NaNoWriMo + A SURVEY!! + November Wrap-Up

november header


Well, NaNoWriMo happened.

And I, uh, wrote 80,000 words, because apparently I don’t value my sanity. However, I worked so hard this month and I feel really satisfied. I also feel kind of annoyed because I’m 80k into my novel and I’m estimating that it will need at least 25k to get me to the end, maybe even more. So far, this is the longest novel I’ve ever written. I’ve also spent over 96 hours slaving away at this novel. I’m braindead now, but I am determined to have this novel finished before December 31st.

Other than Stars Fill Infinity I haven’t done any writing, but I think I can be excused for that. Black and White is no closer to being edited, so, yeah…

Screenshot (40)
For some reason, it didn’t accept my last 200 words? So you’ll just have to take my word for it, I have 80,000 words.



broken way

The Broken Way by Ann Voskamp. Simply amazing, this book was literally life changing. I don’t even know what to say about it, except go and read it! Ann Voskamp addresses really well the way Christ broke Himself for us and how we should do the same. Grace @ True and Pure wrote a review on this book, which was what prompted me to buy it, so go check that out! Five Stars!

Joan of Arc: Heavenly Warrior by Tabatha Yeatts. I read another book about Joan of Arc, since I’m sort of obsessed with her. This one wasn’t as indepth (or awkward) as Mary Gordon’s biography,  which I read last month, but it was still pretty good. Three stars.

Jobs and Industries by Nicolas Brasch. Another book for research. This one was kind of boring. Two and a half stars.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. This was a fun, light and quick read! It has a very superhero vibe, despite being a classic, and I liked the way the romance weaves it’s way through the narrative (that’s a big deal for me, since I’m not a romance person). It wasn’t nearly as deep as other classics I’ve read, but that made it kind of a relief. Four stars.

The Legend of the Wandering King by Laura Gallego Garcia. This was an impulse buy from a book fair in September. It was pretty good. It had an Arabian nights feel, and I liked the fairy tale/legends aspect. Over all, a fun read. Three and a half stars.

Out of the Curse by Gabrielle Massman. I need to mention this book, because I beta read it during November and it was just amazing. It’s not published yet, but trust me, when it is, I will be recommending it to everyone. It was by far the best fiction read of the month. Five Stars.

young digger

Young Digger by Anthony Hill. This book was also amazing. It was an biographical novel about a young French boy, Henri, who was adopted by an Australian flying Squadron. He’d been orphaned during the fighting in France, so one of the soldiers decided to take him home to Australia and give him a new family. So sweet and completely heart shattering. Five stars.


Dayuma: Life under Waorani Spears by Emily Ethel Wallis. I had a lot of five star reads this month and this was another one. Most Christians would know the stories of Jim Elliot and Nate Saint (if you don’t, what are you doing here? Go and look them up!) but less people know the story of Dayuma, the Waorani Indian woman who helped them reach the world’s last Stone Age tribe. The things this girl went through and endured are beyond imaginable. Almost her entire family was murdered, her husband and son died of foreign illnesses, and all she wanted was revenge for the murders of so many of her family members. Fortunately, God reached her with His forgiveness, leading her to forgive the killers of her family and determine to reach them with the Gospel. An amazing read that made me cry. You must read this! Five stars.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. This was…uh, not what I was expecting. Les Miserables pushed Victor Hugo to one of the top spots in my favourite authors list, so of course I was going to read Hunchback. And, um, I still don’t know what to think of it. While the title would suggest that Quasimodo–the hunchback–is the main character, the main character of this tale is really the cathedral itself. I don’t even know what to rate it, so…


December is hopefully going to be a super month of blogging. I’m going to be doing two posts a week–one being my usual post (on Wednesdays or Thursdays, instead of Saturdays though)–and the other being a series I’ll be running for the five Sundays of the month. The series will focus on the things God has taught us through the ups and downs of 2017 and it will feature four different guest bloggers (and then myself). So, keep a look out for that!

I’m also running a survey! I need to know what people enjoy reading on my blog, what they’d like to see, what they don’t want to see, what I could do better. Please take two minutes to fill it out (self promotion 😛

Screenshot (37)
Click on the picture to access the survey!


Watching the second season of Supergirl with my family. It’s going downhill fast. I don’t even know if I’ll finish it. I wouldn’t really recommend this, whatsoever.


Hard at work on Stars Fill Infinity notes. (*accidental product placement for SMBC college, :D*)


Listening to the wonderful sound of rain on a corrugated iron roof! Usually we get a lot of rain in winter, which prepares us for our long and hot summers. We didn’t get that rain this year, which caused a lot stress for farmers all around Australia. God has amazingly provided us with rain which is slightly out of season though!

I had yet another dance performance a few weekends ago, which went really well! I also went to a basketball game with St John Ambulance. I found the games pretty boring, but luckily I took The Hunchback of Notre Dame with me, so I got a lot of reading done.

I read so many wonderful blog posts this month, but here’s a few that I really enjoyed: Hailey Hudson Talks about her Tutoring; She also talked about her October (she even talked about my Newsies post! She’s so sweet :D); Audrey Caylin wrote an amazing post about Creativity ;  NADINE BRANDES REVEALED THE COVER FOR HER NEW  NOVEL FAWKES!!!  It’s pretty much the most amazing cover I’ve ever seen!; Paperfury announced her DEBUT NOVEL!!!! (actually, that might have been in October? Who knows, it’s exciting either way!); and the Friendly Neighbourhood Pizza Ninja (aka, Jane Maree) did the Blue Sky Tag and told us all about herself.

I watched Hacksaw Ridge with my parents and brother. Oh my goodness, this movie!! 10/10 recommend it (warning though, this movie is rated MA and it extremely gory in some parts. I skipped over those parts, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle them, so if, like me, you can’t really handle blood and violence to that extreme, maybe enter with caution?) However, it is a great movie, and a testament to the power of our God.

Making origami cranes with my sister. You can see some of said cranes in the header!

Finally, an exciting announcement! I am going to be working on my author’s platform next year, in preparation for some publisher querying. Stay tuned for some epicness (maybe!).

Finally, my little sister told me that in “only three years you will be twenty and you’ll have to grow up and act half-sane”.

Here, as a passing gift, for being such loyal readers and making your way through this post (I assume you did anyway, maybe you just skipped to the end, I don’t know), here’s a cute spider for you. 😀


DSC_1027 (2)
It’s name is Frankie, in case you’re wondering (which you probably weren’t)


How was your November? Did you do NaNo? Are you already for Summer (or Winter?)


19 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo + A SURVEY!! + November Wrap-Up

  1. OH WOW CONGRATS ON THE 80K!! This year I’ve been writing purely mammoth books too and it’s exhausting right?!😂 Also trying not to DIE at that spider. *shudders and runs away quickly*

    And aww you mentioned my book. ❤ YOU ARE THE SWEETEST, I TRULY APPRECIATE THIS!! 😍


  2. THANK YOU!!! I usually write super short novels, so this was a bit of a shock, but oh well. You don’t like my cute spider???? my mother is truly fond of spiders and takes photos of them as a hobby. I think she’s kind of strange, but I love her. I also do think that, for a spider, it is pretty cute.
    I’m really looking forward to reading it!!


  3. Wooooow, good job on NaNoWriMo!! My word counts are always pretty low, so 80k kind of seems super incredible??? Congrats!

    This was my first time doing NaNoWriMo. And I am super happy with my progress!! I hit 50k and finished my novel! And I love it! (We’ll see if I still feel the same way when I start editing, xD)

    I’m excited for winter! It hasn’t gotten super cold yet, but. I’m hoping it will soon!

    I’m super excited for December posts!! Can’t wait to read them!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It sounds like you had a really productive month of November! Congrats on your 80k! Also, I applaud you for reading so much in the past month with NaNo going on and everything–I didn’t do any reading aside from the stuff I needed to read for college! So exciting that you’re going to start working on your author platform; I wish you the best of luck with that!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yeah, I was surprised by how much I got read, especially seeing I hardly got any reading done in October!
    Thank you, it`s an exciting new step for me! Thanks for commenting ;D


  6. It was hard work, but I was super excited when I got there. Thank you!
    Whoo hoo!!! See, you finished your novel, even if it isn’t as long as mine. I’m still slogging through. 😛
    Don’t you just love the feeling when you love your novel and your characters and everything’s glorious. I do. it makes me feel so happy. 🙂 And then I start editing, but that brief moment of happiness is worth it.
    I’m excited for December’s posts too! I hope you enjoy them!!!


  7. Well I may have screamed a couple of times during reading this post. XD

    GOOD JOB ON NANO!!!!!! That’s so epic that you got to EIGHTY. EPIC. THOUSAND. *flails and throws pizza and confetti on you*

    Also YOU READ YOUNG DIGGER. *more flailing* ARGH I LOVE THAT BOOK. I’m obsessed with flying/planes and a world war squadron of AUSSIE pilots as well as other epicness. Just aaghh, I’m so excited that you read it though!!!! (if you couldn’t already tell XD)

    You called me the Friendly Neighbourhood Pizza Ninja and I’m cracking up over here, don’t mind this pleased little ninja. ^.^

    ACK DOESN’T THE COVER FOR FAWKES LOOK AMAZING???? *flails over it forever*

    “I am going to be working on my author’s platform next year, in preparation for some publisher querying.” *screams* OH. MY. WORD. THIS IS TOO EXCITING, CHELSEA!!

    Cuuute li’l Frankie. *pats his head*

    And now after that monstrosity of a comment, I’ll go do your survey. XP *scuttles off*


  8. Only MAY have??? 😀

    THANK YOU!!!! *runs around frantically trying to collect all the pieces of flying pizza*

    IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! Easily one of my favourite reads this year. And it was so sweet and heartbreaking. I just finished reading Soldier Boy by the same author, and it was good, but not nearly as good as Young Digger. ACK!! You do??? me too! I’d love to be a pilot one day, and I’ve even had a few lessons already!

    The only problem is it’s a bit of a mouthful! 😛

    I KNOW!!! I would buy that book based on its cover alone!! But the premise sounds AWESOME too!

    argh!! it’s nerve wracking too! I have been wondering whether I’m ready yet, or good enough yet, but I’ve finally decided that I need to do it now, or I’ll never start, so I’m going to focus on that aspect of my writing next year and try not to get too distracted by shiny new first drafts 😀

    I’m so glad to see that someone appreciates Frankie. My mum is obsessed with her spiders and was delighted by the fact that you liked it too. 😀

    Thank you so much!


  9. Oh my word I’m SUCH a plane nerd. You’ve had lessons?? ARGH I’m so jealous. XD FLY DOWN TO VISIT ME, OKAY? (Or up, or across, depending on where exactly you live XD)

    Taking steps toward publishing can be super scary, but it’s a really good learning experience too. ALSO if you’re interested, I’ve researched a bit into a couple of Australian publishing houses and things like that so we could email/hangouts chat somehow about them.

    Yess, I appreciated Frankie. XD I can’t get over how fluffy he looks!


  10. Only two! But they were absolutely amazing and I’m hoping get more next year.

    Yes, my word, it’s going to be scary (and probably discouraging too, I imagine!) That would be great actually. I’ve looked into a few of the smaller Christian publishers (Enclave and Watershed, for example) but you have some research you’d like to share that would be fantastic.

    Also, if I actually get a “Proper” paying job next year, something I really need to do, I’ll hopefully be hiring your services!

    I know! It’s amazing how fluffy spiders look when you get close ups of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. 80,000 words is AWESOME!! Great job!!!

    Well, you have been a busy reader! I love how you read all kinds of genres and subjects–and thank you for providing mini-reviews for each of the books!

    (Also, I filled out the survey!)

    Hehe. My siblings are also watching Supergirl…with severe editing. It’s not really my thing.

    Ooh, wow, what a milestone in your writing journey! I hope the platform and querying goes well!

    Hehe…I started NaNo, but didn’t finish. I’ll actually post about that soon. 🙂 And yes, I’m ready for winter! I’m actually sitting in front of the Christmas tree right now as I blog and comment!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I know! It was crazy, but I was very happy with it!
    I’ve always had other things coming up in November, but this was my first free month, so I decided to do it. and i’m so glad I did, I find the competition of it very motivating.
    Thanks 😀


  13. THANK YOU!!! *squeals excitedly*

    No worries. I was surprised by how much reading I got done, even with the craziness of NaNo. I love doing the little mini-reviews. I’m thinking that over summer-my summer that is-I’ll put up a couple of posts dedicated to themed mini reviews. I always prefer them to standard reviews in which you only review one book. I like the variation.

    Thank you!

    I’m actually surprised there’s much left to watch after severe editing, especially in the second season. we ended up returning it to the library. I didn’t like the bad content they were promoting. or just the story in general.

    Thanks, it’s a big new step!

    I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a snowy Christmas instead of a forty-five degree Celsius one. 😛


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