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I don’t think I’ve talked a whole lot Red & White on here, but it’s a little plot bunny that’s been stewing in my mind for about nine months now. For April Camp NaNoWriMo last year, I wrote a novel called Black & White (which you can read about on my My Books page). I wouldn’t consider this novel one of my best works, but it sparked my little plot bunny, Red & White.

The Blurb 3

When Spencer Verne, a young assistant to a professor, is dragged halfway across Australia by an FBI agent trying to resurrect his career, he finds himself thrown headfirst into a game of hide and seek with some of the most dangerous people on earth.

Annabeth White, Jarvis Martin, Hugh Winter, Franz Schafer and Eila Lancaster are scattered across the globe, yet they all have one thing in common. They are considered freaks of nature and government after government are trying to hunt them down and kill them…or use them.

Together Annabeth and Verne must figure out who is the enemy and who isn’t…

Not everyone is who they say they are.

The Collage 3

Red & White Collage
Love this collage so much! It’s one of my favourites. 


The Notes 3

No actual notes have been taken for this novel, part of the reason I ran out of steam a quarter of the way through 😦


The Inspiration 3Well, the original inspiration for this was a curiosity about the past of Dr Spencer Verne, which I hinted at several times while I was writing Black & White. When I saw the first X-Men movie, I decided that it would be interesting to explore the idea of “mutant” people vs “experimental” people.

And then I always love war stories, so I set it during the Second World War.

While this story isn’t as deep as some of my other stories (like Kameradschaft or The Stars Fill Infinity), it’s fun, and more action orientated. One of my goals for this year was to finish it off, at least one draft!

The Stats 3Word Count: ~15,000 words

Genre: Suspense/action/superhero

Pages: I actually have no idea

POV: Omniscient third person

Date Started: May 2017

Date Finished: Still unfinished, unfortunately

Current Draft: Incomplete first draft

The Random 3-This is a sort of standalone prequel to Black & White, and it deals mostly with explaining where Dr. Spencer Verne’s fascination with and obsession with creating superhumans came from.

-The superpower I had the most fun playing with was Hugh Winter’s telekinesis. I don’t know why, but telekinesis is the power always given to women, but I had so much fun writing the prologue, which features Hugh and a German lieutenant fighting as Berlin is bombed.

-Spencer Verne is the only main character who doesn’t have a superpower, but his “superpower” is his extremely accurate memory and his ability to work things out with an amazing intuition. His memory is based on colours, scents and sounds. Basically, what I did was take synaesthesia and exaggerate by a whole lot, making Verne a really interesting character to step into the shoes of.

-Some of my characters were born with their superpowers, in a X-Men sort of way, others, like Eila Lancaster and Hugh Winter, were created in experiments.

-I actually have no idea why it has the working title ‘Red & White’. I just chose it because it fitted with ‘Black & White’.


The Snippets 3

“I’m not…going…back with you!” Hugh gasped out, staggering to his feet to face the German. “I will not be your weapon.”

“Then you will have to die, here and now.” Replied the German smoothly. From his belt he produced his Luger pistol and he levelled it at Hugh’s head. “I’m no friend of yours, Winter, I have no qualms about shooting you. Don’t expect me to protect you.”


It’s always going to be like this for me, Annabeth thought to herself as the kettle finished boiling and she made herself a cup of tea. Always goodbye, always stay away from me, always careful, always running.


“Annabeth? Who were you talking to?”

Annabeth spun around quickly. Tilly was sitting up in bed, her eyes confused. “Is it morning?” she added.

“N-n-no, it’s not morning.” Annabeth stammered out quickly. “And I was just talking to a friend of mine.”

Tilly glanced at her bedside clock, “At four in the morning?” she asked, her confusion deepening.

“Yes.” Annabeth said with a brisk nod.


Annabeth hesitated for a moment, and then she got up, went to her purse and pulled out seventy-five dollars in cash. She handed it to Tilly. “It’s for the rent,” she explained with a shrug, “If…If I don’t come back.”

Tilly stared, open mouthed at the money, and then stammered out, “What? If you don’t come back? What on earth are you talking about, Annabeth?” she narrowed her eyes, “Are you in some kind of trouble? Like, do you own someone a debt? Do you owe money to a Mafia boss or something? Why on earth are people ringing you at four thirty in the morning?


Annabeth’s teeth dug into her lip anxiously. “I…I have something…something that he wants.”

Tilly leant forward, “A priceless antique heirloom?” she guessed.

“Would you just please stop and listen to me?”

Tilly nodded obediently.

Learn More 3

I did a Beautiful People post on Spencer Verne way back when my blog was only small (please don’t cringe too much!).

When I finish this novel, I’ll try and do another post on it!

What do you think? Do you enjoy superhero/action novels? Your favourite superhero? What about superpower?

8 thoughts on “Introducing…Red & White

  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! That little excerpt was so cool and it would be so cool to hear more about it! My personal favorite superhero has got to be Captain America–probably mostly because he’s just a solidly nice guy and I like that sort of character!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you! It is a fun story! Definitely less emotional than my various retellings 😀
    Yes! Captain America is the coolest. He’s my favourite too, closely followed by the Flash though 🙂
    Thanks for commenting!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This sounds so cool! I haven’t managed to get my hands on many superhero novels, but I’d love to hear more about Red and White. 😀 (and the collage is beautiful!)
    Jem Jones

    Liked by 1 person

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