My Books

Blade of the Dragon {Book 1}

Genre: Historical fantasy

Status: Second draft

Length: 61,000 words

Premise: Renjiro is hunted by his past, very literally. His life is defined by the ninja he used to be and the man who was once his friend. He seeks solace and attempts to redeem himself by becoming a samurai, a force for good.

Ryu is a prince, the son of Lord Iida, and the heir to a fortune and a shogunate. His only problem is that his father hates him and is plotting his murder, in order to put his younger brother on the throne.

Miya is the disinherited daughter of Lord Iida, forced to work as a servant in her own house. Until she suddenly finds herself betrothed to another young lord.

When Ryu steals a magical sword, owned by a legendary sensei, to save his sister, he, Renjiro and Miya are thrown together in a desperate attempt to save Japan from Lord Iida.

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Shokan {Book 2}

Genre: Historical fantasy

Status:  Complete First draft

Length: 50,000 words

Premise: Renjiro is still running from his past, trying to escape the darkness that haunts his steps.

Ryu blames himself for the death of his friend, Kane, and for the escape of his father into the mountains.

But a new danger lurks, in the form of a mysterious new student, Morio, who appears to be a member of a secret cult. Who is he? What does he want?

Most importantly, why is he obsessed with Ryu’s Dragon Sword?

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Genre: Historical fiction

Status: Third draft

Length: 20,000 words

Premise: Wolfe Verick’s life once consisted of working in a pharmacy, until all normality was stripped away and he was thrown headfirst into a war.

When an accident kills his best friend and leaves Wolfe stranded in a foreign land, he has no choice but to run, and hide and lie, to keep himself from the firing squad.

His life rests in the hands of three Englishmen—a cynical pilot, a weary doctor, and a beautiful nurse. And all of them must face the question:

Is Mercy greater than Justice?

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Black & White

Genre: Science Fiction/superhero

Status: Complete First draft

Length: 80,000 words

Premise: Nothing in Conlan Blake’s world is Black & White anymore….

Before Conlan’s life was transformed, he was simply a librarian trying to earn a living and impress his cop dad.

Now he is a masked superhero, fighting to protect his city from three supervillains, and their silent, deadly master.

But nothing is black and white. What if Conlan is not who he thought he was?

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Red & White (Prequel to Black & White)

Genre: Science Fiction/Superhero

Status: working on first draft

Length: 15,000 words currently

Premise: When Spencer Verne, a young assistant to a professor, is dragged halfway across Australia by an FBI agent trying to resurrect his career, he finds himself thrown headfirst into a game of hide and seek with some of the most dangerous people on earth.

Annabeth White, Jarvis Martin, Hugh Winter, Franz Schafer and Eila Lancaster are scattered across the globe, yet they all have one thing in common. They are considered freaks of nature and government after government are trying to hunt them down and kill them…or use them.

Together Annabeth and Verne must figure out who is the enemy and who isn’t…

Not everyone is who they say they are.

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