20 Questions Book Tag!

20 Q Book Tag

I’m still catching up on those millions of tags I got when I was on hiatus, so since I’m not quite back into the swing of things (I completely missed a post last week??) I’m going to give you a nice, quick, 20 Questions book tag (thanks to Jen, I’m fairly sure, for the tag)

So, uh, let’s go.

20 Questions Book Tag

  1. How many books are too many in a series?

Personally, once a series has gone over seven books, I’m unlikely to continue reading. Four books is my sweet spot, but I can do a little longer if I really like the characters/plot, but over seven I just get fed up.

  1. How do you feel about cliffhanger endings?

Not a fan really. I like each book to be able to stand on it’s own. Besides, who likes waiting a whole year for another book when the last book ended on a cliffhanger?

  1. Hardback or paperback?

Realistically, paperbacks are half the price. But…hardbacks are so much prettier.

  1. Favourite book?

The Lord of the Rings (answer assertively and no one will see the hesitation).

  1. Least favourite book?

There’s so many I hate…how do I choose? Well, I really disliked The Fault in Our Stars, but I wouldn’t say it was my absolute least favourite book.

  1. Love triangles: yes or no?

No (*ignores the fact that I have a love triangle in my own novel*)

  1. The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

Olivia Twist by Lorie Langdon. I’m sorry I just really, really couldn’t read it.


  1. A book you’re currently reading?

For some reason, I’m reading like twelve books all at once, so I’ll just pick Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

  1. Last book you recommended?

The last book I gifted to someone was A Time to Die by Nadine Brandes, so I think that’s a pretty strong recommendation.

  1. Oldest book you’ve read?


  1. Newest book you’ve read?

Fawkes by Nadine Brandes

  1. Favourite author?

Tolkien and Dickens can fight to the death for the honour

  1. Buying books or borrowing?

Borrowing. I usually only buy if they’re really cheap or absolute favourites.

  1. A book you disliked that everyone seems to love?

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens (not to be confused with the aforementioned Olivia Twist). Everyone hails it as Dickens’ greatest work, but I honestly thought it was weak and boring. Nancy was the best though. Go Nancy.


  1. Bookmarks or dog ears?

How is this a question? I’m reporting you.

  1. A book you can always reread?

Have a list:

The Magician’s Daughter by Justyn Walker

The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

  1. Can you read while listening to music?

I can do many things. I’m very talented.

  1. One POV or multiple POVs?

Multiple, if I like the characters equally. Since that doesn’t happen very much, I tend to prefer single point of views.

  1. Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days?

I read Les Miserables in one sitting, but usually over several days. 😉 Okay, that’s a complete lie. Usually with books, it’s more like…over several weeks, but anyway.

  1. Who do you tag?

All those who wish they could read a book in a single sitting.

13 thoughts on “20 Questions Book Tag!

  1. Haha! I think I’m currently doing eight or nine, plus the book I’m reading aloud to my siblings. I’m not even sure why I’m doing this to myself. (This is why it takes me so long to finish books!)

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  2. I can only read one book at once.

    I go for paperback- easier to read.

    I buy, not borrow- do mark in books at times.

    Have to read without music

    These are some of those answers

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  3. “Tolkien and Dickens can fight to the death,” haha, I love it. 🙂
    I kind of agree with you about the number of books in a series. Of course it largely depends on how engaging the characters/story/writing style is. For some series’ three books is too many, and for others seven doesn’t feel like too much. But beyond seven does start to feel like a bit much, even if it’s good. I really like A Series of Unfortunate Events, but I do think it could have been cut back some. At times it is more repetitive than is necessary.
    I also agree with you about the POVs. If there are several engaging characters, multiple POVs is good, but often times it’s better just to stick with one.
    Great post!

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  4. “Answer assertively and no one will see the hesitation.” HA. Bookworm life hack right there. 🙂

    Ooh The Eagle of the Ninth is a good one! I still haven’t finished The Lantern Bearers…

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  5. I loved reading your answers to these questions; a lot of it was very relatable! 😀
    I totally agree about the number of books in a series. Some people want a series to go on and on forever and ever but I tend to think that, once you get above five or six, it’s a bit much. Nowadays, I find it difficult to read a series at all, mostly opting for standalones!
    How are you enjoying The Name of the Wind? I tried to read it last year but then I just couldn’t finish it before it was due back at the library. That said, I hear so many good things about it so I’ve been thinking about giving it another shot!

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  6. It’s worked for me so far! 😛
    It’s brilliant 🙂 Haha, neither have I. For some reason I loved Eagle and The Silver Branch as well, but I didn’t really connect with The Lantern Bearers and still haven’t finished it…


  7. I can just imagine some sort of Authorial Hunger Games or something 😀
    I remember one series I read which was a bit like that too. After book eight, which was the last one I fully read, they just became very repetitive and made use of a lot recycled plots. And then it started a sequel series. And then a prequel series….Which is just waaay too much in my opinion.
    Thanks 😀

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  8. Yep, I get what you mean about reading more standalones at the moment. I definitely do too, though I’ve found myself starting a lot of series lately and never getting past the first or second book. I definitely opt for the standalones, unless I’m doing a reread.
    I have mixed feelings on The Name of the Wind. I’ve actually been reading it on and off for a few months now, and on one hand, I love the writing, but the plot is dragging a lot. I’m planning to finish it at least, but I’m not sure whether I’ll go onto the next book or not.
    I’d definitely give it another shot, but I can also see that it’s not a book for everyone!

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  9. I was so confused for a second when you said you read Les Mis in one sitting haha. like, it took me six months?!? anyways, I loved reading this; your answers were so funny 😀

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  10. Well, in reality it took me about three weeks to read it, but that’s a very quick time for me in reading such a long book. Anna Karenina, which is way shorter, took over three months listening to as an audiobook and I’ve been reading The Count of Monte Cristo for about a year and I’m not even halfway through. I just really, really liked Les Mis 😛

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