The Liebster Award (For The Third and Fourth Times. I am Popular!)


Well, hello! An age (or a few months) ago, I was nominated by the lovely Katie @The Act Diary for my third Liebster Award, and then I was nominated again by the (also) lovely Cas at Cas.tle for my fourth Liebster Award! I hope you enjoy my answers :D.

1.   Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

This is a deep question. I have no idea. I would like to have a few books published by then, and maybe have my pilot’s license. Maybe in ten years I’ll finally have conquered my TBR too! One can always hope.

2.   Would you rather have a magical book that gives you exactly what novel you want to read at the right moment, or a magical plate that fills with whatever food you want to eat?

A magical novel! Can you imagine it? no more reading slumps or bad novels ever, ever again! It’d be glorious. Food is always second to good books.

3.   What fictional family would you like to join?

The Manettes (I love the close relationship that Lucie and Dr Manette have, and the way they welcome others into their family circle, I’d feel right at home with them), the Pevensies (they are among the best portrayed siblings in fiction and I’d love to have Peter for a big brother, and Lucy as my little sister), the Valjeans (that sounds so weird, doesn’t it?) and be a sister to Cosette, or the Marchs and have Meg and Jo and Amy for sisters.

4.Who is your favourite author, and why?

I was asked this question in a previous tag, so I’ll just copy the answer I gave for that.

Okay, for the sake of the post, I’m going to name my favourite authors as J.R.R. Tolkien and Victor Hugo. I like them both for similar reasons.

They both write compelling stories, that are so deep and the world building is so thorough. Tolkien really thought out Middle-Earth, to the point that it almost is a real place. It’s so easy to vividly picture Middle-Earth. And Hugo’s Paris too, which might as well be a completely different world. They also have beautiful characters, who are easy to love (or hate) and to root for. Their themes are deep, thoughtful and biblical.


5.If this was the last year of your life, what would you do with these last precious months?

Well, this is the question that Parvin struggles with in A Time to Die. Like her, I would probably write my biography. I would put all my things in order and give them away to whoever I thought needed them most. I’d give my journals to my mother (to read and then I would ask her to pass them on to my best friends). I would give up a lot of my activities, probably go off the internet forever and enjoy the seasons. Write lots of letters and then I’d plan my funeral. (You know how most girls plan their wedding? I know what songs I want sung at my funeral. Is that creepy? Let’s move on). And I would want to work on Stars Fill Infinity until it was finished and get it published.

6.What kinds of music do you listen to when you’re writing? Exercising? Just hanging out?

When I’m writing, I like soundtracks, either from movies or musicals. When I’m exercising, I usually listen to audiobooks. When I’m hanging out, I like musicals (haha, I listen to nothing else) or audiobooks.

7.If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?

Living or dead? It’s much easier to choose between living people. I would love to meet Katie Davis Majors, because she’s very cool, or Steve Saint. Or Joni Eareckson Tada. If it was someone dead, I would want to meet Nate Saint, Eric Liddell or Hudson Taylor. Or Wilbur, Orville and Katharine Wright, or Baron Manfred von Richthofen (so I could interview him and write a novel).

8.If you could stay at one age for the rest of your life, what age would it be and why?

Not seventeen, that’s for sure. Everything seems much more complicated when you’re a teenager. I think I would want to be twenty-five. Something about that age has always fascinated me, I don’t know why.  I’m sure once I’m twenty-five I won’t feel the same though.

9.What is your favourite childhood memory?

Um, I don’t know? I have a lot of good childhood memories, but I don’t think I can choose one particular one.

10.What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Aha… the craziest thing I’ve ever done…

Accepted a dare to climb a very tall tree with bare feet in the rain. And got stuck, because it was slippery and easier to get up than down when slippery. Jumped a hurdle in foam clogs (sprained my ankle doing that), and got hurt. Got run down by a bolting horse (not my fault, so I’m not sure if it counts). Volunteered as tribute for a friend and ended up having whipped cream and several cans of baked beans poured on my head, to the great delight of a callous group of five-to-twelve-year-olds.

Okay, I’ll stop now.


11.If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?

A plane. Or two. Maybe a restored WW1 Fokker or a Spitfire. And then I’d donate whatever was leftover to the Mission Aviation Fellowship, who I want to work for once I have my pilot’s license.

That’s Katie’s questions, now onto Cas’ questions:

1.  What was 7th grade like for you? (assuming you’re older than 7th grade)

To be honest, I’m in Year 12 now and I can’t remember Year 7 very well. I think I was really excited because all my friends (who were older than me) had already gone to high school and I was finally following! Other than that, I don’t remember.

2.  What’s the best pet you’ve ever met that didn’t belong to you?

One of my best friends has a kelpie sheep dog, called Lucy and I would say that she’s my favourite pet who doesn’t belong to me.

But Maximus the Horse is pretty cool too. As is Pascal.

3.  Who is someone underrated who should be famous?

Oh so many! Wilbur Wright is one of them. Even though he literally built the world’s first practical aeroplane and flew it, hardly anyone seems to know about him. And Katharine Wright, his sister, is also awesome and we always talk about the “Wright Brothers” when we should be talking about the “Wright Siblings”.

I’m a voice for those who have been forgotten by history. There are many I would love to have better known—Eric Liddell, Nate Saint, etc.

4.  What do you do to feel better when you’re having a bad day?

Write a story. Listen to musicals or pray.

5.  What’s a song that you like that no one else seems to?

I honestly don’t know! Actually, I do. One of the songs from the Anastasia soundtrack Stay, I Pray You, isn’t very popular in my house, but I really love the haunting, sad sound of it.

6.  If you could fly, would you?

Of course. I wouldn’t need a pilot’s license then 😀

7.  What’s the best blanket you own?

All right, time to embarrass myself. When I was very small, I had a blanket which was my inseparable companion. I loved it very much (and it even had a name—Bindi, apparently a mispronunciation of Blanket), and even though it’s threadbare and very sad, it’s still on my bed. By far my favourite blanket. I do also have one that is massive and thick and snuggly, but just thinking about it right—in the grips of oppressive summer heat—is making me sweat.

8.  If you were a weather, what weather would you be?

Autumn weather, warm days and cold nights. I can be warm and friendly, but when I am tired or worn out or upset I can be quite frosty and snappish.

Wow, that was very poetic.

9.  Lamps or nightlights?

I tend to use a torch, to be honest with you, and I own neither lamp nor nightlight.


10.  Who’s the first person who comes to mind when I say “taco”?

A little girl who is in my group at Girls Brigade. She happily announces every single Tuesday that she’s having tacos for dinner (Taco Tuesday, apparently).

11.  What’s something unusual that makes you happy?

I don’t know if it’s unusual, but I love the look of crisp, pretty new notebooks without any writing in them yet. And that makes me very happy. I also like the sound of rain on corrugated iron roofs.


Thank you to Katie and Cas for nominating me! I’m just going to blithely ignore the rest of the Liebster Award rules, but if you wish to do it, feel free to steal these lovely questions!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Did you have an inseparable companion when you were little? Do you still have one (come on, I embarrassed myself, be honest!)?

36 thoughts on “The Liebster Award (For The Third and Fourth Times. I am Popular!)

  1. YES. I HAVE A BLANKET LIKE THAT TOO. It’s yellow with a ragged silky edge, and I call it My Silky Blanky.
    The craziest thing I’ve ever done… hm. Well physically speaking, I’m a very timid person, so nothing huge is coming to mind… probably climbed up a huge stack of haybales in my great uncle’s barn to throw some down to him, then decided it would be fun to jump off and land in the loose straw all over the concrete floor. It would have been… except I slid across the straw instead of falling into it, and whacked my tailbone pretty good. 😛 It was about a fifteen-foot drop.

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  2. Aw! Such awesome answer! 😀

    So wait….when you say torch, do you mean something like a flashlight (sorry, I’m American)… My first thought was of you reading a book with a flaming torch in your hand. XD
    Although, that would be awesome.

    Craziest thing I’ve ever done… I jumped off a nine foot high ledge into a ten foot deep pool in Hawaii…. That was interesting. I also wrote a novel– I’m not sure which one’s crazier. Lol.

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  3. Fantasy, mystery, and classics are the genres I tend to read the most. Some people don’t understand my music tastes of musicals and contemporary christian music, but that doesn’t stop me from loving them. Music is something that is amazing to listen to a bad day and there isn’t a specific song I would listen to. Most likely it would come from a favorite genre or something. If I was to live in a magical world, maybe Narnia.

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  4. I had three stuffed animals when I was younger — Maggie, Monkeya, and Rosie. (As I typed their names out, I realize how ridiculous of a name ‘Monkeya’ is. It’s just “Monkey” with an “a” glomped on. XD) I love childhood objects and all the nostalgia they carry with them. 🙂

    I enjoyed reading this!!

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

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  5. Whoo! Congrats on getting nominated all these times! That’s quite an accomplishment!
    I think that the craziest thing that I’ve ever done is probably going to the mall with some friends after school and getting bored upon getting there, instantly deciding to hop on a bus and go to Seattle. From there, we just went all over the place, going to the flight museum and getting pizza at Pike Place Market before heading back home. It was such an impromptu trip that I think that getting lost was entirely a possibility and it was a lot of fun!
    I didn’t really have a blanket that I cherished a lot when I was younger but I definitely was highly attached to a book of the nursery rhyme “This Little Piggy” and I refuse to sell it or get rid of it! Apparently I laughed whenever my parents read it to me and even though I don’t remember that anymore, I still just get happy when I see the book and I can’t bring myself to get rid of it!

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  6. I’m not really one to do crazy things. I mean, I have almost zero impulse control, but that doesn’t generally apply to doing physical things like climbing trees or doing flips (honestly, that would probably be better than what it does apply to). the only thing I can think of is walking on often-used train tracks with my dad, terrified the whole time that the train would come by.

    I have a stuffed pig (I think it’s a pig) that I’ve had since I was born. she still sleeps in my bed with me, but I don’t bring her with me for trips anymore.

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  7. Thank you. *Bows*

    Yes, I regularly read novels under the cover at night with a flaming torch (occasionally my mother finds burnt sheets and/or pages and then I just have to blame it on the dragon).

    Electric torch, yes. why would you call it a flashlight????

    Ha, I think the novel is definitely the crazy of the two. 😀
    Thanks for commenting!


  8. XD Blame the dragon.

    In the US, we call a torch a flashlight. … Don’t know why though. I see flashlight/torch, I think flashlight. I’ve only heard the word torch used in Narnia: Prince Caspian… XD

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  9. I had a little stuffed duck friend which I took EVERYWHERE with me. And he was so precious (and yes I still have him XD) and his name was Ducky. xP

    As for the craziest thing I’ve ever done…jumping off a house roof, climbing a cliff just after it had rained so everything was super muddy, swimming in the ocean where sharks like to be (dunno if this counts?), playing ultimate frisbee while having a badly injured knee….*strokes chin* That’ll probably be enough. XD

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  10. Yes! I would definitely choose the magical novel as well. Food is delightful, but it cannot compete with a good story. (Unless you were actually starving of course, but that’s not what the question was.)
    I would love to be one of the Pevensies! Another family I would like to be apart of would be The Grahams from The Sherwood Ring.
    Ah! I love “Stay, I Pray You”! It’s such a good song, and I like how they used the themes from “In the Dark of the Night” from the original movie, but with such a different tone!
    Great answers!

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  11. Exactly right. And I’m sure if you were starving, you could just eat the book, right? Especially if it was one of those super cool novels that describe so much food that they make you feel so hungry.
    I haven’t read the Sherwood Ring, but I feel like someone, maybe you even, suggested reading them? So, I have to keep an eye out for them.
    Yes, I like it a lot too! I hadn’t notice that they used the same theme, I’ll have to listen to them both again.
    Thanks for commenting!

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  12. I love how original we were as children! 😀 my brother, who’s four, has a little cot sheet which he used to call “sheet”, which was unfortunately continually mispronounced, so we renamed him George, which has now been shortened to G. Ducky sounds sweet though 🙂 I love our little childhood friends.

    Sounds fun 🙂 I approve of the craziness. I honestly do so many crazy things that I forget what is actually considered crazy and what is not 😀


  13. Haha, I know what you mean actually. I switch between being super timid when it comes to physically daring things, to being super daring (usually when my pride is at stake, let’s be honest though).

    You only think it’s a pig? Is it so loved that it no longer look like a pig? I actually have a koala my mum made for me a few years ago who I take for trips with me and he’s a travelling koala, he’s been all sorts of places 😀 and he’s a good reminder of home while I’m away.

    Thanks for commenting!

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  14. Miss, the dragon ate my homework 😀 Mum, the dragon burnt my bed! It was the dragon! *points and looks guilty*
    I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone say flashlight, but I see it regularly in American books!


  15. All three of those are cool genres, I especially enjoy fantasy and classics a lot. Yeah, when I’m cranky or upset, listening to musicals always makes me feel better. Narnia would be awesome to live in, I’d love that.
    Thanks for commenting!


  16. I love the way we just add letters randomly to things. My brother also had a stuffed monkey, which belonged to my dad when he was little, and he was just called Monkey. Yes, me too, I like nostalgic things too. They bring back good memories.
    Thanks for commenting!


  17. When it comes to mystery, I especially love Agatha Christie.

    The classics I have already read (1800s and earlier) are A Christmas Carol, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, Don Quixote, and of course Les Misérables. I will be continuing that classics trend over the summer where I will start with Nicholas Nickleby and the next classics lined up after that will be David Copperfield. Then after both Dickens books, have 7 other classics to choose from.

    Musicals just have this kind of joy and spirit and this kind of don’t know the right word but let’s say “magic” that is not found in other types of music.

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  18. I have no idea where you live and I have no idea where Seattle is, but I would be terrified doing that. My daring and impulse extends to things that might cause grievous bodily harm (abseiling down cliffs and climbing massive trees), but not going to another city. That’s just way too much social interaction for me 😀 I’m glad you enjoyed yourself though!
    I had a book called Buster’s Bedtime, which I think we still have somewhere, which I HAD to have read to me every bedtime, I think it was a touchy feely book, which was probably why I liked it. I’d grown out of it though, by the time I was about four. I haven’t grown out of my blanket yet 😀
    Thanks for commenting!


  19. We can blame the pet dragon for everything, can’t we? Lol.
    Really? Huh–I love seeing this internationally English speaking countries interact, because we use such different words sometimes. 🙂

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  20. I’ve heard Agatha Christie is very good, but I’ve never completely read one of her books before. I want to try Murder on the Orient Express one day though.
    I’ve got on Oliver Twist on my list to read this year, but I haven’t got around to it yet!
    Yes, I definitely agree! I pretty much only listen to musicals and instrumental music (with a bit of Christian music thrown in), but there’s just something special about the style and the sound and the words too. I find they’re a lot more meaningful than contemporary stuff that most other people listen to.


  21. That’s what they’re for, isn’t it?
    Yeah, it’s so weird how the same words have different meanings and the same things have different names. Like, we eat biscuits here. But you call them cookies? In Australia, we tend to say we’re eating chocolate chip cookies, but every other type of cookie is called a biscuit. But then you eat biscuits which are like…scones, if I’m correct??


  22. I first read Agatha Christie in 12th Grade where I took British Lit and our last novel we read was And Then There Was None and I loved that book so much that I wanted to read more Agatha Christie.

    With musicals, the songs are covered with different emotions with varying degrees. Plus the songs are sung by characters so that is part of the joy found in musicals. That you get to actually discover characters and go on their journeys. You are able to better understand what the song is about since you are seeing the song performed in front of you. Adding song and dance and spectacle to a plot just adds something beautiful and rewarding in a musical. The songs typically are solos, duets, and ensemble pieces. The best scores have both positive and negative emotions in the score, but that only happens with there is enough conflict. I could go on and on about musical theatre music and what makes it so special. The meaning found in musical theatre goes from having an emotional connection to the characters and the plot and to the songs.

    I also listen to Christian music as well. Many people to fail to understand why I love musicals and why I love Christian music.


  23. Pilot’s license!!! That’s so cool. I think it would be incredible to learn how to fly. Have you read Code Name Verity? It’s about a female pilot in WWII <3.
    Also, now I want to figure out what songs I want at my funeral….

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  24. Haha! Yeah, cookies! Lol, I didn’t know you all called them biscuits. Yep, although biscuits are more round -shaped, and for us aren’t sweet, and we like to put butter and honey on them. Or they go in chicken soup for Chicken and Dumplings.

    XD Any other words that are different? 😛

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  25. haha, no, it’s not even in the shape of a pig. it’s very round and pink (less pink than it used to be). my parents thought it was a bear at one point, but I stressed that it was a pig because it was pink (seriously, have you ever seen a pink bear?). so, yeah. it’s kinda hard to explain haha 😀


  26. DUDE!!! THAT IS SO COOL YOU WANT TO BE A PILOT. SAME. I’VE NEVER MET ANYONE ELSE MY AGE WHO WANTS TO BE A PILOT. I’M SO STOKED RIGHT NOW. When you get that Spitfire can I come over and go flying with you??? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. 😂✨ this whole post is fabulous!! I still have the stuffed animal lamb I got when I was 4 years old and I MAY OR MAY NOT STILL BE SUPER ATTACHED TO IT??? haha :’) it’s all good.

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  27. Ahh, I completely missed replying to your comment! I love cuddly blankets, they’re so nice! Such faithful friends 🙂
    Yeah, that actually sounds really fun, except for the sliding across the straw and whacking the tailbone bit. 😀 At one of my old houses, we had a loft, which probably wasn’t that big, but looked big to a five year old, and I once fell out of it and….my word, it hurt.
    Thanks for commenting!

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  28. Well, we have sweet and savoury scones. Pumpkin scones, for example are savoury and usually eaten with butter, but plain scones or lemonade scones we have with jam and cream.
    Um…boots and bonnets?? Like, trunks…and (is it a hood?) on the car, that is.


  29. Yes, flying is SO cool, I’ve only had two lessons but it’s so much fun! I’ve heard of Code name Verity, but I’ve never read it, I definitely need to check it out!
    Haha, my mum and I have talked about that before, we both know what we want, so we’re all set. 😛

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  30. REALLY???????????????? *SHRIEKS FOREVER!!!!!!* I haven’t either! That is AWESOME!!! I don’t even know what to say *trails off into a meditative awed silence* *SHRIEKS AGAIN* but that is just so cool! I thought I was the only one……
    I’ll be sure to invite you…as soon as I get that million dollars.
    THANK YOU!!! Ah yes, I’m still super attached to my blanket, even though the poor thing is way too small for me. I used to have a lamb too, but it was like a puppet sort of thing (or maybe it was my brother’s? Who knows), and it’s super cute and I think I have it still, though it’s also kind of threadbare (it was pink once, and now it’s dirty grey).
    THANKS FOR COMMENTING. *runs away still shrieking*


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