About the Name

In Isaiah 8, God commands Isaiah to go and write on a scroll with ‘an ordinary pen’. We are all instruments God is using to write His story n earth, but we are nothing special or spectacular, we are ordinary. But that’s okay, because even the world’s most ordinary thins, like a pen, can make a massive impact when they are guided by the Hand of the Master Scribe.

About the Author

My name’s Chelsea, and I’m first and foremost a Child of The King! I don’t do a very good job of that most days, but I’m growing in God’s grace and becoming more like Him with each passing day.

Secondly, I’m a writer. And a reader. I love historical fiction, fantasy, retellings, basically everything that don’t really fit into any category. If you’re curious about my writings you can check out My Books

I’m INFP, I love old things, Lord of the Rings,  all things Marvel (Captain America any day), Sherlock, The Flash, Les Miserables, Newsies, The Phantom of the Opera, classics… should I go on?

About the Blog

This blog is to glorify God. I hope that by using the skills and talents he has given me I will be doing that. I pray that it in encourages you to do the same thing.

Other than posting several stories or novel excerpts, I may occasionally post my own stories, writing tips, random thoughts or devotions.


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