My Books

TheBladeoftheDragon (2)

Blade of the Dragon {Duology}

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Status: Jihi {Book 1} second draft. Shokan {Book 2} complete first draft.

Length: Jihi, 61,000 words. Shokan, 50,000 words.


Renjiro is running from his past, trying to escape the darkness that haunts his steps

Ryu is a prince, the son of corrupt Lord Iida, the heir to a stolen fortune. But his father is plotting his murder, in order to put his younger son on the throne.

Miya is the disinherited daughter of Lord Iida, forced to work as a servant in her own house and betrothed to a young lord.

When Ryu steals a magical sword, owned by a legendary sensei, to save his sister, he, Renjiro and Miya are thrown together in a desperate attempt to save Japan from Lord Iida

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Kameradschaft collage


Genre: Historical fiction

Status: Third draft

Length: 20,000 words


Kameradschaft…Comradeship… Two young men, from opposite sides of a war, are going to find out the meaning of those words.

Wolfe Verick’s life once consisted of working in a pharmacy, until all normality was stripped away and he was thrown headfirst into a war.

When an accident kills his best friend and leaves Wolfe stranded in a foreign land, he has no choice but to run, and hide and lie, to keep himself from the firing squad.

His life rests in the hands of three Englishmen—a cynical pilot, a weary doctor, and a beautiful nurse. And all of them must face the question:

Is Mercy greater than Justice?

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Black & White 1

Black & White

Genre: Science Fiction/superhero

Status: Complete First draft

Length: 80,000 words


All his life, Conlan Blake has wanted to be the same as everyone else, unfortunately, deafness—and the fact that he is a masked crime-fighting superhero—is a major roadblock.
Trapped in the prison of silence, Conlan Blake is desperate to escape. And like a conman, he is willing to do anything—absolutely anything—to escape…even take a powerful drug designed to create superheroes.
He’d thought his life was complicated before. Now he has his restored—and enhanced—hearing, but he has a hundred secrets to keep from his sister Alea, and new enemies to fight.
But the rise of a supervillain is coming. A supervillain worse than anything anyone has ever seen before, one that Conlan must be willing to give his life to defeat. One that mirrors Conlan himself. One that is definitely not white, but isn’t black either.
What if the world can’t be view through polarized glasses, as Conlan believed it could be? What if he is not who he thinks he is?

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dystopian collage 1

The Stars Fill Infinity

Genre: Dystopian

Status: Planning

Length: 0 Words


Chessy Verde and her sister, Sapphire, have spent their whole lives cut off from the world. That is, until Sapphire rebels and runs away with her boyfriend. Broken-hearted at her sister’s betrayal, Chessy continually escapes into the city outside the walls of her community to heal the sick and care for the poor of the town.

But a storm is brewing in the air, disrupting the fragile peace. A charismatic, fiery young man, calling himself Justice Rift, has arrived in town, bringing with him a flag of freedom and talk of revolution. As the disillusioned young people of the town flock around Justice, clamouring for rights and for the rich and corrupt to pay for the damage they have caused, Chessy finds herself drawn towards the rebellious Justice and the cause he is willing to lay down his life for.

When Chessy makes a foolish choice that puts her on the radar of a deadly and determined police officer, she finds herself asking hard questions. She is willing to die, but is she willing to forgive? She is willing to sacrifice everything, but she is willing to show mercy to those who have hurt her most?

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