Comrade: Chapter VIII

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This is a day late, sorry 🙂 I forgot to schedule this post for yesterday, like I usually do and by the time I remembered….well, it was pretty late and I couldn’t be bothered 😀 But here’s chapter eight!



Rain was dripping down my neck, soaking me to the skin, as Simeon and I waited for the cab to halt by us. Neither of us spoke. Though Simeon had not mentioned again my wild display, I could see by the set of his face that he was anxious.

The horses stopped, their hooves kicking up a spray of rainwater. Simeon grabbed my sleeve and dragged me into the cab, still without speaking a word.

Once we were in the cab, Simeon leant against the door and pulled a sodden map from his jacket. He pored over it, occasionally glancing at his wristwatch. I wanted to ask him where we were going, but I kept my mouth shut. I’d wrecked enough in the past few hours.

“Why would you risk your life to help me?” The question came out of its own accord. Continue reading “Comrade: Chapter VIII”

Comrade: Chapter VII


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Chapter Seven is now here! Enjoy *bows out*



The doctor’s tone carried a note of finality. “You’re a German.”

He glared at me. Then he reached down and grabbed my shirt front in one vicious move. He dragged me out of bed, clamping his hand over my mouth and ignoring my muffled cries of pain. Pain flooded my head as he forced me into the examining room, where he slammed the door and threw me onto the floor.

“Who are you?” he demanded. “What is your name?”

I was trembling, but through dry lips I forced out the first English words I had ever spoken.

“My name is Wolfe Verick.” Continue reading “Comrade: Chapter VII”

Comrade: Chapter VI


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I’m currently away, so I’ve scheduled this post, but I won’t be able to approve or reply to your comments until Saturday or Sunday.  Anyway, we’ve reached Chapter Six, which is basically where everything goes wrong. You’ll see what I mean when I get to the end of the chapter 😛 Let’s go.



Nurse Carter strode across the ward, a rolled-up newspaper in one hand. “Have a look at this, boys!” she called, tossing the newspaper to Anthony Young.

Anthony caught it and unrolled it. Curious, I peered over at him, and then felt my stomach heave. I couldn’t read the black and white type, but I could understand the photograph that accompanied.

It was a photograph of a Luger pistol and I recognised it. How could I not? It was mine. I’d had it with me the day I’d fled my burning plane and I must have dropped it in the forest. I hadn’t even given it a thought since then. But now…here it was.

“Hey! What’s it say, Tony?” called out one of the men from further down the ward. Continue reading “Comrade: Chapter VI”

Comrade: Chapter V


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We’ve reached Chapter Five! It’s actually sort of hard to believe I’ve been posting this story for five weeks now and that we’re half way through the story now :D. And, of course, the stakes are hopefully ever rising. Let’s get into it.



I learnt a lot during my first week in hospital. I learnt about English soldiers, I learnt about doctors and insanity, and I learnt a lot of English. I could understand simple conversations in English. At night, I would lie awake, warding off the nightmares by practising my English. By rehearsing how I would ask Nurse Ella Carter out to dinner. By imagining my next conversation with Simeon. When darkness overcame me and I gave up hope of ever seeing my family again, those dreams kept me alive.

I knew they were fantasies–that’s all they ever were. I couldn’t ask Ella out to dinner and I didn’t know whether I would ever see Simeon again. But Dr Roberts believed that shell-shocked soldiers needed rest and recuperation, and not entertainment. So I dreamt to while away the time. These dreams all had happy endings. The boy got home—without gaining any new bullet holes—and married a nurse whose smile healed every wound in the world.

But the dreams remained only that—dreams. Continue reading “Comrade: Chapter V”