Cover Reveal: Tattered Wings by Kassie Angle

Being part of cover reveals and blog tours is really fun and the story I’m cover revealing for today looks like its going to be awesome! I love dogs, that’s probably no secret, so a story about two broken, wounded people and a broken, wounded dogs helping to heal each others’ wounds is exactly my cup of tea.

So, without further ado, I present to you Tattered Wings by my dear friend, Kassie Angle!




What would a cover reveal be without a little suspense?






I won’t torture you.


Here it is!


Isn’t it lovely? That good boy on the cover is so sweet 🙂

Now that we’ve revealed the stunning cover, here’s the backcover blurb!

Some scars can’t be seen. And some can’t be hidden.

Layla Trent’s life is pretty much perfect, except for the little matter of a dog of her own—and maybe a brother. So why does a random nightmare of a princess dress, a hospital, and a stranger who’s definitely not her daddy feel more like an aching wound? And can a broken, glassy-eyed puppy somehow help her release the pain she didn’t even know she was carrying?

Corporal Andrew Reyes has proven he has what it takes to be the best—a US Army Ranger. But when a double tragedy rocks his world, his resolve is shaken to the core. What’s left for a man to live for when he’s lost everything he ever wanted to be? And is the sudden appearance of a teenage girl with a three-legged therapy dog a cruel joke or a divine appointment?

Some scars can’t be hidden. But some don’t need to be.  

Doesn’t that sound even better? A three-legged therapy dog? Wounded soldiers? Dogs helping people through their grief and trauma? I love it.


Anyway, if you’re interested, Kassie’s running a blog release tour, that I’m sure she’d welcome you to be involved in.



Kassie Angle is a teenaged Christian author, cowgirl, therapy dog trainer, stereotypical INFJ, and Army girl to the core. Her first love, i.e. debut novel, O to be Like Thee, swept her unsuspectedly into the world of indie authors. She tries to use her stories to fill the silences in literature, helping more people understand the world of the Army and showing how God heals the broken-hearted. You can find her and more of her writing at

There you have it! Have you heard of Tattered Wings before? Have you checked out Kassie’s blog? Do you like the dog on the cover as much as I do?


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