Comrade: Chapter II


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Here we are, ladies and gentlemen! We’ve arrived at the second instalment. I’m glad you all seemed to enjoy last week’s post (if you missed that, you can find it here)

Without any further ado, here we go! Chapter 2!



I must have been out no more than a few seconds. I opened my eyes and found myself draped over the back of Ernst’s seat, blood running down the side of my head. Intense heat had woken me and it was scorching my back and legs.

The Albatros had caught fire.

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3 Ways to Make The Editing Process Perfect (or at Least Better)

3 editing.

Okay, so that title was pretty much clickbait.

But I’ve just finished the second draft of my novel, The Stars Fill Infinity, (if you’re interested, you still have two more days to sign up as a beta reader) and I learnt some new things while I was working on these revisions, which I thought I’d share with you, since I know some of you are going through edits at the moment. I can’t make the editing process perfect, because no one will ever have a perfect process, but I can, hopefully make it better.

Have a Plan

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Comrade: Chapter I

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This was supposed to go up two days ago, but I ended up being sick and have slept away most of the time since then, so it didn’t. My sincerest apologies. 🙂 Anyhow, you lucky people, you’ll get two posts today!


A Small Introduction By The Author:

As I was reading this over, I realised that my writing style has changed a lot since I first wrote this all those years ago (2015, in case you were wondering). I’ve grown a lot, and changed, and because of that, I was considering not publishing this story, like I said I would months ago.

But I changed my mind. Sure, this novella (if it can even be called that, it’s only 16k long :P) no longer reflects my style, or even really me, but it’s still a part of my history. It’s a part of who I am as a writer. I think too often we writers shove our old works to the bottom of the proverbial drawer, dust off our hands and exclaim: “Phew! At least no one will ever, ever see that!” This is usually a merited response, but the problem with it is that it makes us ashamed of growth. We cringe when we look back on old writing, and I think that comes, a lot of the time, from a feeling of insecurity. We don’t need to be ashamed of growing up and changing and we should be proud to show (some) of our old writing to the world.

And even though this is old, it’s still one of my favourite works. Not all our old writing is as bad as we think 😉 And even if it is…well, we all had to start somewhere, no?

So, in honour of growth, I will share my writing with you, in the hope that it inspires other people to be more proud of their writing heritage.

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Beta Readers Wanted! + Writing Updates for the First Time In Months!

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Guys, remember how I’ve mentioned 300+ times that I’ve been editing The Stars Fill Infinity? Well, guess what! This week, on 18th July, I finished the second draft! It was an awesome feeling, and I’m glad to have (hopefully) the major edits done.

And of course, in honour of this, I’m putting a call out to find some awesome beta readers who would like to take on the task of reading through my novel and pointing out every single inconsistency and grammatical mistake.

So, here’s some particulars:

  • I’ll be sending out the document on August 1st, so you’ll have nine days to sign up using the form I’ll link below.
  • From August 1st, you’ll have until September 30th to read it and return the document + answers to questions that I’ll give you. That means you’ve got two months 😀
  • The Stars Fill Infinity is 100k long, appropriate for ages 14+, and a dystopian YA retelling of Les Miserables. Here’s the blurb 😀
  • A storm is brewing in the air, disrupting the fragile peace.

    Chessy Verde has lived a lonely life, with only her adopted father for company, ever since her sister ran away, breaking Chessy’s heart. But she has secrets of her own, secrets that involve sneaking out at night to care for the poverty-stricken of the town, against her father’s wishes.

    Then a fiery, charismatic young man, calling himself Justice Rift, arrives in town, bringing with him talk of revolution. The young people of the town, including Chessy, find themselves drawn to him—and the cause he is willing to lay his life down for.

    But when Chessy makes a foolish decision in defence of someone she loves, she puts herself on the radar of a deadly and determined law officer and finds herself asking hard questions. She is willing to die, but is she willing to forgive? She is willing to sacrifice everything, but she is willing to show mercy to those who have hurt her most?

  • I’m looking for about ten readers (though I’ve already secured a few). If you can’t commit to the deadline though, don’t worry, they’re will be plenty of other opportunities to beta read for me 🙂
  • If you’re interested, sign up here

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