The Unofficial Movie/Tv Show Tag

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Yesterday, the wonderful Christine Eyre tagged me for this unofficial movie tag. She asked me to list a couple of the movies and/or TV shows that have had the most influence on me (I assume either on my writing or on my life, she didn’t clarify. But, since I haven’t ever watched a movie I would call life changing, I’m going to focus on how they’ve impacted my storytelling).

This should be fun! Continue reading

Twenty of My Favourite Musical Songs

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So, guys, I mentioned in my last post that I was going to go on a two week hiatus…Well, the time has come, this is going to be my last post until the 21st. I’m going to have a lovely holiday and hopefully finish off my rewrite of Rose Mask and get some more outlining in before Camp NaNo (*distant screams*).

However, today I’m going to talk to you about twenty of my favourite musical songs. I literally have so many more favourites than I’ve listed here, but…we could be here forever if it was a post just about my favourite songs, so I’ve narrowed the list down to twenty. They aren’t in any particular order, this is just me writing them down as they’ve come to me… Continue reading

Anastasia: The Movie vs. The Musical vs. The Real Story


This is part three of a series that I’ve been running for the month of February, where I compare popular books with their musical and movie adaptions, looking at their similarities and differences. Today, I’m looking at the new Broadway musical Anastasia, the animated movie it was based on, and in a departure from what I usually do, the real life story that inspired them.

I remember the first time I came across Anastasia Romanova, the famous grand duchess of Russia. When I was young (read: nine, ten, elevenish), my obsession was princesses and queens. I was never, ever a Disney princess type of girl, nope, I was going to read the gritty stories of real life queens and princesses. There was one particular series of books I enjoyed, which were written in a diary format (My Royal Diary, maybe? I’m not sure of the name) and in this series I eagerly devoured stories of Cleopatra, Queen Victoria (and a Princess Victoria too), Marie Antoinette and, of course, Anastasia. I wasn’t even aware of the movie based on her story though, she was just another fascinating historical figure who died in a similarly horrific way to Marie Antoinette (who I felt significantly more sorry for, I don’t know why). Continue reading

The Phantom of the Opera: Book vs. Musical vs. Movie


So….*here we all pause awkwardly* I completely forgot that it was Wednesday and that I needed to write a blog post. And then it was Thursday and I still hadn’t written a post…hey, I have no idea what you’re talking about, I’m not procrastinating or anything.

If you weren’t around last week, I’m currently doing a series every Wednesday (*cough* or Thursday) centred around popular books and their musical and movie adaptions, comparing them and then throwing in my opinion on which is best, and asking you for your opinions at the end! Last week, we looked at Les Miserables  and this week we’ll be looking at (you guessed it)… Continue reading