Open Pen Critiques

The idea for Open Pen Critiques come from the amazing Gabrielle’s blog. As a young writer, I know how hard it is find people willing to read and honestly critique your writing. That’s why I started this blog, to provide a place for teens to submit their work to  have it critiqued by me and by other writers.

I only have a few guidelines for you to follow:

  1. Your piece can be a short story, a poem, non-fiction or an excerpt from a longer work (such as a novel), however please keep it less than 1,000 words for prose and 40 lines for poetry.
  2. You need to critique someone else’s writing before you submit your own. A simple comment with some constructive criticism on a previously published story will be enough. It doesn’t have to be a lot, just offer a suggestion, it simply needs to be more than a compliment. Please only submit one piece per month.
  3. Your piece cannot contain any excess violence, swearing or anything sexual. If your piece contains swearing, please delete it before submitting.
  4. This isn’t really a guideline, however, if you don’t wish to have your piece published on my blog, I understand. You can still send your piece to me for critiquing, however the only opinion you would receive would be mine, rather than the opinions of others reading this blog. 🙂

I will publish an Open Pen Critique every Thursday if I have any submissions. If you are interested in sending me a piece, write to me or comment on this page, I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.


*Picture from Pixabay, free of copyright


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