STOP THE RAIN Release Blog Tour: An Interview with Kassie Angle!

Hey, my lovely people! First off, apologies for being MIA the last few weeks. I meant to keep posting during November, but life was like “No way”. It’s NaNoWriMo and I’m having a blast with my novel (though I’m so far behind its not even funny) and I’m also currently on holidays with my family, visiting my grandfather. It’s so nice to be out of the freezing cold of my hometown and in a warm, semi-coastal environment. I’ve been hanging out with my dog, knitting, reading and writing! The life, am I right? So I also decided to take a bit of a break from my blog for the rest of my month. I’ve still got a few things I want to post, so I won’t be completely absent, but I just need a little rest from the pressure of constantly blogging. You guys are so nice and understanding, so I’m sure you’ll be fine.

But anyway today we’ve been blessed with an interview with Kassie Angle! Kassie’s new release Stop The Rain, is releasing tomorrow and I’m so excited! So as part of the blog tour, I’ll be posting an interview today and a review tomorrow! Let’s get into it!

Chelsea R.H.: What are three things we don’t know about you?

Kassie Angle: My brother and I once auditioned for America’s Got Talent, I prefer riding bareback over any kind of saddle and have still never been thrown from a horse, and I once spent a layover in Germany watching WWII movies. 😇

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Writer Humour Redbubble Collection Release Day!

Hey guys! So today is the release day for Jenna Terese’s new Redbubble Writer Humour Collection!

This is a great day because not only does her merch look awesome and hilarious, but also because Jen is one of my dearest writing/blogging/awesome friends and she’s honestly doing a brilliant job getting her name out there, becoming a fantastic entrepreneur, and writing amazing and heartfelt books. I can’t wait till the day I can buy a hard copy of one of her novels and put it on my shelf.

But anyway, Jen’s books are not what we’re here to talk about today. Instead, we’re going to talk about her latest Redbubble merch collection, which is premiering today, 14 October 2020.

And it looks so great!

She’s got a whole range of items for sale, from iPhone and iPad cases, to shirts, hoodies, and coasters, to journals, laptop skins, water bottles and masks. The prices are really good and the collection quotes are 100% accurate.

So how about I stop babbling on about how great it is, and show you some pictures instead? There’s heaps of designs and products, but because we’d be here all day if I talked about all of them, I’m just going to highlight five of my favourites for you.

Somewhere Between Torture and Fun

Link leads to Redbubble shop

This is just so true. One famous author (Ernest Hemingway, usually) said, “Writing is easy. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.” And that’s exactly it! Writers probably sound like they hate their jobs, but do they really? Not at all, we’re having the time of our lives.

Don’t Ask Me What My Book is About

“Yes, I’m a Writer. No don’t ask me what my book is about because I may have a panic attack.” Telling non-writerly people about my writing is honestly one of the most nerve-wracking things I ever have to do it. It is the worst. Hopefully, carrying this bag around will ward off the unfortunate questions?

90% Trying to Describe Someone Eating a Donut

This little notebook sums up the majority of my frustrations. Why is this so true? Why is 90% of my time taken up with “How can I write this completely unnecessary and, frankly, boring snippet better?”

Buy this notebook so you know that you’re not alone!

Writers Are Known For…

This one is a wall print, which means that you can hang it over your desk and stare up at it mournfully, both celebrating and bemoaning the accuracy of it. In fact, look at me right now, fangirling over writer merch when I should actually be writing…

I Didn’t See That Coming!

I left this one to last because it is absolutely my favourite. I’m a solid plotter and I love to know where things are going, but inevitably I ditch my outline halfway through when the plot throws a surprise up in my face. And I usually just go with it. I love being surprised by my own writing!

And so that’s that, guys! Please hop on over to Jenna’s Redbubble shop. I only showed you five of her designs here today, but she’s got 10+ in her new collection alone, and there’s plenty of cool things to discover in her other collections. You can also find her on her Website, her Instagram, and her Pinterest! She’s a great author, blogger and general human being and she deserves your support 😀

Stop The Rain Cover Reveal

Today I’m bringing you the cover for the extraordinary Kassie Angle’s newest book Stop The Rain. Of course, it’s a stunning cover and I can’t wait to share it with you all, however, I’ve got a few things to get out of the way first. Namely, the Blurb.

Here we go!

He left his entire world in Iraq. So why did the war follow him home?

Harley Keane and his best friend Nigel were just kids when 9/11 rocked their world and changed their lives forever. When they’re finally old enough to join the Army, all their childhood dreams seem about to come true. But war wasn’t supposed to be like this. A kid’s dream isn’t supposed to become a living nightmare. Fellow soldiers aren’t supposed to bleed out in front of your eyes.

Back home, safe and unwounded, Harley feels anything but. Why would God spare him when so many others were taken? Why won’t the nightmares stop, even when he’s awake? And how long can he hide the truth that threatens everything he has left? When Harley’s invisible scars refuse to stay hidden, will he let anyone close enough to help? And how do you go on with life when “okay” isn’t okay at all?

About the Author

Kassie Angle is a teenaged Christian author, cowgirl, therapy dog trainer, stereotypical INFJ, and Army girl to the core. Her first love, i.e. debut novel, O to be Like Thee, swept her unexpectedly into the world of indie authors. She tries to use her stories to fill the silences in literature, helping more people understand the world of the Army and showing how God heals the broken-hearted. You can find her and more of her writing at

All right, we’ve got all that out of the way, which means we can get to the exciting bit…The Cover Reveal.

Are you ready???



Just a little further…

A little further…

All right here it is…

There we go! Isn’t it nice? I really like the contrast of the soldier’s silhouette against the raindrop patterning. Very nice.

This book drops 11 November, 2020 (poetic. I approve) and you can find Kassie in the meantime either over at her blog or on her Instagram.


Tattered Wings Blog Tour: Interview with Kassie Angle

This is a really exciting day for me! I’m participating in a blog tour for my good friend, Kassie, who’s written this amazing book called Tattered Wings. I had the privilege to read this book for review and so I’m going to share my thoughts with you now!

(All opinions are my own. I received this book for free and I was not required to write a positive review)

image3[1140]Some scars can’t be seen. And some can’t be hidden.

Layla Trent’s life is pretty much perfect, except for the little matter of a dog of her own—and maybe a brother. So why does a random nightmare of a princess dress, a hospital, and a stranger who’s definitely not her daddy feel more like an aching wound? And can a broken, glassy-eyed puppy somehow help her release the pain she didn’t even know she was carrying?

Corporal Andrew Reyes has proven he has what it takes to be the best—a US Army Ranger. But when a double tragedy rocks his world, his resolve is shaken to the core. What’s left for a man to live for when he’s lost everything he ever wanted to be? And is the sudden appearance of a teenage girl with a three-legged dog a cruel joke or a divine appointment?

Some scars can’t be hidden. But some don’t need to be.

Tattered Wings is the story of Layla, a young girl with a half-remembered past, and the three-legged dog who helps her to discover her heroes. Our characters in this story are, of course, Layla Trent, who’s sixteen years old and troubled by memories she gained as a toddler. Then there’s her dog, Ranger, who lost a leg in an accident and is now learning to live again. And finally, there’s Andrew Reyes, a young airborne ranger struggling with both mental and physical pain. Of course, there’s a bunch of delightful side characters, such as Andy’s younger brothers, his best friend Isaiah, and Layla’s dad. Of them all, Ranger was definitely my favourite, because I love dogs a lot, but of the humans, I liked Layla the best. She had a great character arc, where she matured a lot and learnt about the realities of war and the different scars it leaves, and I loved the scenes of her training with Ranger. Continue reading “Tattered Wings Blog Tour: Interview with Kassie Angle”