My Works

Beneath a Starlit Sky

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Status: In Progress

Length: Unknown


Meredith Atkins is a landbound seabird, desperately to spread her wings and fly. Her brother is a renowned botanist who has just been offered the opportunity of a lifetime–a journey of discovery onboard a scientific ship. And Mere is determined to go with him.

Disguised as a boy, Mere joins the expedition to make a name for herself. But both she and her brother are in for a surprise. For this is not a scientific voyage, but a pirate ship. And these pirates have orders to find Beach, the fabled lost land of gold.

There are people willing to kill for a handful of gold, and failure could cost Mere her life. Is scientific renown worth losing everything?

The Changeling and the Wolf

Genre: Fantasy

Status: First Draft

Length: 80,000 words


The young viscount Ilio is a lunatic and he can smell evil in the air.

Sholo, the City Ranger, is a changeling child, and he has seen the stirrings of conspiracy in the woods.

Ilio and Sholo are brothers by blood, but when Ilio is sold as a baby to an earl in want of an heir, he grows up in princely luxury while his brother starves on the street.

Desperate to escape his abusive mother and make a name for himself, Sholo takes a post as the City Ranger. His job is simple, patrol the dark forest that borders their idyllic city, and if monsters appear…kill them.

When Ilio discovers the stirrings of evil in the forest and everyone dismisses his claims as the ravings of a young lunatic, he turns to his brother for help. And in turn they are sent to the home of the elusive and probably mad Zmaj, a man who is rumoured to be the son of a witch and an elf.

A conspiracy of evil is afoot, and if no one will believe Ilio, Sholo and Zmaj, they will have to deal with it themselves…

And face the brutal consequences.

The Stars Fill Infinity

Genre: Dystopian

Status: Fourth Draft Currently In Progress

Length: 95,000 words


The world is on fire, and it has been for as long as Chessy Verde can remember.

Chessy’s father has secrets and keeps himself cloistered away inside a walled garden. Her sister ran away two years ago, and hasn’t been heard of since. And Chessy herself is trying to join a revolutionary social movement, led by a woman made of wind and fire, and her right hand man–the young and enigmatic Justice Rift.

When Chessy’s foolish actions throw her in the path of a dogged police officer, she is forced to confront her family’s dark past, and unravel the secrets shrouded in corruption and fear. With the fires of revolution closing in on all sides, can she keep herself from being burnt?

And most importantly, can she keep those she loves alive?

If The Stars Are Fire

Genre: Dystopian

Status: First Draft

Length: 90, 000 words


Successful revolution has toppled the aristocracy that once terrorised the people, but the fight is not over for Chessy Verde, or for Justice Rift.

Justice lost everything in the revolution–his friends, his abled body, and most importantly, his values. Now he lives his days in debilitating pain, desperately trying to scrape together the shattered pieces of his former self.

When a political prisoner is released into Jean Verde’s care, with no idea of who he is or how he came to be imprisoned, terrible memories that were better left buried are dug up in both Chessy and Justice’s lives.

More secrets are about to be brought to light…and Justice may not survive when the most crucial one of all is resurrected.

Who is he really? And how far will the revolution go to destroy him once and for all?

14 thoughts on “My Works

  1. They are all “completed” (except for the last novel, that’s the one I’m currently writing), in the sense that there’s a first draft written for all of them. They’re in various stages of editing at the moment.


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