Introducing…When Infinity is Empty

Introducing When Infinity is Empty

Having tried my hand at writing controversial posts, I’m now returning to the last post in my series “Introducing…My Novels”. This one is for my latest darling, tentatively titled When Infinity Is Empty. This is the sequel to my NaNoWriMo novel The Stars Fill Infinity. It’s a dystopian retelling of Charles’ Dickens A Tale of Two Cities and it is awesome.

(By the way, I purposely chose not to do a post on Stars Fill Infinity because I have already done several posts on it, back in October and November, which you can find the links to at the bottom of the page). Continue reading

Why I Don’t Like Jane Austen

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The title made you click on this post, didn’t it? You’re probably wondering how on earth could someone hate Jane Austen??

Well, I don’t hate Austen. She has an unique and humorous writing style, which I appreciate. She is a master of wit and sarcasm, she wrote interesting female characters at a time in history when women in fiction were usually cardboard cut-outs (even Dickens, who wrote his novels decades after Austen and who is remembered as one of history’s greatest authors, still had a very weak grasp of interesting female characters, in my own opinion).

However, I mentioned a while back that I greatly disliked Pride and Prejudice when I read it, so I thought I would elaborate a little bit on why I didn’t like it.

So, why didn’t I enjoy Austen (specifically, Pride and Prejudice)?

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