Comrade: Chapter XII (Finale)

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We’ve reached the final section of Comrade! Thank you so much people, for hanging in there and giving me so much encouraging words as I’ve published this. I hope you enjoy this final instalment. I’ll be handing out tissues and hankies at the end for all who need them.



“You are here on charges of treason…”

Simeon held his head high. He did not flinch as the long list of his charges were read out. He wore civilian clothes, but he held himself with a military bearing, shoulders back, eyes front, heels together. Two guards stood on either side of him.

Nurse Carter and Dr Roberts testified against him, though he saw tears on Nurse Carter’s cheeks. And regret in the doctor’s eyes. He glanced once at them, recognised them, and did not look at them again. Continue reading

Comrade: Chapter XI

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I feel like I’m really behind in basically everything at the moment. I was super busy (and stressed) on Thursday so I completely forgot to schedule this chapter of Comrade. And since I still haven’t edited my last Christian fiction post, posting it today seemed like a good plan!



 “Get up!” Someone dragged me to my feet.

My blindfold and mask were torn off and I found myself staring at several grey-clad soldiers.

“You thought you could run away from us, did you?” sneered a corporal. “You fool.”

I stared at them, trying to process the corporal’s words. You fool? Run from us? Who did they think I was? A deserter?

“What’s your name?” the corporal demanded, but before I had time to answer, his fist flashed out and I was sent reeling back. I clutched at my jaw, then cried out as a rifle butt struck me in the stomach.

Nein! Nein!” I shouted in a cracked voice, “Nein!” The corporal hit me again, knocking me to the ground.

“Stop!” barked another voice at the same time. Continue reading

In Which I Ramble On About My Latest WIP (a.k.a. What I’m Writing for NaNo)

(None of these photos are mine, excepting the wattle picture. That one is, and you can’t steal it, even though it’s amazing).

Yesterday, Celeste did a post introducing her NaNoWriMo project, and since I promised to introduce my own project about two weeks ago, I decided I’d snitch some of her questions and introduce it! I also added a few questions of my own. I also have sore wrists, so this introduction is going to be short.

Without further ado, I present…

Wattle Fire.

Wattle Fire 2

The colours clash a bit in this one, but oh well.

What’s the basic plot?

The basic plot follows three characters: Yilla–a clan girl from the open plains near a mountain ranges, High-Praise–a princess married at a young age to the king of Traumlant, and Courageous–the said king. Basically, it’s about politics, monarchy and Yilla trying to save the world by educating the rather ignorant king and queen on the ways, language and cultures of their people. It’s also involves touring the country, and dragons, and bushrangers and a weird, eclectic blend of historical fashions and periods and inventions.  Continue reading

Comrade: Chapter X

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Good morning! How are you guys? Currently I’m enjoying the cool spring weather and scanning the sky in the hope that a few rain clouds will appear some time soon. Now, we’re up to Chapter Ten, so let’s jump into it!



The door clicked shut behind me and my stomach clenched. I found myself in a tiny space, I had to curl my knees up to my chin to fit in. It was cramped and horrible and my breathing became erratic. What if I was trapped here? What if he never planned on letting me out again? Panic made sweat break out on my forehead.

My breathing hitched as the muffled sounds of voices outside the boat came to my ears. A military voice. That tone could be recognised in any language on the planet. “You there! Stop! Don’t move.” Continue reading