What Does God Mean to Me Tag

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Today’s post is going to be shorter than usual, but I could use a short post and I hopefully won’t take up too much of your time with it 😀 A few months ago, Tania @ Write Owl tagged me to do this tag, which is more of a serious tag than the others I’ve participated in, but it might help you understand what I believe in!

Here we go (thanks to the wonderful, Tania for tagging me :D)

Who is God to you?

God is a Father, Ruler, Judge, Comforter, and someone I am not worthy to approach, yet He still calls me to Himself. Continue reading “What Does God Mean to Me Tag”

ReachOut 2017: Mission Conference

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~Good Day All!~

How’s your weekend been so far?

My post today is going to be a little different. For one thing, it actually has nothing to do with books or writing or any of the usual things. I want to help you get to know me a bit better through this post. A fortnight ago, I got the chance to go to a missions conference, which was fantastic. Today, I’ll share a little about the conference and it’s amazingness.

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