The Gift of Silence (or what 48 hours at a sign language weekend taught me about rest)

Hello all! Today I have a more meandering blog post for today, on a topic that I think is going to be really interesting to explore. Recently (meaning about six weeks ago, depending on when you end up reading this post) I spent a weekend at an AOW. For the uninitiated, AOW stands for Auslan Only Weekend. Essentially, it’s a weekend for students and Deaf people alike to come together and communicate only in Auslan (ie, the sign language that is the first and/or preferred language for culturally Deaf people)*

Despite the obvious terror of going somewhere I wouldn’t be allowed to speak my first language (English), and was expected to communicate in a completely new language that I’d only been learning for five months, I loved it. Was it hard? By golly gosh, yes it was. But was every single minute of it a wonderful learning opportunity? Yes, it definitely was. I loved that weekend with all my heart and I was almost in tears when I left.

And after I got home, it got me thinking about my experience at that weekend away. I came back tired, but refreshed. Which was a novel experience, because I almost always return home mentally and physically exhausted from being away. I have a chronic illness, and continual fatigue and pain is part of that particular parcel, and I often experience flare ups after being out of the house for a whole weekend. The mental, emotional and physical stress of these outings if often too much for me. So why did I come back from this one feeling “good” tired, and mentally refreshed?

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Resources for the Broke Bookworm

Hi everyone! How are we doing this fine Thursday morning/evening/afternoon?

A lot’s happened since I first started my blog. I’ve grown as a creator, as a writer, emotionally and mentally (unfortunately not physically. I haven’t got any taller and I’m almost guaranteed to be the shortest in my family). I also graduated school, which was glorious, and got a job, and then another job. Now I’m pursuing a career as a dog trainer, I have very little time for writing (though I’m going to do Camp NaNo next month!) and my blogging schedule is a little out of whack. Continue reading “Resources for the Broke Bookworm”

My Writing + Life Goals for 2020

2020 goals

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to my first post of 2020. Can you believe that we’re already in a new decade? It’s a bit wild.

Anyway, I thought I would do a post on my 2020 Goals. I do realise that¬† everyone¬†is doing one of these posts and that you guys are probably all tired of seeing other people’s goals, but I like being accountable, even if its only to a few people who’ll read this, so I hope you’ll be able to cope with one more.

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Finding Rest in an Overstimulated World

rest blog header

Last weekend, I had the privilege of being a leader at our annual youth camp. We had a lot of fun, got a little sunburnt (at least, I did. And gained a few more freckles) and we focussed on a theme that I think is incredibly important. Our theme for this year was “Rest and the Sabbath Day”. I was asked to give a talk on the topic, so below is my thoughts, gathered in written format.

(Just as a note, I am writing this for Christians in particular and I will be mentioning the Bible/God frequently. However, if you are not Christian or not religious, I still think many of these things apply, I’m just approaching it from my own point of view)

For our generation, rest is more elusive, and yet more important, than ever. We live in an overstimulated world. We live in a world where we’re constantly connected–via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email and text message. These apps give us incredible insight into the lives of casual acquaintances and we’re left with no privacy and a constant comparison between their “perfect” lives and ours. Continue reading “Finding Rest in an Overstimulated World”