My Unpopular Bookish Opinions Revealed!

So, my blog post from the other day took quite a lot of effort, so I’m scaling back and doing a more fun post today. Namely, I’ve aired some unpopular opinions on this blog, but today I’ll be doing a nice little compilation of them. And of course, at the end, you’ll be able to have your say and show off your own unpopular opinions. So, let’s get to it!

(Just as a disclaimer, I want to make sure you guys know that I’m not attacking any one who disagrees with me or anything like that. These are my own opinions, some of them are funny, some are serious. But I’m not out to to catch anyone who feels otherwise. Okay, let’s move on)

Unpopular Opinion #1–Harry Potter is Incredibly Overrated

It wouldn’t be controversial to say that JKR is overrated. No one likes her much for various and numerous reasons. But Harry Potter is still generally beloved. And I have to say, I don’t really know why? Is it good? Yeah. Is it brilliant and deserving of the cult following it has? I personally don’t believe so.

That doesn’t stop me from binge listening to the audiobooks read by Stephen Fry though.

Unpopular Opinion #2–Animal Books Are the Worst

As a child (and let’s be honest, still now) animals were my life. I wanted to be a vet (I ended up as a dog trainer, so kinda the same). I wanted fifty horses, a hundred dogs, I wanted snakes, rabbits, hermit crabs, the whole kit and caboodle. I loved animals.

But I actually hated animal books. There were a few exceptions (Black Beauty and The Black Stallion remain favourites and I could really use a reread), but for the most part animal books I really hated. I didn’t like The Saddle Club or the Animal Ark books, or Lassie or The Red Pony and I really couldn’t stomach the idea of reading Old Yeller.

I guess it’s because animal books are usually either sad (i.e. every dog book ever) or just an excuse to engage in girl drama (i.e. The Saddle Club and its many ripoffs). I liked Black Beauty because it brought to light a societal problem that still exists today and it ultimately had a happy ending (though Ginger’s death always made me so, so sad). And The Black Stallion is just such a rollicking adventure and the main character was a boy, so it avoided girl drama.

But other than that, animal books are the worst. Fight me.

Unpopular Opinion #3–Sometimes the Movie is Better

Look, I know I’m really getting onto shaky ground here. But it’s true. Sometimes the movie is better than the book is, for a variety of reasons. For example, I enjoy the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I absolutely adore Sherlock , the BBC series and in fact was disappointed after reading the Sherlock Holmes books (mainly, The Hound of the Baskervilles) and discovering that it wasn’t nearly as chilling or interesting as the BBC episode.

And as much as I love How To Train Your Dragon, the first book, I enjoy the movie version better (as a whole though, I prefer the book series to the movie trilogy).

Also, most people say The Princess Bride is a better movie than book, though I haven’t read it to confirm.

To conclude, it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes the book is not as good as the movie.

Unpopular Opinion #4–Loki is an Entitled Jerk

Not exactly a book opinion, but I feel it’s relevant to this conversation. Let me say it again, guys, Loki is an entitled jerk.

In absolutely non of the Thor or Avengers movies is Loki ever given motivation to behave the way he does, excepting that Odin and Frigga neglect to tell him that he was born a Frost Giant. He perceives that Thor is more beloved than he is, but really there is no evidence to back this up. Thor is given the privilege afforded to the elder brother and heir to the throne, but the entire first movie revolves around Thor wanting privilege without responsibility, and then being punished for it. No one ever casts Loki down to earth for the same thing though.

Essentially, he just has this inferiority complex, where he is insecure because of some perceived slight against him, and he becomes a mass murderer and serial killer because of it.


All this to say, whilst I love Tom Hiddleston and think Loki is a pretty interesting villain (that could have been handled better), he’s still an entitled jerk.

Unpopular Opinion #5–Frodo Deserves Everyone’s Love

I’m not even sure why this is an unpopular opinion, but so many LOTR fans seem to hate Frodo? They call him weak or whiny, or say that Sam is the true hero of the saga.

I won’t argue with that. Tolkien himself once said that he saw Sam as LOTR’s true hero, but I really think Frodo deserves love and credit too. He carried the Ring for the entire story, and yes, he did ultimately fail, but he stood up the Ring’s corruption for much longer than anyone else ever did. He walked all the way to the foot of Mt Doom carrying, arguably, the universe’s most evil creation around his neck.

Frodo is strong, y’all. I don’t care what you say.

He also had to deal with mental and emotional scars that none of the other members of the Fellowship had to deal with, and ultimately, he didn’t really get a happy ending. He didn’t have the pleasure of a wife and a family, the way Sam and the other hobbits did, and he didn’t even get much recognition for the part he played in saving Middle-Earth. He sort of just faded away, leaving the only world he’d ever known for the safety of the Undying Lands.

And look, don’t take any of this spiel to mean that I dislike Sam, or think he’s a bad character. I love Sam. But why are LOTR fans so divided? It’s as if we can only like Sam or Frodo, not both. But ultimately, they both contributed to the quest and they achieved the quest together, not apart. Frodo couldn’t have got that far without Sam, and Sam definitely couldn’t have done it without Frodo. They’re a team. And we can love and admire both.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

Unpopular Opinion #6–I Never Related to Anne Shirley

Now I’m getting real with you guys. I read Anne of Green Gables (and a few of the sequels, but not all of them) years back, when I was around Anne’s age. As did a lot of you guys. But I never really connected to Anne, like most girls who later became writers and are now haunting the blogosphere seem to have.

To be honest, I have no idea why this is. Anne is excitable, a little gullible, wild, happy, enthusiastic…like me. She is imaginative, loves reading and storytelling…all things that I relate to and love. But just for some reason she never clicked with me and I don’t have nostalgic, fond memories of Anne Shirley. Maybe Anne was just too extroverted for me?

Unpopular Opinion #7–First Person is Just As Good (Or Better) Than Third

I think this opinion is becoming more popular, but a few years ago, when I first started writing seriously, I think first person was really looked down on. It was probably associated with YA and whiny heroines and that sort of thing, or something. I don’t know. However, most of my favourite books employ first person and when its used effectively, it really helps to get inside the character’s head and “know” who they are.

Of course, I don’t look for first person books particularly, or hate third person stories, it’s just a personal preference that I have.

Unpopular Opinion #8–Present Tense Makes Me Nervous

Again, not a deal breaker but present tense seems to be a rising trend, especially in YA. I personally don’t like it very much though and it really does give me a nervous feeling, for some reason.

Maybe its the sensation that these things are happening right now rather than some time in the past and it throws me off.

It might grow on me though, since I’ve been reading more and more books written in this style.

So what about you guys? Are these actually unpopular opinions? What are your unpopular opinions? Do you share any of these? What’s your opinion on Harry Potter and Anne Shirley?

24 thoughts on “My Unpopular Bookish Opinions Revealed!

  1. I agree with some and disagree with others. Here are some of mine.

    Lord of the Rings- I love all four Hobbits. Frodo, Sam, Pippin, and Merry. They are who I am the most attached to

    Tense- I don’t quite understand at times present tense. Most of the books I read or written are in past tense

    First Person/Third Person- I think both are incredible.

    About sometimes movies are better than books- that usually happens when I see the movies first before actually reading them

    Actually, I do love some animal books- my first two books have animals as characters. Fairy Frogs, Toads, and a Lizard. When have you come across a flying frog, who also is compassionate, clever, and naturally gifted in the arts? Or the Toads- some of them are rather interesting: Norg is the most obvious. Or a lizard who is curious and adventurous- Lizzy lives on a citrus farm in FL and escapes by a truck= and soon realizes she has to find a way home.

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  2. Frodo and Sam LOVE and APPRECIATE each other and we should all stop pitting them against each other. I can’t believe people would do that. I love your character analysis of Frodo!! Also, calling Frodo weak or whiny really doesn’t sit right with me, because I’ve always interpreted him as being coded as mentally ill…? And other people interpret his struggle as being a metaphor for addiction, or as a metaphor for temptation. Whatever Frodo’s flaws are, he ISN’T weak.

    I hate animal books too! They never seem like they were written by people who actually live around animals, and the drama can be so ridiculous.

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  3. I didn’t know a lot of people hated Frodo. I thought he was beloved by most. As for I, I don’t hate him but he isn’t my favourite character.
    I agree with you (at least in part) with first person being just as good as third person. I can’t say better for me personally, cause I like both a lot. With present tense, I don’t get nervous but I do get confused. And it is starting growing on me too.
    I also agree on Loki, sometimes the movie is better and animal books.
    I can’t really say much on Anne Shirley because I haven’t read the books (but have watched three movies about three different parts of her life) but I think I wouldn’t relate to her too (I didn’t while watching her).
    I am still figuring out my unpopular opinions. So far, I have just agreed other people’s unpopular opinions.

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  4. After posting this, I realised they’re a few animal books I do like! Mostly ones where the animals are actual characters. I used to really like The Silver Brumby and The Warrior Cat books. šŸ˜€


  5. Yes, yes! They both deserve love and appreciation. And yes, Frodo is coded as mentally ill, I actually did a lot of research on this for an essay several years ago and Tolkien talked quite regularly about Frodo’s shellshock/PTSD. I often think that people dismissing him as weak is a disservice to real people who find him relatable.
    I know! I read a few Saddle Club books when I was 12/13 and really, does the author know anything about horses? No?

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  6. It was a surprise to me too actually! I thought everyone liked Frodo, but apparently that is not the case.
    I also find present tense confusing! it just takes a lot more for my brain to process.
    I get that a lot of people related to Anne, and while I still like her as a character, I really didn’t relate to her very much at all!

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  7. There is only one book of mine where all the characters are humans- Greatest Discovery. With Tale of the Cattail Forest and Lizzy the Lizard- all those characters are animals


  8. As a total bookworm it sometimes feels blasphemous to say that the movie adaption is better than the book…but sometimes it’s true? Sometimes really good actors can bring more depth to characters, or a good director can focus the story better. I really like the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but i like the movie Hugo better. And YES YES SHERLOCK.
    *gives a standing ovation for your TED talk* Frodo went through so much and deserves so much love. He and Sam are both so so wonderful ā¤
    When I'm reading I don't really care much one way or another if it's first person or third person, but when I'm writing my default tends to be first person. I like them both? Whichever better serves the story you're trying to tell?
    Present tense kind of makes me nervous too. Sometimes it works really well, and there are books I love that are in present tense, but sometimes it feels like it's almost too close, I guess? Like you can't take a breath?


  9. Okay but YES what do people have against Frodo?? So Sam had to carry him the last stretch?? I never understood that… honestly his vulnerability only makes me like him more šŸ¤·šŸ¼ā€ā™€ļø And yeah, Iā€™m totally with you on the movies, even though those are few and far between…


  10. I share many of these opinions!
    #1- I do admit I love Harry Potter a lot, but I think it’s kind of impossible for something to be rated as highly as Harry Potter is without being overrated. I mean, why is it that EVERYONE knows Harry Potter and NO ONE knows about The Sherwood Ring and The Perilous Gard? Let’s balance out these ratings.
    #2- I don’t have strong opinions one way or the other on this one.
    #3- YES. This is true. The movie is sometimes better. The Princes Bride is a hilarious book though. Both are good, but overall I think I would say that the movie is better.
    #4-YES, INDEED. I think that Loki is an interesting villain (aided by the fact that Tom Hiddleston acts the character quite well), but I don’t get why people try to make excuses for him? He’s really horrible. He just…is.
    #5- Frodo and Sam. Sam and Frodo. I love them both, though I do spend more time talking about Sam I think. It does sadden me when people put Frodo down and act like he didn’t do anything. I so much agree with the fact that they needed each other. Neither of them could have done it on their own.
    #6- I’ve never really related to Anne Shirley either? I always kind of felt like I was supposed to. But aside from the fact that she likes making up stories, I’m really not much like her at all.
    #7- I like both third and first person. I don’t know if I really have a preference.
    #8- I don’t mind present tense. Okay, actually sometimes I do mind it. I think it’s overused and I think past tense should be the default tense, personally. Present tense should be used intentionally. Books that are written entirely in present tense tend not to be my favorite.
    Okay. I think this comment might be long enough now.
    I enjoyed reading this post!


  11. I agree with so many of these! Though I definitely do enjoy rereading Harry Potter from time to time and generally have a lot of fun with them, I don’t fully understand my own overwhelming love for it when I first read it. I think maybe a part of it was that friends of mine were really enthusiastic about it, and it was kind of a first for me, having other people being so enthusiastic and excited about books. I still have fond memories of those times, but when I think of Harry Potter now, I don’t think of them as even really being close to being my favorite books in the world.
    I also really agree with your opinion on Frodo. He deserves so much more love and compassion, I think, than he gets. I love Sam as much as the next person, but it does make me a little sad to see some people almost completely disregard Frodo and his strength, choosing to only praise Sam. As you said, it’s perfectly acceptable to love and appreciate both characters! šŸ™‚


  12. ah i’m definitely a third person type of reader, but i do like the point you bring up about first person being associated with “annoying YA protagonists” because i feel like that’s definitely true to some extent! and aah i also don’t care much for present tense, for exactly what you said about feeling too in the moment haha. great post!!


  13. This is wonderful. It’s always fascinating to hear other readers unpopular opinions. šŸ˜„

    #1 I’d have to agree although I’ve never read Harry Potter, so I can’t rightly say.

    #2 My opinions on this one are conflicted.šŸ˜› As a kid I kind of hated animal stories, I thought they were boring. (Except for Old Yeller. I always have and always will adore that book.) But now…I’m not sure. I haven’t read any in awhile. They definitely aren’t my favorite type of books but I don’t hate them either. So I sort of agree with you but not really. šŸ˜‚

    #3 I think I agree…it’s just that none are coming to mind right now. šŸ˜†

    #4 I’ve only seen one movie with Loki in it and so I am hardly qualified to agree or disagree. I just felt sorry for him. *shrugs*

    #5 Yes. Yes. YESyesYES!!! A-men, girl, say it louder for the people in the back!!! ā¤ļø Frodo is literally one of the best characters in the entire trilogy…he goes through hell to help save Middle Earth. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that people don’t like him.

    #6 Hmm, well I always related to Anne Shirley but I thought she was way cooler then me. šŸ˜‚

    #7 Love love love first person pov! Some of my all time favorite books are written from that pov. I do love third person though.

    #8 Yeah, present-tense is kind of unnerving, I have to agree.

    Love this post, Chelsea! It was quite fun to read. šŸ˜Š


  14. Love this so much, Chelsea.

    Loki is DEFINITELY an entitled brat. I agree 100%, there is NO textual evidence that Odin treated him unfairly at. all. He’s just a self-centered little ingrate. And it’s that very pettiness, I think, that makes him such a compelling character.

    I wouldn’t say I *relate* to Anne so much as that she taught me how to see the world? Pretty sure I first met her when I was an impressionable seven years old. So yeah, I don’t actually relate to Anne, but in many ways I learned how to think from her. šŸ™‚

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  15. YES thank you! I’m so glad someone agrees with me. And yeah, it does make him a compelling character, but also hate to hear people defending him as a basically good person.
    That’s a great way to look at Anne and I definitely feel similar. I still like her a lot and I still remember a lot of the things she taught me in Anne of Green Gables, which is very unusual for me šŸ˜€


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