Happy Third Birthday To The Stars Fill Infinity

Yesterday was the third birthday of my small child, The Stars Fill Infinity and today I’m going to be holding a sort of birthday party, in honour of that September afternoon in 2017, when I sat down and wrote out the first steps in planning this book–a list of characters, naturally.

Anyway, so I chatted with a few of my good friends, who’ve been around since the humble beginnings of this book and they were keen for me to do character personality tests. However, since I did a post in 2018 in which I outlined the MBTIs of all of my major characters (you can read that HERE), I decided to do a spin on that. As a little celebration of my messy little novel, we’ll be taking a Career Matching Quiz for several of the main character and then going through the results to see whether or not they would enjoy doing these jobs.

Chessy Verde


40% Helping 33% Practical

Vocational Education Teacher: I’m not sure if there’s an American equivalent of this job, but essentially it is teaching subjects at a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) level. It’s the sort of study you do to get into trades, or into jobs that don’t require a level of study that warrants a university education. I can see Chessy really enjoying this job and also being good at it. TAFE is a great way for people who can’t afford to go to university, or didn’t get the scores necessary to get into certain subjects, to learn a trade. Chessy would be completely behind this cheap, encompassing form of education and she’d love the opportunity to work with adults and older teens to help them achieve an education.

Fitness Instructor: I’m not entirely sure that Chessy would find being a fitness instructor a useful way to spend her time.

Lifeguard: She would also love this job. I can imagine her in a Bondi rescue type situation, speeding out into the water to save some poor soul. She’d definitely get an inflated ego if she was good at it though.

Justice Rift


73% Administrative 13% Creative

Records Manager: Yeah, I can definitely see Justice working as a records manager. He’s meticulous, careful and analytical. He’d definitely be good at it, but I think it would lack the passion he needs to keep him alive.

Accounts Clerk: Again, definitely a job he’d be good at, but he needs more fire in his life, and sitting in an office five days a week would probably kill him.

Bookkeeper: Justice has worked as a bookkeeper for his father and uncle in the past and he always enjoyed making sure everything worked out neatly (which it…uh, rarely did). He would be more than happy to return to this line of work.

Sapphire Verde


60% Helping 33% Creative

Child and Youth Residential Care Assistant: This job is basically taking care of children in residential homes and I think Sapphire would love it. She’s very motivated to care for others, particularly children and I think she’d step into this role very easily and quickly become all the kids’ favourite.

Child Carer: This is a pretty wide career that takes in nannying, day care work, and early education, so there’s plenty of options for Sapphire and she’d love and thrive in all of them. She just loves kids and looking after them.

Special Education Teacher: Again, there’s nothing Sapphire would love more than helping kids with learning delays and disabilities to tackle the challenges the world has thrown at them. I really love the fact that all Sapphire’s careers have to do with kids.

Augustine Quillon


73% Creative 20% Enterprising

Musician: Look, I can see where they’re coming from with this one, but it really wouldn’t work out. Quillon just isn’t interested in music at all and he would make an awful musician.

Actor: Yes! Quillon would definitely do this. In fact, it is actually canon (according to the currently unwritten third book) that Quillon worked as a stage actor for some time, and that his sister is still currently working as an actor. Unfortunately, stage acting does not pay the bills, so Quillon had to give it up.

Entertainer/Variety Artist: This category encompasses basically everything that doesn’t have another home. Circus Clown, dancer, comedian, magician, etc. And yes, I can definitely see an Alternate Universe Quillon become a circus clown. Maybe not in his current world and lifestyle though.

Those are all my main characters, so now I’m just throwing in two extra fan favourites, because someone’s sure to ask about them if I don’t šŸ˜€

Zachary Stein


46% Enterprising 33% Administrative

Advertising and Marketing Professional: Look, Zac would absolutely delight in any sort of job that meant he had to convince people to buy something they probably don’t know. He’s clever and strategic, whenever he’s not drunk anyway. I’m not sure he would enjoy this job if there wasn’t anything shady going on underneath though. He would definitely come up a dodgy side hustle.

Sales and Marketing Manager: This, arguably, is Zac’s actual job. Except his selling and marketing illegal and rather bad things. And he’s very good at it too.

Chief Executive Officer: Maaaybe? I just can’t see Zac really getting into into this. However, he definitely understands the mindset of CEOs and he exploits the heck out of it. He also blackmails them a lot, so…

Jonas Oriah


60% Helping 26% Analytical

Midwife: I find it really interesting that Midwife comes up first, but yes, I could completely see Jonas becoming a midwife. However, since male midwives are comparatively rare, I would say he would be more likely to become a pediatrician or a general practitioner. Canonically, he is studying to become a doctor.

Occupational Therapist: Yes, yes! Jonas would make an ideal Occupational Therapist. Occupational Therapy is essentially aiding people with limited or changed abilities, due to physical or mental disability, illness or some form of neurodivergence (such as autism or ADHD), to find ways to function and thrive in their day to day lives. It’s actually the career that I really want to get into (since writing and dog training don’t make an awful lot of money).

Registered Nurse (Emergency and Critical Care): Again, I’m not really sure why any sort of doctor didn’t come up for Jonas, but yes, he’d definitely be a good RN. He’s clever, compassionate and cool under pressure, which are all necessary skills for an RN.

Anyway, this post is getting long, so I’ll leave it here. What about you guys? What jobs do you think your characters would enjoy? Have you taken a MBTI test for your characters? What sort of personality tests do you use when planning a book?

11 thoughts on “Happy Third Birthday To The Stars Fill Infinity

  1. Some of my characters- let me say what they might be doing. Some of basically already kinda of cannon. This is especially true for the Fairy Frogs, who are naturally gifted in the arts.

    Sparkle- by nature, she is naturally gifted in drawing. She is deeply invested in her craft- she would literally draw anything.

    Misty- she is a singer by nature. She actually can write music. I can see her as a lyricist due to that skill. However, at the time of my book, she isn’t that invested in her craft due to being protective of Sparkle

    Tweetsie- there is a bit of a spoiler here. Tweetsie struggles to find her craft- she actually ended up with the skill of a performer. So defiantly an actress- she will be a triple threat after all

    Darcy- he is a sculpture Fairy Frog. He would love doing that later in his life. However, he is already meant to be the next leader of the Fairy Frogs- so when it comes to theater, he probably will make an incredible director.

    Aries- he is head carpenter and leader in the book. He defiantly acts as a father-figure- this especially shows up at the end of the book. He actually ends up as a father-figure in Sarge’s life- Sarge never had a proper father growing up. So I can see him helping those who did have not so good lives growing up. Also do to being head carpenter, he can also be a set designer and can help make sets for a show

    Now moving on to Greatest Discovery:

    Jasmine- for some context, she was born into an artsy family. She loves helping make dresses and outfits for dolls. So costume designer is perfect for her.

    Caregiver (named right now)- she already is looking after six orphans. She actually already has plans to own an orphanage. Like the six major characters of the story, she was also an orphan growing up.

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  2. Happy birthday to Stars Fill Infinity! Three years; that’s so exciting! This sounds like it would be a fun type of personality test to take for characters as it could provide insight into different parts of their personalities, I think! I’ve taken MBTI tests for my characters and this often helps me think about their strengths and weaknesses. Maybe I’ll have to do a career-type test for them, too!

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