Introducing…Red & White

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I don’t think I’ve talked a whole lot Red & White on here, but it’s a little plot bunny that’s been stewing in my mind for about nine months now. For April Camp NaNoWriMo last year, I wrote a novel called Black & White (which you can read about on my My Books page). I wouldn’t consider this novel one of my best works, but it sparked my little plot bunny, Red & White. Continue reading “Introducing…Red & White”

Christmas! + December Wrap Up + 2017 Wrap Up

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Today’s post is a “kill two birds with one stone” type of post (has anyone ever wondered whether its actually possible to kill two birds in one go? Or is it just me?)

So, first of all, I shall give you the December updates, and then we’ll go for the much more vague, yearly update (in which I shall try to actually remember all the way back to January!). Continue reading “Christmas! + December Wrap Up + 2017 Wrap Up”

Goals + Writing Updates + #2018 Goals

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AHHH!!!!! IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS! This has been a hectic year, hasn’t it? I feel like I literally just blinked and it ran away? Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way! (haha, that sounds like it could be a musical lyric).

Anyway, I made some 2017 goals, which I’m here to update you on. Also, I’ll be updating you on my writing in general, and what I’m hoping to achieve in 2018.

So, let’s take a look at each of my writing goals and how I went with them over the last twelve months. Continue reading “Goals + Writing Updates + #2018 Goals”