Help! I Don’t Know Where To Start: Ten Ways to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

And today we have another post published on Kingdom Pen! Since it’s now a week into October and November (aka, NaNoWriMo!) is only three weeks away, many of us are starting to think about our NaNo novels. But what if you have no idea where to start?

It’s October and the air of every writerly community is buzzing with anticipation. Why? Because National Novel Writing Month (also known as, NaNoWriMo) is coming, beginning November 1st.

But what is NaNoWriMo? Well, NaNoWriMo’s website describes the history of the program as follows:

“National Novel Writing Month began in 1999 as a daunting but straightforward challenge: to write 50,000 words of a novel during the thirty days of November.

Now, each year on November 1, hundreds of thousands of people around the world begin to write, determined to end the month with 50,000 words of a brand-new novel. You may know this mass creative explosion by the name National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo…”

Essentially, that’s all there is to it. A massive writing community comes together and attempts to write 50,000 words and/or an entire novel in one month, during November.

I know among the community here on Kingdom Pen, we have a diverse array of writers. Some of us have been doing NaNoWriMo for years, racking up an impressive streak. Others have never done it before, but are keen to give it a go. And some people have never heard of it before today.

However, October is known to the NaNoWriMo community as “Preptober”, where writers who are planning on taking part in NaNoWriMo start their preparations for their month-long challenge. So today, we’ll be looking at ten ways to prepare yourself (and your novel) for NaNoWriMo.

 Obviously, there’ll be tips in this guide that will appeal to you and some that won’t, so don’t feel pressured to take them all on board. Also, this guide works for anyone keen on trying NaNoWriMo out, and it’s not aimed at any group in particular. I hope the beginners, intermediates, and veterans alike can find something that works for you.

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6 thoughts on “Help! I Don’t Know Where To Start: Ten Ways to Prepare for NaNoWriMo

  1. Never once even did this challenge- my first WIP is almost at its final manuscript.

    I just never had a book idea that could even reach 50,000 words

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  2. Loved the post, Chelsea! It comes at a good time for me, because I utterly failed to do my usual planning for NaNoWriMo back in August and I’ve been kind of at a loss for what I should do this November. I’m hoping to maybe think up a new idea that I can hammer out the basics of in the next month before NaNo and run with that, but I might just wind up rewriting an old WIP! We’ll see! Thanks for the tips!

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  3. That’s completely okay! Short books are just as good as longer ones 🙂 And you don’t have to do NaNoWriMo. There’s heaps of great authors who don’t!


  4. Thanks! Yeah, I completely know what you mean. I’ve done hardly any planning and I usually start at the beginning of September. hopefully you’ll come up with something!


  5. Out of all my WIPS, I think Greatest Discovery will most likely be the biggest- that is after all the hardest one to even develop and brainstorm and I know it will be difficult to write

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