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So, Quinn O’Fallon nominated me to do this super fun tag, and since I have the brain capacity of…like, a carrot, right now, it seemed perfect. (Between competitions I’m entering, Stars which I’m editing, and rereading The Return of the King, I have no time for…anything else. Including pretty blog headers. 😦 ).

Why did you start blogging?

Um, because it looked fun? There wasn’t really any deep, philosophical reason, I just wanted to do it. 😀

Do you prefer to write with pen and paper or on a computer? Why?

It depends. When I’m outlining, creating characters, worldbuilding and brainstorming, its always, always on paper with a pen. I don’t know why, but I can’t think of good ideas on the computer. But, when I’m drafting and editing, I always type because its so much faster, and too much penwork destroys my wrists. 😦

If you could spend a day in any book, which one would you choose?

This is a hard question. But I think I can narrow it down. It would either be in Narnia, during the reign of Caspian (particularly during the time period of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader to The Silver Chair), Middle-Earth, or 1832 Paris, as portrayed in Les Miserables.

If you could tame any animal in the world as a pet, which one would you choose and why?

I actually answered this question in my blogiversary Q+A post. I said either an otter or an elephant, because they’re my two favourite animals. I just love them both!

What does your name mean linguistically and what does it mean to you?

My name (Chelsea) has different meanings, but my favourite one is “Place where ships dock”. I used to think it was a very boring meaning (one of my best friends is named Sarah, and that name means “Princess”, so I was a little jealous). However, the aforementioned friend told me once that seas are hard places for ships and whenever they come into dock, they rejoice and have the chance to rest and be healed. Life is a little like the sea. It’s hard on people and people break apart and start to sink, but a dock is a place of safety, where they can be fixed and cared for. She told me that I was one of those people who always made every one else feel better, so I was sort of like a dock. I’ve never forgotten that.

What colour do you think matches your personality best and how?

I’ve always loved green. I think in a way it reflects my personality…green is associated with spring time (when I was born), and renewal and new life, which kind of links to the answer above. Anyway, I like to think that I’m vibrant and welcoming, like green is.

How clean is your room (Be honest, it can’t be much worse than mine!)

I share a room with three siblings = not very clean. And while I don’t mind untidiness, I can’t stand mess.

If you have a favourite Bible verse, what is it and why is it your favourite?

I don’t know! (Is it cheating just to say the whole Bible?). I like the first verses of Jeremiah, where Jeremiah protests that he can’t help God because he’s “only a child” (actually, you’ll have a blog post in a few weeks about this). I also like Jeremiah 29:11, where God talks about the plans He has for us. And the passage in Romans 8, where it speaks about nothing being able to separate us from God.

If you were elected president, what would be your first act of office?

Since I’m Australian, the likelihood of being elected president is very small indeed. However, I would definitely institute a public holiday dedicated to reading books.

Who is the most influential person in your life and how have they helped make you who you are today?

No one person has made a massive impact on my life, but if I have to choose only two people, I’m going to say my parents. As cliché as it sounds, my parents raised me, encouraged me to be who I am, support me continually and all the other sappy, but equally true things people say about their parents.

What is the one question you wished people asked you, but they don’t? Answer it.

I can think of a lot of questions I wish people didn’t ask me. But hmm…what do I wish people did ask me?

I wish people asked me how my characters reflected parts of me. Because I’m such an introverted person, sometimes I think people see me as cold and reserved, and they don’t want to explore my personality more than that (which I don’t blame them for at all! Seriously, I’m weeeiiirrdd). But if people asked how my different characters reflected different aspects of me, then they’d get to know me a little better.

And the answer (buckle in):

Chessy: That 18% Extroverted part of me? Yeah, that’s Chessy.

Justice: The cynical, reserved, pessimistic, passionate, introverted side of me. In other words, the other 82%.

Quillon: The softer, slighter weirder, compassionate part of me.

Rain: The bit of me that likes talking in weird accents and desperately desires to die her hair blue

Zac: The part of me that feels sooo pressured to live up to unrealistic expectations. 

Jonas: The bit of me that everyone sees as wise and philosophical

Sapphire: The bit of me that is soft and more feminine than tomboy. 

Yeah…let’s stop there. Maybe I could do a whole post on this one day. What do you think?

Anyway, I’m just gonna tag some random people here…

Rain (for having an awesome name that happens to be shared with one of my favourite characters of all time)

The Story Sponge (because, seriously, the answers she gives always crack me up)

Christine Eyre (she always gives such fun–and deep answers)

MyMusicalAndWritingLife (just because I like tagging her)

Sarah (because she loves Les Mis as much as I do!)

And your questions!! (Gracious goodness, I have to think up eleven questions!)

  1. Funniest memory?
  2. Which character from a book or movie would you like to marry?
  3. If you changed your name, what would you change it to?
  4. What inspired your blog name?
  5. Which one blogger has inspired you the most?
  6. Favourite music genre?
  7. Best Broadway musical?
  8. What’s the meaning of your name? (Either your real name or your pen name)
  9. If you were an actor and your favourite book was being made into a movie, who would you audition to play?
  10. Dream job?
  11. Favourite humorous quote?

How’s things? What are your answers to some of these questions? What’s your favourite humorous quote? Which character would you audition to be? How do your characters turn out like you?




19 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Tag

  1. I started blogging because family and friends convinced me to.

    I prefer to start writing on a computer; I am working on a writing project now: Fairy Frogs: one that has been developing for years now that I didn’t start writing till now.

    Animal as a pet: I would just stick with dog. I always dreamed of owning a black toy poodle to name Laci

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  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAGGING ME CHELSEA. I love your answers especially when you explained the meaning of your name. I share my bedroom with my older sister too so it’s very messy. I’m also an introvert and my parents + my sister influence me. I still have to think up answers for your eleven questions. Thanks again for tagging me. You are so precious.

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  3. Well, you’ve been busy with some great projects –and I’m praying that your editing will go well!

    It’s funny: my pen & paper/computer preferences are opposite yours! I record and create details much faster on the computer, but it’s working well for me to hand write my current draft!

    An elephant sounds like a fun pet! 🙂

    Wow, that is such amazing encouragement from your friend! And the name “Chelsea” has always sounded beautiful to me.

    I love that you specified a difference between untidiness and a mess. 🙂 I call it “creative chaos” when I have paints or sewing or card making supplies scattered around–but clutter in every corner gets on my last nerve!

    This was such a fun post! And thank you so much for tagging me–I’ll have my post up soon! (And I haven’t forgotten about the What Does God Mean to Me tag either–but I’d like to put a little more thought into my answers before posting. When talking about God–I can’t just dash off a flippant reply! 🙂 )

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  4. Thanks for tagging me, Chelsea! I woke up this morning and knew that I would wind up doing it today! Since I’ve been kind of busy today it was perfect and I just posted mine! 🙂
    It was so fun to read your answers to the questions! I completely agree, characters definitely hold little parts of us! It’s kind of fun to look at the little bits of ourselves that we put into ’em! I’d definitely be interested in seeing a full post about that!

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  5. I love writing with pen and paper. But definitely agree on how your wrist can start hurting after some time:(
    And a public holiday dedicated to READING? You’d make the best president indeed 🙂
    I love how you say that your characters reflect parts of you. Mine do too – even the villains!

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  6. Thanks for the tag! Sometime in the next millennia I may get around to answering these questions… 😉
    I love what you said about your characters being like you! My characters always end up having bits of me in them as well. It’s inevitable I guess, since, despite our ability to observe others, we’re basically using our own brains as models for humanness. I can’t really get inside someone else’s head, so the deeper I get into my characters the more they end up looking like me.
    I used to share a room with three siblings too! It was a small room, so the four of us were a little squeezed. Now we have upgraded to two in a room, so I’m really moving up in the world.
    Great answers!

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  7. 1.Funniest memory? I was bush-walking carnarvon gorge, I went on ahead missed the path and as much as I hate to admit it…got lost!
    2.Which character from a book or movie would you like to marry? Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    3.If you changed your name, what would you change it to? Yvhgvjfhmnbvkjdflooofhjd, ’cause why not, it’d be rather amusing watching everyone try to figure out ho it’s pronounced. (Pronunciation: Yog-if-ood) Though it would be a pain writing it down.
    4.What inspired your blog name? The blog I have is really a parody of Y/A Novels so it’s the name that best suits the story.
    5.Which one blogger has inspired you the most? You, mainly due to the fact I don’t really read blogs that much but you are really inspiring.
    6.Favourite music genre? Cinematic score, such as Lord of the Rings
    7.Best Broadway musical? I have only scene one proper musical: Matilda the Musical. But it was a very well done, I really liked it.
    8.What’s the meaning of your name? (Either your real name or your pen name) Yahweh is Lord
    9.If you were an actor and your favourite book was being made into a movie, who would you audition to play? Lord of the Rings (already a movie so the remake, 15 years from now), Samwise, he’s inspiring.
    10.Dream job? Composer for films such as the Lord of the Rings, the remake in 15 years of course.
    11.Favourite humorous quote? Mark Twain: “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

    And that’s all I’ve got…

    …Guru-Writer 🙂

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  8. Ahhh this post was so much fun to read! I LOVE your name and it’s meaning. So sweet of your friend. And spot on with the Bible verses- I love those so much. All of Romans 8 is just the best.
    ~ riley aline

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  9. I loved reading your answers! Especially about how your characters reflect different aspects of you. I’d read a whole post on that 😉

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  10. Always a good reason!
    Yep, I love writing on the computer too, it’s much easier than handwriting everything ;D
    I love poodles 😀 Dogs are pretty cool, I’d love a dog.
    Thanks for commenting!


  11. Thank you! That means so much! It’s going very well at the moment.
    Its funny how our brains work differently, isn’t it?
    I reckon having an elephant would be a blast. 😛
    By no means am I a tidy person, my personal spaces definitely get untidy…but I can’t stand mess. Nope, no mess. Unfortunately, little brothers and sisters don’t feel the same way!
    No worries! (And I’m definitely guilty of reeling off the flippant answers, so I appreciate you taking your time) Thanks for commenting!

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  12. Sorry for the late reply! I read your post and liked it quite a lot! All right, I’ll add that to my list of blog post ideas for the future. And yes, its pretty cool how they’re all a little bit of us 😀 Thanks for commenting!

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  13. Yeah, I get severe RSI from too much handwriting 😦 Otherwise I’d do it more.
    Why, thank you! I like to think that I would run a fair literary society.
    I know! It’s all well and good to go on about how our protagonists reflect parts of ourselves, but when we get to the villains…its always a bit awkward!

    Thanks so much for commenting!


  14. Trust me, I know the feeling 😀
    Yeah, you’re right. I’ve definitely found the same. The characters I connect with most are the ones that are most like me, generally.
    Oh yes, we’ve got a small room too, and its…fun…I’m glad to see you’ve been promoted 😛
    Thanks for commenting!

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  15. Thanks! I really like your name as well, it’s very pretty 😀 Romans 8 is an amazing passage. I did a devotion on it at my youth camp a few weeks ago and it gave me a really interesting new insight into a passage I admit I take for granted some times.
    Thanks for commenting!


  16. Thanks so much for your comment, Elijah!
    Aw, thanks! I’m glad you see me as inspiring. 🙂
    And aren’t cinematic scores the best? Especially the LOTR soundtrack! And Samwise is awesome too. I hope LOTR has a remake in fifteen years so you can play Sam and compose the soundtrack. I think becoming a composer would be a really inspiring and amazing job!
    Mark Twain was a wise man.
    Thanks for commenting!


  17. I never thought I would be a blogger. I was hooked on the first post. Writing on a computer does not hurt your hand quite as much as pencil writing.

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