12 Times the Newsies Knew All About Being a Writer

Adjusted blog newsies

~Well, Hello all!~

I had planned for today a serious blog post, which I didn’t end up writing, mostly because I didn’t have a lot of time, and secondly because I didn’t really know what I wanted to write. So, instead I decided on a lighter, funner (that’s totally a word) post for today.

It’s a little known fact that I like musicals. And because I only remembered today that I had to write a blog post I’m a humorous sort of person, I shall now proceed to show you  12 different times when Newsies managed to perfectly capture the trials and triumphs of the writers life.* Continue reading

My Favourite Character Types

Before I get stuck into today’s post, I just want to make a quick announcement. Don’t get too excited…it’s pretty boring.

Here’s my announcement: When I started my blog, my aim was to post every Thursday. That’s not really working for me, I don’t have time between school, writing and life to post on Thursday anymore. So, I’ll be moving my posting day to Saturday. I realise that basically everyone posts on Saturday, but at the moment it’s the best I can do. :D. Thanks for sticking with me.

Okay, I had a pretty hectic Saturday, so I’m posting a pre-prepared one, which should hopefully be interesting, all about my favourite character types (original inspiration from Christine @ Musings of an Elf!)

(None of these pictures are mine) Continue reading

Character Karaoke Tag

(Images all from Pixabay)

Jane Maree over at Misty Maiden recently did this tag and I thought it looked fun, so I decided to join in.  I don’t really talk about music a lot on this blog, but I love music and I enjoy singing. I can’t play any instruments, but I want to learn the oboe so, so badly (I’ve heard it’s really hard to play though, so…).

Anyway, onto the questions, 😀 I’ll be focussing again on my current Beauty and the Beast/Phantom of the Opera retelling, because I really love this book…and that’s all the reason I need! Continue reading