Zoology, Editing and NaNoWriMo Prep=October Happenings

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~Well, Hello all!~

First of all, an announcement.


okay, so that might have been a touch melodramatic. But this is serious, ladies and gentlemen. In only three days, us writers will unite (feel free to add me as a buddy, I go by the name of SeekJustice, we can commiserate)  and give our lives away to caffeine and chocolate in order to produce an entire novel in one month.

Now, that I’ve got that out of the way, let me inform you of my October happenings.


Well, writing this month didn’t really go as I’d planned, but I did get some done. I’d wanted to have the second draft of Black & White done by the start of October so that I could send it out to my wonderful beta readers and get their feedback before November. This didn’t happen, and my perfectionist brain struggled with this for a bit, but in the end I had to just say “No, it didn’t get done, but that’s okay. The world is not going to end just because you didn’t get your second draft done”. My brain finds it hard to believe things like that sometimes, but its the truth. The world isn’t going to end. Move on.

However, I have had a victory this month! I got an entire outline, which ended up super long, written for my NaNo novel Stars Fill Infinity. This is definitely a victory because when I did my Beautiful Books post, I only had the vaguest idea of what the plot was actually going to be. I’ve also done quite a few character sketches (I don’t know why I call them character sketches when there’s actually no drawing involved?).

I’m all prepared for NaNo now!! Haha, no…no, I’m not.


Wait, what even is that?

My reading has dropped dramatically in this last half of the year, but I did get a few books read this month.

Joan of Arc by Mary Gordon. A fascinating read, if awkward at times. ( A lengthy discussion of Joan’s figure, anyone?) Three and a half stars.

Here be Monsters by Alan Snow. This was a reread, or a reread of a reread. I don’t know, I’ve read this book so many times. It’s a very cute, fast read with a steampunk feel to it. It’s actually the book the movie The Boxtrolls was based on, but the movie and the book are nothing like each other. Don’t you hate how they do that? Four stars.

The Great Depression and Crimes and Punishments by Nicolas Brasch. Research for Stars Fill Infinity, though Stars is a dystopian novel, it’s heavily based on the Great Depression and the June Rebellion.


I’ve done a lot of things this month! I’ve been wrapping up my Duke of Edinburgh Award. I went on a trip as part of the requirements for this award, as I think I’ve mentioned on here already, I went to Dubbo Zoo. This was a lot of fun, even though it rained a lot while we were there. Before you ask, my absolute favourite animals were the Oriental Small-Clawed Otters (I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I love otters, I’ve loved them ever since I wrote my first novel on otters. That novel, which is technically a novella, but twelve-year-old me didn’t know that, is still one of my crowning achievements) and the Asian elephants. I also love elephants. They were a subject of fascination and adoration for a long time.

Here’s some photos for you all to enjoy, they aren’t the greatest, since I took them on my phone.

Have you ever seen anything so cute?
Me in front of the otter display
It was very hard to take good pictures of the otters, since they were behind glass, but I tried. It’s there, up in the tree, in case you were wondering.
Przwalski horse
20171007_154659 (2)
This is a very old and slow Galapagos Tortoise


DSC_0553 (2)
This is the baby elephant, Sabai, and his mother Thong Dee.


It actually rained for the first time in months when we were there. By rain, I mean that it poured down for the majority of Sunday.

This was a naughty elephant throwing things.


Sabai playing in the mud. Am I obsessed with the cuteness of this creature? No, of course not!


My sister and I have been listening to the Newsies. 🙂

I’ve been watching Season 3 of The Flash and Season 1 of Supergirl with my family.

I went on duty with St John Cadets to a Steampunk Festival.

Getting ready for two major dance concerts in November and December, one being our end of year ballet, which this year is Beauty and the Beast. My Scottish dance class gets to be angry villagers, waving swords about irresponsibly as we go off to “Kill the Beast!”.

I also had a performance today at the Relay For Life. It was really hot and kilts and jackets weren’t made for heat. Not fun. I think we all danced well though, specifically since the heat was a problem for some of us.

DSC_0854 (2)

I’m also sneakily brainstorming a contemporary novel to work on next year. So far I have no characters, or title, or plot, or even aesthetics, however, I do know I want it to revolve around theatre.

Speaking of theatre, my mum took my brother and I to see a performance of Jules Verne’s Journey Through the Impossible at our local theatre. That was quite fun!

Finally, another announcement. I will be taking a hiatus in November, due to NaNo and all that. At the half way point though, I will publish an update, and at the end of the month I’ll do my usual updates post. December’s posts are also going to be a different to the usual. They’ll have a much more reflective tone, as I look back philosophically over the year that’s been.

*All pictures taken by either my mother, myself or my brother.

How was your October? How’s your Spring/Autumn been so far? Are you ready for Nano?

10 thoughts on “Zoology, Editing and NaNoWriMo Prep=October Happenings

  1. sounds like you had a nice month! Am I prepared for nano … no …. um at this stage half of my brain is telling the other half to give up. AnYwaY it’s fine it’s fine we’re all fine XD

    Dubbo Zoo! So many wonderful memories there, I hope you had a great time! 😀


  2. My family LOVED the otters and the meerkats when we went to Dubbo!! they’re just all so adorable ❤

    I really want to watch Season 2+3 of the Flash! Is Season 3 good?

    Good idea, taking a semi-haitus for NaNo! I just added you as a NaNo buddy – hopefully we can both do this thing! 🙂
    Jem Jones


  3. Oh yes, my little brothers were all over the meerkats and the otters. My littlest brother (he’s four) was especially in love with the otters and kept asking to “see the things that swimmed!”
    I quite enjoyed it, but I thought Seasons 1-2 were better. There were some good twists though, which I won’t spoil for you 😀
    I just thought it would save me the stress of trying to write and do blogging. 😀 Yay! I’ll add you back as soon as I get a minute. 😀 Thanks for commenting!


  4. Ah! “There was a naughty elephant throwing things.” Thank you for sharing the animal pictures! I love otters and I am sad you couldn’t get good pictures of them, but I appreciate your effort. And the kilts and jackets thing looks really cool too. Scottish dancing is one of my favorite kinds of dance! I took Celtic dance for a while around two thousand years ago.
    Listening to Broadway musicals takes up a huge percentage of my life. This past month my family discovered the revival of She Loves Me with Zachary Levi and we have been listening to it A LOT.
    Also my sisters and I started watching The Flash! We are only on season 2 though. Who is your favorite character? It’s still kind of weird for me because I don’t consider myself a TV show watching person…but here I am.
    I am not doing NaNo because writing that much in that amount of time disturbs me terribly. At this point I hope you have made some good progress!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The elephant actually threw a stick at my little brother and hit him, so the zookeeper went down there and told her off, it was quite amusing! Otters are so amazing!!! I think they were the said little brother’s favourite part. he kept asking if he could “go and see dem swimmin’ things now?”

    Thank you! It was so hot that day and velvet jackets and woollen kilts were not made for the Aussie climate. This year I started Irish dancing as well, but there’s so many little foot movements that I can’t do properly. still, it’s fun to laugh at yourself once in a while.

    I know! I listen to way too many musicals!! I’ve never actually heard of She Loves Me though! I feel like I’ve heard of Zachary Levi, was he a singer in Tangled?

    I’d have to say Barry and Caitlin are my favourites. I do like Captain Cold as well, he’s probably one of my favourite villains. I don’t really like TV either, I feel there’s so much unneccesary drama in TV shows which isn’t present in movies, so I’ll always been movies over Tv, but I really like the Flash!

    Thanks!! and thanks for commenting 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, very naughty elephant! That’s a pretty funny story though.
    Yes, Zachary Levi is the singing and speaking voice of Flynn Ryder. He is pretty hilarious.
    I like Captain Cold too! I didn’t like Caitlin much at first, but she is actually really growing on me. Barry unfortunately is getting kind of annoying, but that happens sometimes. I can get really frustrated by the way TV shows work! But it is still fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Yes, it is a funny story! He decided after that that he didn’t like elephants anymore and would remind us of that every time he saw a picture of an elephant. The other day though, he changed his mind and decided that the elephant was “Just playin’ games with me”.

    I love Flynn Rider so much!! Tangled is probably my favourite Disney movie. 😀

    I’m not really a TV person at all, because I kind of hate it??? but the Flash is the exception (also Sherlock, Sherlock is awesome), but I feel like I’m wasting my life on it. Especially when I get frustrated by the stupid things Barry does and start shouting at the television.


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