Looking Back on my 2021 Goals (And Looking Forward to 2022 Goals!)

Hello and welcome back to this blog where I sporadically share my thoughts with the rest of the world.

Today marks a week since we entered the New Year, so I thought it was high time I updated you on how my 2021 goals went, and tell you all about my 2022 goals.

All right, let’s get into it! First up…

What were my 2021 Goals (and did I achieve them?)

Reading Goals

Read 80 Books (this is going to be my official Goodreads goal! But I’ll be sort of aiming for 100 books)

I ended up reading 109 books! So, kinda smashed this goal, if I do say so myself.

Read more diverse fiction (particularly with a focus on Ownvoice disabled books. I’ve got a list!)

I mean…kinda? I read pretty diversely in terms of settings and POC characters, but the disability rep was sadly lacking. Maybe this year?

Complete a Lord of the Rings reread and finish those childhood faves.

I did a LOTR reread and I did reread some of those childhood faves, but I’m still not finished with them yet!

Writing Goals

Edit my secret project. My secret project which I wrote for NaNoWriMo (NOT the Beneath a Starlit Sky project) is literally about three thousand words away from being done and next year is my year to edit it and maybe share a little bit about it with you guys.

Yeah, nah. But I’m ok with that and I’ve actually started editing it now! It’s going to be my longterm project for this year! It was originally called The Darkest Night, and is currently called The Changeling and the Wolf. It’s my baby and I adore it.

Write Beneath a Starlit Sky. This was supposed to be my NaNoWriMo 2020 novel but I got blindsided by this secret project. I’m planning on writing this one around February, but it might get pushed back to April Camp NaNo if I get real busy.

I wrote 20k towards it, which I thought was pretty ok. I still haven’t finished it. It’s taking such a long time to come together.

Work on Stars Fill Infinity. I’m not sure what exactly I’m going to do with SFI, but I’m going to do something.

Unless rereading A Tale of Two Cities and obsessively listening to the musical counts, I didn’t work on SFI at all.

Write a few short stories.


Maybe enter a few competitions.

Also nope.

Blogging Goals

Rewrite My Works and About Me pages

I did this a couple of times and I’m really happy with how they look at the moment!

Try out some new blog series.

I don’t think I did this at all to be honest!

Maybe do another serial story? It depends on whether people are keen to read one. I have an idea to pitch if you guys are interested. Let me know.

I have two potential serial story ideas, but I haven’t gotten around to drafting either of them yet, things were just too busy last year to worry too much about a blogging serial story.

Lifestyle Goals

Eat better (less chocolate, Chelsea H.)

That’s a no from me.

Exercise more (I don’t know what I’m going on with here. I exercise so dang much as it is. But I just want to do more)

Yes! I exercised a lot in 2021, probably too much, if we’re being honest.

Start up kayaking and make it a weekly habit (I’ve always loved kayaking and I am planning to buy one at the end of next month and then I hope to make kayaking a weekly thing that I do).

Yes, I did this one, though I wasn’t able to make kayaking a weekly thing. Between major flooding and lack of time, I wasn’t getting out on the river that much. I did buy a kayak though and I’ve been on several very fun expeditions.

Become more productive

In a global pandemic, are you joking?

I think I was pretty productive though, overall. I had three foster dogs and rehomed two of them (one is still with me). I made a lot of progress with my dogs. I worked for an entire year, I wrote some, and I read over 100 books. Plus got back into art and some other hobbies.

Learn to relax more

I’ve never been good at relaxing, but I’ve found some good self-care things that do help me unwind, like calligraphy and ink drawing, so I’ve had some success in this department.

General Life Goals

Get a kayak, as mentioned above.

Yes, I bought one with my first paycheck last year in January.

Work with my dogs and continue studying training on my own.

I also did this. I would have liked to read more books and studies, but I did what I could with the time I had. And I worked with my dogs a lot too!

Compete with Tora, my Koolie. At the moment she’s working on flyball (so, so much fun, look up flyball comps on YouTube, you won’t regret it), Rally Obedience and competition sheep trialing and I would like to compete in at least two out of three next year.

Due to scheduling conflicts with my studying, I had to give up Rally Obedience, so I haven’t competed in that. Tora also wasn’t quite ready for flyball or sheep herding, but we did a lot of solid work towards that goal.

Finish my Duolingo Hawaiian course! I’m about half way through and I think I can finish it some time next year.

Well, this is a sore point for me. I did finish my Hawaiian tree and started Scottish Gaelic, only to have Duolingo update the Hawaiian tree literally a week later. I didn’t quite get enough time to finish the updated tree last year, but I did finish all of the original one.

Complete two certificates in Australian Sign Language.

I did! I finished my Certificate II in Auslan and my Certificate III in Auslan. It was a lot of hard work, but I did it and I’m so proud of myself.

Apply for university! This is so terrifying but I think I’m finally ready to do it. I’m applying as a mature age student to get a bachelor in Occupational Therapy. And as I’ve said, I’m so scared.

I applied for uni and I got in! I’m not studying Occupational Therapy, but rather a Bachelor in Disability and Developmental Education. Classes start at the beginning of March and I am TERRIFIED. But it’s going to be good.

That wraps up my 2021 goals! As you can see, it was pretty half and half, but I’m proud of what I got done. Now, let’s move onto my 2022 goals!

Reading Goals

-Read 50 books. I’ll be at uni, plus working, so I’m keeping my goals nice and small to prevent burn out.

-Read more disability rep books (especially important since I’ll be studying disability!)

-Read more of the books on my shelf (or alternately, donate them)

Writing Goals

Again, keeping these nice and compact, since I’ll have so many other commitments.

-Edit The Changeling and the Wolf. I love this world and my characters, so I want to spend all my limited writing time working on this novel.

-I also would like to finish a first draft of The Dancer’s Handbook of Love and Other Illnesses

-Maybe write a novella serial for the blog?? As I said, I have two ideas and I think it would be so nice to work on something easy and free of expectations, just for all you wonderful people to enjoy!

Blogging Goals

I don’t actually really have any particular goals. At the moment I’m just drifting along, enjoying the tide of this blog, writing a post when I get some time. I’m going to keep this pretty expectation free.

-Write at least one post a month (so you all don’t forget about me)

-Maybe write a serial (linked to above as mentioned!) I had so much fun sharing my last serial and it would be nice to do another one.

Lifestyle Goals

-Take care of my health. I’m recovering from a couple of very bad health years and I want to take the time to be gentle with my body and take care of it. Including, eating good food, exercising (but not excessively, that can cause flares), and taking all the medication I’m supposed to be taking.

-Take time to relax, and practise self care. My favourite forms of self care/relaxation is doing yoga and art. I’ve been working on my ink drawing and calligraphy and I love it.

-Get into physiotherapy and see a pain psychologist. I’ve been waiting to see a physiotherapist for months now, but still haven’t managed to get in. I also recently learnt about pain psychologists and would like to be able to see one to help manage my fibromyalgia pain.

General Life Goals

-Compete with Tora in flyball. We have our first competition lined up on the 26th of Feb and I’m very nervous, but also excited! I’m hoping to get her titled in flyball by the end of the year.

-Study. Obviously, I’ll be at uni and I’ll also be finishing up my Auslan studies. So there’s going to be a lot of studying.

-Have hand surgery. I should be having hand surgery some time soon to remove a deeply embedded ganglion cyst on my hand. This cyst has been causing me pain for years (right now it’s flaring because this is the most typing I’ve done in months) and I’m finally getting a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon to have it removed.

-Finish my Duolingo Hawaiian course. This time, this time for sure!

-Complete Cert. IV in Auslan

-Grow my small business (I’ve recently started a dog training business and I’ve already had a few clients, so I’m hoping to grow as the year goes on!)

What are your goals for this year? Did you succeed with your 2021 goals? If you had to choose between a serial about a ballerina turned into a swan, and a magical circus in a dystopian world where imagination is banned, which would you choose?

4 thoughts on “Looking Back on my 2021 Goals (And Looking Forward to 2022 Goals!)

  1. You lead such an interesting life! Though you didn’t ask heh, I would appreciate more posts about your personal life and how your hobbies and studies are going. Your post last summer about the sign language retreat was so inspiring!
    Also, Duolingo’s annoying tendency to update its courses is relatable. Thankfully I’m now taking Spanish for school, so I haven’t worried about catching up online. I’m constantly afraid that it will update my French course, though…
    It’s a hard choice, but I like the idea of a ballerina turned into a swan! It sounds Swan Lake-esque.
    Thank you for sharing, and typing through the pain! (=


  2. Hmmm- don’t fully set goals

    In terms of writing- finish reediting my 6th draft of Tale of The Cattail Forest

    Reading- goal is 10 (true way less than last year); but didn’t have a job for most of the year, and considering that I started the year in the middle of Goblet of Fire, working on a group of long reads. Sill will hopefully make it to a classic.


  3. In your defense, it can be pretty hard to find books with disability rep, haha. It sounds like you were pretty productive overall in 2021! I hope your hand surgery goes well and your dog training business keeps growing. I have several goals for 2022 – off the top of my head, some of them are to write two novels, prioritize church, and take myself on a writing retreat in the mountains.

    Liked by 1 person

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