Musical Theatre Tag (I ramble about Musicals and my WIPs)

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The wonderful MyMusicalAndWritingLife created this awesome musical/WIP tag which I just had to do, given my adoration of everything musical and because of my love of rambling about my WIPs. So…here we go. If you are not prepared for wild fangirling and ramble, you’d better leave now 😛

Jean Valjean [Les Mis]

 (A character you’ve written that underwent major character change)

All my characters?

Okay, Justice probably changes the most over the course of The Stars Fill Infinity, Zachary Stoner changes the most over When Infinity is Empty, Chessy and Quillon don’t really change that much. They have arcs that kind of border on flat. They grow and deepen and definitely do change, but they don’t…do a 180 and change themselves completely (Justice and Zac do though). Continue reading

Character Playlists

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A few days ago, MyMusicalandWritingLife made a compilation of songs that she felt fitted her characters’ personality and circumstances. I really liked the idea, so I decided to borrow it for today’s post.

I’ll be focussing on my four main characters from my Infinity trilogy (as I refer to Stars Fill Infinity; When Infinity is Empty and Those Who Outlast Infinity as): Chessy, Sapphire, Justice and Quillon. Here we go! Continue reading

The Unofficial Movie/Tv Show Tag

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Yesterday, the wonderful Christine Eyre tagged me for this unofficial movie tag. She asked me to list a couple of the movies and/or TV shows that have had the most influence on me (I assume either on my writing or on my life, she didn’t clarify. But, since I haven’t ever watched a movie I would call life changing, I’m going to focus on how they’ve impacted my storytelling).

This should be fun! Continue reading

Twenty of My Favourite Musical Songs

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So, guys, I mentioned in my last post that I was going to go on a two week hiatus…Well, the time has come, this is going to be my last post until the 21st. I’m going to have a lovely holiday and hopefully finish off my rewrite of Rose Mask and get some more outlining in before Camp NaNo (*distant screams*).

However, today I’m going to talk to you about twenty of my favourite musical songs. I literally have so many more favourites than I’ve listed here, but…we could be here forever if it was a post just about my favourite songs, so I’ve narrowed the list down to twenty. They aren’t in any particular order, this is just me writing them down as they’ve come to me… Continue reading