What God Has Been Teaching Me: Guest Post #2–Audrey Caylin

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Audrey Caylin is a full-time dreamer and aspiring independent author with a mission to bring hope to the world through her writing. Being a ghostwriter for God is her greatest joy and honor as she weaves stories of faith and feeling for other young adults. When she’s not writing or dreaming, she’ll probably be driving along the coast with the windows rolled down or with her face tilted to the sky on a rainy day.  Check out her blog here

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Seven Things I’ve Come To Love In 2017

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I think I used to know fairy tale retellings existed, but I’d never read any of them. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with fairy tales—at the same time, they are so stupid and illogical and yet lovely and super cool—so, I’d never really been interested in reading a retelling (I’d tried Ella Enchanted, but didn’t like it). And then I read Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo + A SURVEY!! + November Wrap-Up

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Well, NaNoWriMo happened.

And I, uh, wrote 80,000 words, because apparently I don’t value my sanity. However, I worked so hard this month and I feel really satisfied. I also feel kind of annoyed because I’m 80k into my novel and I’m estimating that it will need at least 25k to get me to the end, maybe even more. So far, this is the longest novel I’ve ever written. I’ve also spent over 96 hours slaving away at this novel. I’m braindead now, but I am determined to have this novel finished before December 31st.

Other than Stars Fill Infinity I haven’t done any writing, but I think I can be excused for that. Black and White is no closer to being edited, so, yeah… Continue reading