The Phantom of the Opera: Book vs. Musical vs. Movie


So….*here we all pause awkwardly* I completely forgot that it was Wednesday and that I needed to write a blog post. And then it was Thursday and I still hadn’t written a post…hey, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m not procrastinating or anything.

If you weren’t around last week, I’m currently doing a series every Wednesday (*cough* or Thursday) centred around popular books and their musical and movie adaptions, comparing them and then throwing in my opinion on which is best, and asking you for your opinions at the end! Last week, we looked at Les Miserables  and this week we’ll be looking at (you guessed it)… Continue reading

Les Miserables: The Book vs. Musical vs. Movie +My Opinion

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For the month of February, I’m going to do a cool little series which you’re all going to love. 😀 It’s called Book vs. Musical vs. Movie (I am proud of my naming abilities), and I’ll be examining books and comparing them to their musical and movie adaptions. And this week, we’ll be starting with my favourite musical (and one of my favourite books too), namely Les Miserables (you didn’t see that coming, did you?). Continue reading

Why I Don’t Like Jane Austen

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The title made you click on this post, didn’t it? You’re probably wondering how on earth could someone hate Jane Austen??

Well, I don’t hate Austen. She has an unique and humorous writing style, which I appreciate. She is a master of wit and sarcasm, she wrote interesting female characters at a time in history when women in fiction were usually cardboard cut-outs (even Dickens, who wrote his novels decades after Austen and who is remembered as one of history’s greatest authors, still had a very weak grasp of interesting female characters, in my own opinion).

However, I mentioned a while back that I greatly disliked Pride and Prejudice when I read it, so I thought I would elaborate a little bit on why I didn’t like it.

So, why didn’t I enjoy Austen (specifically, Pride and Prejudice)?

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