Heroes of Legend Character Tag

Here’s my second last character tag. Pretty certain I wasn’t tagged officially for this, but it looks fun and I have no conscience, so I’m stealing it. 😛

For something a little different, I’m only using characters that are not main characters. So basically, if a character has a POV in either the Infinity series or Wattle Fires, they aren’t allowed to be the answer to these questions. So here goes, let’s learn a little about my secondary characters.

1.Is most likely to be turned into a frog (and then thrown against the wall for extra obnoxiousness)?

Most likely to be turned into a frog for obnoxiousness? Kendall is coming straight to mind 😛 He’s probably the most obnoxious character I’ve ever created, though he has a soft, cute heart beneath 😀

2. Could probably persuade a man–sent to kill them on pain of death– not to kill them, through charisma or charm alone (or manipulation, whichever way you take it)?

Heirani. She’s clever and has an array of sharp objects at her disposal as well. Combined with her quirky charm and power of persuasion, I’m sure she could stop anyone from killing her.

3. Is that kind of person who waves around a weapon (or other sharp pointy object) everywhere they go, regardless of their skill in handling it (which is to say, probably quite doubtful)?

This would probably be Dae Quillon. She doesn’t actually have any weapons in the story, but she definitely would be quite dangerous if someone gave her one. 😛


4. Can endure the most pain with a stoic, completely neutral face (maybe s/he’s dancing)?

Jonas. Sweet Jonas is so self-sacrificial that he would endure all sorts of pain without letting on that he’s hurting–both physical and emotional.

However, the mention of dancing also brings to mind Neva Marnee. She has chronic pain, and though she isn’t free of moments of frustration, she definitely bears the majority of it alone.

5. Is most likely to pull off a Hua Mulan and face a trial as one of the opposite gender if need arises?

Neva again comes to mind. But I won’t tell you why.

6. Would be quickest to obey a talking cat when it demands them to buy it a pair of boots?

Zac Stoner. He’s a bit of a conman, so I can see him trying to pull the wool over the talking cat’s eyes. He’d play an elaborate trick on it, but knowing Puss in Boots, it would probably end up catching him hook, line and sinker.


7. Is willing to do anything– absolutely anything– in order to rescue someone s/he loves (includes killing innocent foxes and asking the moon for help)?

Can I mention Zac again? I think so. Yes, he would do absolutely anything to save someone he loved.

8. Seems to stubbornly not die no matter what you put them through (if you haven’t tried the Big Bad Wolf, now’s the time)?

Leilani (High-Praise). She never seems to die, no matter what terrible thing I put her through.

9. Is the terrifyingly malicious, extra-megalomaniacal, wildly unpredictable Queen of Hearts/Bluebeard villain (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

I don’t really have any characters like this. Most of my villains aren’t really villains…they’re more just…antagonists. Probably the closest thing I have is Theresa Caelan. She’s terrifying, if not wildly unpredictable.

10. Is the terrifyingly placid, blood-freezingly calm, monotone-voiced villain that is Every Fairytale Villain in History Incarnate (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Maria Caderousse. While Theresa is passionate and mad, Caderousse is so calm she’s also terrifying. Yes, she fits this almost exactly.

Thanks to whoever it was who created this tag! What about you guys? Which one of your characters would listen to a talking cat? Who is your most terrifying villain? Which character would be turned into a frog?

5 thoughts on “Heroes of Legend Character Tag

  1. This was such a fun post to read and it looks like a really fun tag! I may decide to give it a go sometime! 🙂
    I’m kind of in the same boat with you about the “most terrifying villain” question… I don’t typically classify any characters in my WIPs as villains but more as antagonists; the term just fits ’em better. Except for Alexander Roth from Before You Forget Me–he’s pretty villainous. Julien’s definitely the one that would get caught up listening to a cat talking to him–this is the sort of thing he does anyways, even when a cat can’t actually speak! 😂 As for a character who would be turned into a frog… I guess that would probably be My Enemy’s Friend’s Ryuunosuke!

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  2. The answer to #!- well, the answer is already obvious since 7 of my characters are already Frogs, but Fairy Frogs- so that was kind of funny when I saw that.

    For #7- it would be all of the secondary characters and minor character. All of my Fairy Frogs, but Aries, had to do a lot just to rescue their closest toad friends. It does help that one of the key characteristics of being a Fairy Frog is cleverness.

    #9- Sarge, for sure,- at first, you thought, you thought he was predictable, but after he blew up on Norg, he started to became unpredictable. He isn’t exactly evil, not a villain, only an antagonist. He does became worse as the story continues.

    Just some answers.

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  3. It definitely was fun!
    Yeah, I can’t remember the last time I had a real “Villain-villain”, usually they’re just bad people, without being actually villainous.
    Haha, I love what you said about Julien! It’s so true though, he’s a sweetheart 🙂

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  4. That’s so true! Maybe for frogs, getting turned into a human is the worst thing that could happen to them 😛
    Aries sounds really cool. 😀
    Unpredictable antagonists are really interesting 🙂


  5. Aries is leader of the Fairy Frogs. He is head carpenter and uncle of Darcy. He can doubt himself at times, and that is when he usually asks for Darcy for advice. He is a confident and good leader.

    Sarge is 17 years old. His backstory is heartbreaking: his mother left him when he was 3 or 5. Then, he was left with his cruel and abusive father, who mistreated him until he was 13, and left him. He did not have a good support system growing up. He was left with physical and emotional scars- he is angry, confused, and jealous. He is confused as to why did his uncle, Marge’s father turn out to be loving while his father turned out to be complete opposite. He was unloved growing up and wasn’t shown compassion- his only comfort was found in “The Bog”- the deepest part of Graysloup, the only place his father couldn’t get to him. Due to his past, he put his pain on others- his easiest target was Marge, his younger cousin. He has a hard time seeing love and compassion even when it literally is shown right in front of him. He is a bully- but isn’t evil, just an antagonist.


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