My Works

Yilla Collage
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Wattle Fires

Genre: Fantasy

Status: First Draft

Length: 91,000 words


The Children of Blood and Bone meets Moana meets The King’s Speech

Enele, grandson of the high chief and heir, has a problem.

Yilla, the daughter of a clan chief, also has a problem.

Enele is a stammerer, weak and pitied by his people, while drought has gripped Yilla’s land so hard that food cannot grow. 

In order to pay off her people’s debt to the high chief, Yilla offers to teach Enele how to speak.

But tensions are running high. The people are on the brink of revolution. And a traitor stalks amongst the nobles.

And Yilla and Enele are caught in the middle of it all.

Kameradschaft collage v2


Genre: Historical fiction

Status: Completed

Length: 20,000 words


Kameradschaft…Comradeship… Two young men, from opposite sides of a war, are going to find out the meaning of those words.

When Wolfe Verick’s pilot is killed, leaving Wolfe stranded in a foreign land, he has no choice but to run. And hide, and lie, to keep himself from an enemy firing squad.

His life rests in the hands of three Englishmen—a cynical pilot, a weary doctor, and a beautiful nurse. And all of them must face the question:

Is Mercy greater than Justice?

(This story has been published on my blog in instalments. You can read it here)


12 thoughts on “My Works

  1. They are all “completed” (except for the last novel, that’s the one I’m currently writing), in the sense that there’s a first draft written for all of them. They’re in various stages of editing at the moment.


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