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dystopian collage 1

The Stars Fill Infinity

Genre: Dystopian/Retelling

Status: Completed First Draft

Length: 103,000 Words


Chessy Verde and her sister, Sapphire, have spent their whole lives cut off from the world. That is, until Sapphire rebels and runs away with her boyfriend. Broken-hearted at her sister’s betrayal, Chessy continually escapes into the city outside the walls of her community to heal the sick and care for the poor of the town.

But a storm is brewing in the air, disrupting the fragile peace. A charismatic, fiery young man, calling himself Justice Rift, has arrived in town, bringing with him a flag of freedom and talk of revolution. As the disillusioned young people of the town flock around Justice, clamouring for rights and for the rich and corrupt to pay for the damage they have caused, Chessy finds herself drawn towards the rebellious Justice and the cause he is willing to lay down his life for.

When Chessy makes a foolish choice that puts her on the radar of a deadly and determined police officer, she finds herself asking hard questions. She is willing to die, but is she willing to forgive? She is willing to sacrifice everything, but she is willing to show mercy to those who have hurt her most?

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When Infinity is Empty b

When Infinity is Empty

Genre: Dystopian/Retelling

Status: Planning

Length: 0 Words


A year after Justice’s failed revolution, a messenger from Capital City brings Chessy disturbing news. She is required to come immediately and meet a man who has been kept political prisoner for nineteen years without trial, for unknown reasons.

Taking Justice and Quillon with her, for emotional supports, Chessy travels to the City, where she meets Dr Alex Manly, whose imprisonment has broken his spirit; Zac Stoner, a rogueish young man, and the nephew of a hated gang leader; and Theresa, a woman who has been dealt a terrible wrong and is on the path to revenge.

When Chessy finds herself falling in love with Zac, frictions erupt between her and Justice. Justice is convinced that Zac is attempting to use her to make his fortune, Chessy is convinced that he loves her back.

And a revolution can never really be stopped, the smallest incident will fan it’s spark into flame again–even if it’s lighter has had a change of heart.

(And it’s A Tale of Two Cities retelling!)

Kameradschaft collage


Genre: Historical fiction

Status: Third draft

Length: 20,000 words


Kameradschaft…Comradeship… Two young men, from opposite sides of a war, are going to find out the meaning of those words.

Wolfe Verick’s life once consisted of working in a pharmacy, until all normality was stripped away and he was thrown headfirst into a war.

When an accident kills his best friend and leaves Wolfe stranded in a foreign land, he has no choice but to run, and hide and lie, to keep himself from the firing squad.

His life rests in the hands of three Englishmen—a cynical pilot, a weary doctor, and a beautiful nurse. And all of them must face the question:

Is Mercy greater than Justice?

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Rose Mask 3

Rose Mask

(A Phantom of the Opera/Beauty and the Beast retelling)

Genre: Historical Fantasy/Fairy Tale Retelling

Status: Second Draft

Length: 30,000 words


A deformed girl in a mask…

A bookish and beautiful outcast…

A boy content with his frivolous and conceited way of life…

Felicita Cristiano longs for a way of life she knows she can never have. She is seen as a monster and shunned by the villagers, despite her many talents and her loving, generous heart. The only place she fits in is at the masquerade balls she hosts in the village.

Here she meets Benito Ettore, a conceited, rebellious young man, whom she immediately dislikes. But despite his many faults, he will play a part in her life story before he destroys her world.

And then there’s Emilia Adalberto, the young, gorgeous bella of the village, who is more concerned with books and dreaming than she is with suitors, whom Benito vows to make his own.

The hideous one is not the Beast.

And the one in the mask is not the Phantom.


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