The Book Addiction Tag

So today we’ve got another tag! No one tagged me for this, but I saw it over on Merphy’s Napier’s YouTube channel and I liked it, so I’ve decided to do it. Obviously, this tag is about books, so we’ll be getting into all of my book habits! I believe this tag was created by Always Trust in Books. Let’s get into it!

1. What Is the Longest Amount of Time You Can Comfortably Go without Picking Up a Book?

Definitely depends on what my life is like at the time. When I’m really busy, I can easily go a week or two without reading, though I usually will listen to audiobooks no matter how busy I am, as I do a lot of driving. When life is calm, it’s usually only a day or two at most.

2. How Many Books Do You Carry on Your Person (or Kindle) at Any One Time?

I used to carry a book with me at all times, but I don’t really do that much anymore, unless I’m going somewhere I know I will have a lot of free time, like if I go away for the weekend. Then it’s usually just one book, maybe two, if I’m almost finished the first one. I also keep all my audiobooks on my phone, and I usually have one on Audible and one on BorrowBox going at one time.

3. Do You Keep Every Book You Buy/Receive or Are You Happy to Pass Them on to Make Space for More?

I have always had limited book space, which I share with six other peoples’ books, so I don’t have the luxury of keeping all my books. I’m also very much a minimalist and too many books make me unhappy. So, I have a bookshelf for “favourite” books and books that I rate a four or five star go up there, and other books go to friends or the bookfair. I also don’t buy many books either, so that helps (the Good Lord bless the library!)

4. How Long Would You Spend in a Bookshop on a Standard Visit?

One of my best friends and I went on a bookstore crawl yesterday, which was a lot of fun. I think, based on how long we were shopping for, we spent about 20-30 minutes in each store. Of course, these are all small bookstores. I spend hours at the Lifeline Book fair twice a year (at least, before Coronavirus destroyed all hope of a mass book selling).

5. How Much Time Per Day Do You Actually Spend Reading?

Sadly, not enough. Maybe an hour on good days and none on busy days. However, I usually listen to at least a half an hour of an audiobook as well.

6. Where Does the Task β€˜Picking up a Book’ Appear on Your Daily To-Do List?

Practically, right at the very end. Though on cold, rainy days, it’s right at the top πŸ™‚

7. How Many Books Do You Reckon You Own in Total (Including Ebooks)?

There’s twenty six, I believe, on my favourites shelf. However, I do have a lot more books than this. I usually buy a lot of books every year at the bookfair I keep mentioning and then get rid of them over the year, so I’ve still got a heap of those sitting around. I’ve also got my reference books, which I have for personal interest, for research on projects, or for novel research. And then I have books that I am technically the owner of, but since they’re children’s books or Middle Grade, they really belong to my younger siblings. I wouldn’t take them with me if I moved out tomorrow, because that wouldn’t be fair. I would estimate that I have about 150-200 books altogether, though that number is always changing and is probably on the lower end.

8. Approximately How Often Do You Bring Up Books in Conversation?

Depends entirely on who I’m talking to! For example, with one of my dear friends, I hardly talk about books at all. She’s not really interested and we have so many other things to talk about it that it never really comes up. With two of my other dear friends, we will often have a brief convo about books or movies, and then move on. My pen pals and I always talk about books a lot because that’s what we bonded over when we first met. And as a leader at youth group, I can usually hold a conversation about any book or writing related topic, regardless of whether I have read the book or not.

9. What Is the Biggest Book (Page Count) You Have Finished Reading?

Definitely Les Miserables. I think the version I read had 1,200 pages, not including the massive appendices at the back.

10. Is There a Book You Had to Get Your Hands on Against All Odds (i.e., Searching Bookshops, Online Digging, Etc)?

Oooh, I’ve got a story! I’ve been desperate to read Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis since I decided I was too old for The Chronicles of Narnia at fourteen. That’s six years ago, for reference. And I couldn’t find it anywhere. I tried to buy it brand new at Koorong (Australia’s Christian book store chain), but it was out of print. Then I turned to my old friends, the Op Shop and the Lifeline Book Fair. I searched for years, trying to find it secondhand. I couldn’t even find a decently priced version on eBay, observe:

Surely this can’t be real? It’s literally listed on eBay for 155.77AUD plus 10AUD for postage????

Anyway, yesterday, when I went on my bookstore spree, I was browsing Koorong, and was just about to leave empty-handed, when I spotted a stack of these books just in front of the counter. I could not believe it. After six years of searching, this book has just been reprinted and I finally managed to get my hands on it. I’m very excited to start reading it!

11. A Book You Struggled to Finish but Refused to DNF?

The Name of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Honestly, I still haven’t finished it, but I absolutely refuse to let it beat me. I will finish it…one day…maybe…

12. What Are Three of Your Main Book Goals for 2020?

Finish The Name of the Wind

Finish How to Train Your Dragon series reread

Read more books with disabled characters/by disabled authors.

13. Have You Ever Had the Privilege of Converting Someone into a Reader (Maybe via Inspiration or Incessant Nagging)?

14. Describe What Books Mean to You in Five Words.

A place to escape to.

What about you guys? What do books mean to you? What’s a book you found against all odds? Do you like to keep books or get rid of them after reading?

15 thoughts on “The Book Addiction Tag

  1. I love this tag. It is a perfect bookish one. πŸ™‚
    Books help me understand the world a little better.
    And I only like to keep books that are worthy of keeping in some way. If not, I will get ruin of them. I think I am in-between liking to keep them and getting rid of them. I like to keep even books that I don’t love, but really liked. Though there are other books I liked but didn’t keep. It depends.

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  2. In terms of keeping or getting rid of book really does depend on the book.

    I think a book almost has the same effect a musical has on me: as in a escape

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  3. Oh, this was a lovely tag!
    I completely agree with your description of what books are. πŸ™‚
    I tend to keep books, but since I only buy books after I read them and like them…I don’t actually have that many? Probably 100 at most. Especially since I recently passed a bunch of MG books to my younger siblings.
    A bookstore crawl sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I shall have to steal the idea, methinks.
    I recently found copies of “Rebekah” and “Sarah” by Orson Scott Card at my favorite bookstore, which made me v. happy–I had been looking for used copies of them for maybe three years? But somehow, most bookstores only stock his scifi works? That bookstore never seems to have Pride & Prejudice, though, so I’m still looking for a cheap copy of that one.
    I hope you enjoy Till We Have Faces! That one is one of my very, very favorites by Lewis.

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  4. I loved reading through this tag! I agree with your description of what books mean to you; I’ve thought about them a lot like that, too. Generally, I try to get rid of books after I’ve read them, because I just don’t have the room to keep all the books I’ve ever had–as it is, I still don’t have enough shelf space πŸ˜…–but sometimes it’s hard to decide which ones I want to get rid of because there’s sometimes that feeling that maybe I’ll eventually want to reread them! Loved your story about how you found Till We Have Faces, by the way! It’s so awesome that you were able to find it; I hope you enjoy reading it!

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  5. Yeah, this was a really fun one to do! I really enjoyed it πŸ˜€
    I’m pretty much the same when it comes to keeping books. My general rule is “will I read it again?” and if I will I keep it. it doesn’t have to be a completely worldbreaking book πŸ˜€

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  6. That’s a great way to handle the keeping/getting rid of books idea. I definitely do a bit of that myself. I bought the Hunger Games books after I read them and loved them. But I’m also less likely to buy a book if my library has it or something. But I guess its just one of those things that’s really individual to people’s personalities and lifestyles.
    Bookstore crawls are the best.
    I didn’t even know Orson Scott Card wrote things other than sci-fi! I’m so glad you managed to find those books though. there’s something extremely satisfying about finding books you’ve been looking forward to for a long time.
    You’d definitely be able to find Pride and Prejudice at a bookfair or something like that, I’d say. The massive semiannual one we have here has heaps of copies of Jane Austen’s stuff and usually some really nice versions too.
    I hope I will too!


  7. I hate getting rid of books and then wanting to reread them. My mum and I have very similar tastes in books but she got rid of a lot of her fantasy books over our five+ moves in my life and they were usually books I’d love to read now, and are hard to find. 😦 But in the end, they’re just books and there’s always fantastic new ones to find!
    I completely agree with having limited shelf space, it’s sadly a huge factor in what books I keep or don’t keep.


  8. Just with no musicals happening now, one of my biggest escapes is missing.

    Usually, I am seeing at least two musicals per year- I wanted to see Anastasia, Frozen, and Wicked this year. At least, I got one musical in- Come From Away. But still- so glad Blumenthal promised Charlotte they will return

    Hopefully in time for Hadestown- I think there is some advantage due to coming October of 2021

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  9. My eyes are now mostly focused on Hadestown. October 2021 is when that musical is touring to Charlotte.

    Hope 2021 has at least one musical- don’t want a year where I go to zero musicals

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  10. That’s so strange you couldn’t find the C.S. Lewis book – so glad you finally did! And I’m amazed you finished Les Mis; I couldn’t do it XD I may borrow these questions and do this tag too if you don’t mind!


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