sleepy lion cub when I’ve finished NaNo.


*Also, Watch What Happens is the most relatable song in existence. Write what you know, so they say/All I know is I don’t know what to write…Am I right? I tried to find a GIF for it, but it seems there are none in existence :(.

Have you seen/listened to Newsies? If you haven’t, why not??? Do these Gifs capture your trials and triumphs? Do you have any more to add?


20 thoughts on “12 Times the Newsies Knew All About Being a Writer

  1. LOL, especially the first one. I cringe so much when I read my old writing. I’ve actually been considering posting the chapter one of the first novel length project I finished and making that post all about dissecting how much I hate it and why I feel that way.


  2. I haven’t seen Newsies! (because Broadway? is a long way away?? and my family doesn’t even watch many movies. But I need to see if I can get hold of the old movie, even if I can’t see the musical.)

    Still, all of these GIFs were PERFECTION and I appreciated them very much. (Even without having seen Newsies 😉
    Jem Jones


    • I know!! it’s not fair! I don’t actually know if Newsies ever came to Australia. Oh, I’d love to see the old movie too. 😀 I believe there’s a recording of the stage show which was made earlier this year available on Netflix, if you have that, but I don’t, so I have to be content just listening to it.
      Thank you! I had much entertainment putting this together. I actually had a whole lot of lines from the lyrics that I wanted to use, but couldn’t find any gifs for them? Very upsetting.
      Thanks for commenting, Jem!


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  4. This is such a clever post idea! I mean, combine Newsies and writing and YOU CAN’T GO WRONG. The GIFs you chose are certainly accurate! I especially love 7,9,10, and the face-planting BABY LION. It’s fantastic.


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