Musical Theatre Tag (I ramble about Musicals and my WIPs)

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The wonderful MyMusicalAndWritingLife created this awesome musical/WIP tag which I just had to do, given my adoration of everything musical and because of my love of rambling about my WIPs. So…here we go. If you are not prepared for wild fangirling and ramble, you’d better leave now 😛

Jean Valjean [Les Mis]

 (A character you’ve written that underwent major character change)

All my characters?

Okay, Justice probably changes the most over the course of The Stars Fill Infinity, Zachary Stoner changes the most over When Infinity is Empty, Chessy and Quillon don’t really change that much. They have arcs that kind of border on flat. They grow and deepen and definitely do change, but they don’t…do a 180 and change themselves completely (Justice and Zac do though).

I Dreamed a Dream [Les Mis]

(A writing project that turned out completely different than you’d initially expected or planned)

Let me tell you a tale…

In August last year, I wrote a short dystopian story (which still doesn’t have a name, because titling has never been my forte). Basically, it was about a man named Jean Verde who played butler to the last surviving member of the British monarchy. However, Jean Verde was rather fed up with the spoilt prince (who lived in an underground bunker because cyborgs had taken over the world and wanted to kill him), and the final straw comes when the prince demands that his butler find him a wife. Jean Verde starts lowkey planning revolution and that’s where Rosemarie, the lucky bride to be, turns up. By the way, this was all a retelling of The Princess and The Pea.

Anyhow, in August last year, I also read Les Miserables. Eventually the story idea grew into a Les Mis retelling, and then into The Stars Fill Infinity. Currently, Stars and the unnamed dystopian story (which I’m still quite proud of to be honest) bear only one similarity–they both possess a character called Jean Verde.

So, it would be an understatement to say that Stars ended up quite differently to it was originally planned.

Gold von den Sternen [Mozart!]

(where do you like to get inspiration for stories or which of your characters inspires you the most?)

Inspiration is everywhere. I know that sounds cliché, but its true. I just told you about the inspiration for Stars, I got inspiration for a short story of mine when my family had lunch with a few other families in the park and one of the boys started making origami animals. Basically, anything and everything can become a story. Nothing is safe.

As to the character who inspires me most…I’m torn, because most of my characters have aspects that I look up to. Maybe Jonas from Stars though, because he’s quiet (like me), but he speaks up when he has to (which I don’t do enough), because he’s gentle and caring (I am not always that), and also strong, but vulnerable and honest. I love him and want to be like him.

Wie wird man seinen Schatten los [Mozart!]

(Which of your characters has the most internal struggle?)

This is an interesting question, because pretty much as soon as I heard Wie wird man Schatten los for the first time a few weeks ago, it reminded me of one particular character of mine. That being Justice Rift. The English translation of the song’s title is How do you get away from your shadow? and that’s very much what Justice struggles with. He doesn’t know how to escape from the things he’s done and the expectations people have for him.

For Good [Wicked]

(When was a time that you felt like something was going wrong with a project but it turned out okay?)

Once upon a time, I wrote the worst essay in the history of essays. And I entered it in a competition. Even though I was hugely passionate about the subject matter of the essay (the Aboriginal soldiers who fought during the Vietnam War), I hated the essay that I’d written. I knew I could have done so much better than I did. All I could do was look at it and see all its flaws.

But, despite how awfully I perceived this essay to be, I ended up winning one of fifty-five places in this competition and I got to go to an awards ceremony in Parliament House and meet famous people and I was, out of the fifty-five people there, the only homeschooled one (a majority of them were from private Catholic schools). That was intimidating.

But anyway, that was a time that I thought a project was terrible (and maybe it was, I don’t know, I’ve never summoned enough courage to reread it) but God still used it for good 🙂

Wait for Me [Hadestown]

(A project you cared about a lot but you had to put it on hold for a little while so that you could get it just right)

Three projects come to mind. 1) the sequel to The Stars Fill Infinity and When Infinity is Empty. It’s been bothering me ever since I finished Infinity back in April, but I just can’t work out how the highly complex plot is going to pull together and tie the whole trilogy up in a neat bow. So I’ve set it aside for my NaNoWriMo novel, and until November I’ll work on editing the first book.

Another project is Red and White, which I started in May of last year and which I had to put aside after an overwhelming amount of projects swamped me. But I will come back to it. Hugh Winter and Spencer Verne own a little square of my heart which will be taken by no other (fictional) man. I will continue their stories one day.

My final book is an epic fantasy which has been nagging at me for years and years, set in a fantasy version of my own beloved country (rather than an American/European setting) and it would be awesome. But I’m not ready for it…yet. Yet.

Die unstillbare Gier [Tanz Der Vampire]

(Which of your characters has the saddest backstory?)

We’d be better off looking for the character who has the happiest backstory. They’re the rarer creature.

Well…the saddest backstory probably belongs to Zac Stoner…maybe. His got a sad backstory which I’ll try to sum up (dad who doesn’t like him much + mum who kinda doesn’t like him + expectations to become an accountant + too much alcohol + despair + doom + waaay too much alcohol + unrequited love +death = sadness).

Alfred [Tanz Der Vampire]

(A character that’s so sweet you wonder why on earth you put them through the things you do)

This is all of my characters pretty much, but I think I’ll choose Quillon from The Stars Fill Infinity. He is the sweetest thing ever and doesn’t deserve any of the things that I do to him. And I torture the poor man.

Rebecca Reprise [Rebecca]

(What’s something that one of your characters is obsessed with?)

All my characters are a little obsessed with something. Chessy=Justice, Justice=justice, Sapphire=flowers, Rain=blue hair…etc.

Overture [The Phantom of the Opera]

(What’s the most dramatic scene that you’ve written?)

My most dramatic scene?

The death at the end of When Infinity is Empty. I can’t say who because, you know, spoilers. But…dramatic it rather was.

All I Ask of You [The Phantom of the Opera] 

(what’s your favourite romantic plot/subplot that you’ve written?)

I don’t do romance, let’s be honest here. But sometimes, my characters take their lives in their own hands and they fall in love. Two characters that did this were Sapphire and Quillon and honestly, they are the only ship worth shipping ever. I love them. Chessy and Justice come nowhere near the levels of amazingness that Sapphire and Quillon have (I still don’t have a ship name for them and I feel that this is important. Any ideas? Quapphire looks and sounds way too weird for my taste).

Kalte Sterne [Ludwig²]

(Which of your characters always seems to have the best ideas?)

#NotJustice. Probably Jonas and Neva Rose (from Stars and When Infinity is Empty/The Author of Infinity). They’re the level-headed, ‘let’s-come-up-with-sensible-plans’ sort of people.

Alle tanzten mit dem Tod [Elisabeth]

(What do you think is your strongest opening scene?)

I don’t think I’ve written a strong opening scene.

Okay, that’s not true. I think this opening line is pretty cool

I think that I fall in love with him the moment I reach beyond the lake’s surface.

I also like the opening of The Stars Fill Infinity, which is Chessy narrating the ways that she is similar to Rapunzel and also the ways she’s different. I had fun writing that.

It had always struck me as unrealistic that in all the years the witch kept Rapunzel locked up in the tower, Rapunzel had never tried to escape.

Maybe Rapunzel had never been a fiery, passionate type of person, like me. Maybe Rapunzel had a better conscience than I did. Maybe Rapunzel didn’t have a street girl with blue hair as her best friend. Maybe Rapunzel hadn’t fallen in love with a revolutionary in a black jacket.

Sisi [Elisabeth]

(your most ambitious and or/stubborn character)

Justice. Or Chessy. They’re both exceedingly stubborn,  which causes disaster half of the time.

Traum groß [Schikander]

(Which of your characters work best/would work best together?)

Chessy and Jonas work very well as a team, so do Chessy and Rain. And Jonas and Justice also make a very good team. And Kendall and Waif. All my characters have someone who they work well with.

But who would work the absolute best?

I’m thinking Jonas and Justice make the best team. As Chessy notices, Jonas balances out the fire in Justice with compassion and humility, while Justice provides leadership for Jonas, who wouldn’t necessarily take leadership on himself and provides the vision and drive for their projects.

A New Life [Jekyll & Hyde]

(Which is your character is the most hopeful in the middle of really bad situations?)

Quillon, I think. He’s in general, the one who can see goodness in everything, and who holds onto hope even after everyone else has given up on it. He’s the Sam to Justice and Chessy’s Frodo. He’s the one who admires the stars for their beauty and worships the Creator of those stars. Basically, he is the epitome of hope.

What do you think? Do you love any of these musicals/songs? Do you want to steal this tag (feel free to do so! Just give credit to the creator). What are your answers to some of these questions?

22 thoughts on “Musical Theatre Tag (I ramble about Musicals and my WIPs)

  1. The characters I have developed are the characters from my Fairy Frogs story.

    Fairy Frogs:

    Sparkle= One of the Fairy Frogs, a drawer, a 12 year old who is rebellious, courageous, and adventurous. Her best friend is Misty. She is the protagonist and the story is focused around her friendship with Marge, one of the toads.

    Misty= A singer Fairy Frog who is protective of Sparkle

    Aires= Leader of the Fairy Frogs who is head construction worker. Is a confident worker and is Darcy’s uncle

    Darcy= He is a sculpture frog and is best friends with Felipe. About 14 or 15

    Felipe= He is a woodcarver frog. About 14 or 15

    Celeste= a potter frog who is about 8

    Tweetsie= a 5 year old frog who is still trying to figure out what your gift in art is


    Sarge= He is the leader of the toads and the antagonist. He is pretty much a bully and is rather harsh with his niece, Marge

    Marge= She is about Sparkle’s age. She has to stand up to her Uncle on multiple occasions. She does not want to act like her Uncle at all. She feels like an outsider and she eventually becomes friends with Sparkle.

    Norg= well, Sarge hires him as an spy

    Claude / Effa/ Rudy= they are in the story, but have no personality quite yet

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  2. Ooh, this looks like fun! (And I’m definitely stealing this tag!)

    Oh, my, what an interesting beginning for Stars Fill Infinity! You original concept was pretty cool, but the current version of Stars sounds more coherent and powerful. 🙂 (Also, if it makes you feel any better, I’m terrible with title as well.)

    Now I’m doubly curious about Justice…

    Now THAT is a fascinating subject for an essay! (I didn’t know Aboriginal soldiers fought in the Vietnam War…) And wow, what a fantastic direction that essay went!

    I would definitely read a fantasy story set in an Australian setting. Just sayin’. 🙂

    That is an amazing opening! Context, character description and motivation, a unique voice, all in a couple of paragraphs! You should be really proud of that!

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  3. I had a lot of fun reading your answers to the questions! It was fun to learn more about your WIPs and your characters!
    I really loved The Stars Fill Infinity opening! I think that it works so well and I loved how you contrasted Chessy from Rapunzel! Ahhh… it’s so good! I also loved your answer to the “Wie wird man seinen Schatten los” question! It does seem like the song fits Justice really well!
    “#NotJustice” made me laugh so hard! Haha, that’s pretty much how I feel about most of my characters!
    This was really fun; thanks for doing the tag!

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  4. I love the names you’ve given the frogs and toads! I especially love Aires, Darcy and Celeste. They’re all really nice! And they sound like they have good, solid personalities and I think Misty would probably end up being my favourite one 🙂


  5. Please go ahead! I’d love to see you do it 😀 It was a lot of fun!

    Yes, it definitely had an interesting/weird beginning, its probably one of my strangest origin stories. But you’re right, its much more coherent (it actually kinda makes sense 😛 ) and it definitely is more powerful than the entertaining sci-fi I was originally going for. (Some people are just so good at them? and there’s me…who couldn’t come up with an original title to save my life. I’m glad you’re here to join me though)

    The Aboriginal soldiers were a hugely fascinating subject to research, and in the process I actually learnt about a whole lot of Aboriginal soldiers who fought in WW1 WW2 and the Korean War as well, even though they weren’t technically allowed to join the army because they weren’t regarded as “Human” until the late 50s to early 60s (they didn’t the right to vote until ’66/’67)

    There’s a sad lack of Aussie based fantasy, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to read. I WILL write it one day, I promise 😀

    Thank you. I honestly wasn’t sure whether it was any good or not. I’m always very unsure about my opening lines.


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  6. It was fun to write!!
    Thank you 😀 You guys have made me feel much more self-confidant about my opening paragraphs 😀 Yep, the song is almost perfect for Justice!
    The truth though 😀 Justice is terrible at coming up with plans 😛
    No worries!! It was super fun 🙂

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  7. Names have to do with the characters.

    Fairy Frogs overall are enchanting and magical. Their main personality traits are deeply compassionate, clever, and artistic (that is why you saw that I gave them each a different artistic craft). That is why their names are more beautiful using more enchanting and magical names.

    But look at the toads: not so nice sounding: more rude looking and gruff: You know. It was annoying for me to call that one toad “Marge” and her name rhymes with “Sarge”.

    Even where they live have symbolism: Fairy Frogs live in the Cattail Forest and Toads live in Graysloup.

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  8. Elijah Taylor has shared a OneDrive for Business file with you. To view it, click the link below.


    The Stars Reach Infinity – Main Titles.m4a

    Hi Chelsea, here is the orchestra version of my Stars Reach Infinity Theme. I will improve it and send you the improved versions as a finish the them. See you Friday, unless I am too tired (I have musical practice for the entire week). Here it is.



  9. That opening line is amazing. I’m creating a sci-fi fantasy with my friend Isaac and it has to be set in Australia. Isaac came up with a really cool title: Reveondale (I think that’s the right spelling). I’m really excited.

    P.S I sent you my Stars Fill Infinity Theme, and I’m sending you the script for the first episode of Jack in a Box.

    BTW Its really short and the next episodes will be longer (I hope).
    See Friday (unless I’m waay to tired to go due to musical practice).
    #NotSammy, her plans range from snapping the enemy’s neck to blowing them to bits with her robot suit.

    See you WriterGuru.

    Elijah Taylor

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  10. Ooh this is such a cool tag!! I might steal it if that’s okay! 😍 And I love how many wips you have and mentioned here. Also so much congrats that your essay went that far and how epic to be representing homeschoolers somewhere so big!! All the respect to you!!

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  11. (Jenwriter17 here 😉 )
    I love tags! I’m loving how much you talk about your ‘Infinity’ series here 😀
    So, just to make sure, I can use this tag, even though I don’t actively comment on your blog? (I’m getting my website up soon)

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  12. I love hearing more about your characters and I hope I get to read the Infinity trilogy (I think that’s what it’s called? If not, you know to what I am referring, so it matters little) someday!
    I know what you mean about characters taking matters into their own hands and falling in love without asking permission first- I rarely add romance into my stories purposely but sometimes my characters sneak it in. Sometimes it turns out to be wonderful but most of the time they just make a deplorable mess and expect me to clean it up for them. Little do they know me.
    That is amazing that you were the only homeschooler at that awards ceremony! It sounds quite impressive. Huzzah for homeschoolers!
    “A character that’s so sweet you wonder why on earth you put them through the things you do”? Hm, for some reason the name “Winston” is coming to mind for that one, no idea why that would be…
    Quillon sounds wonderful. When do I get to meet these people?
    Awesome tag, and great post! I wish you all the inspiration in the world to continue bringing your children to life so that they can one day sally forth into the world!

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  13. Well…I’m almost finished my extreme edit of the first book in the trilogy, so I might be looking for beta readers soon *nudge wink*
    Ah yes, its even worse when they fall in love without permission and then make a huge mess of everything. How dare they? Don’t they know what’s good for them 😛 ?
    I was very proud of myself (though it was quite intimidating actually. I was rather scared the whole way through).
    WINSTON! I don’t know what you did to that poor boy, but he certainly never deserved it!
    That’s because Quillon IS wonderful. (Soon, soon…patience…)
    Thank you!

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  14. No worries! And thank you! Honestly, I’m sure the essay was the absolute worst, but still…it was pretty awesome. I’m still way too proud of the fact that I was the only homeschooler there 😛


  15. Thanks! I like the opening line too 😀
    The world needs more sci-fi set in Australia, I definitely agree.
    And Sammy’s plans definitely sound like the humorous and slightly frightening kind!


  16. Awesome! (and yes I’ll be sure to give credit to the creator 😉 )
    I’ll definitely let you know; I”ll most likely mention you in the blog post that I do it in. 😀

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