Know The Novel Linkup {Part 2}

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Hello there! We’re in the middle of NaNoWriMo now and all of our sanity has flown out the window, never to be seen again.

However, in order to give us a break from slaving over our beloved (or possibly not so beloved) novels, Christine has posted Part 2 of the Know the Novel link up! This was hugely fun to get involved with last month, so of course I’m doing it again! And there’s going to be snippets 😀

How’s the writing going?

Terribly. Okay. Fantastic! I’m slowly dying…

Okay, I feel like the writing is going terribly, but I’m actually doing fairly well. Not great but okay. I’m one of those super fast writers who likes to do 100k during NaNo…but that’s not happening this month. I’m disappointed about that and keep beating myself up over it, but I need to keep telling myself that I’m still doing well. I’m on track at least. Continue reading

{Wattle Fire} Know The Novel and The Language of Worlds!

Today we have a treat because the wonderful, amazing Christine has created a new linkup which looks like it’ll be a lot of fun! I’ve already introduced my NaNo novel Wattle Fire but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share a little bit more. I’ve also continued doing The Language of Worlds linkup, which I did last month as well, so I’ve mashed them into this one post. Hopefully you enjoy *bows out*

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What first sparked the idea for this novel?

I’ve already talked about this a bit. I was inspired by an epic fantasy novel idea I had years ago. The story idea evolved and changed a lot, and then I came up with the idea of an Australian fantasy and kind of blending the ideas together. 🙂 Continue reading

In Which I Ramble On About My Latest WIP (a.k.a. What I’m Writing for NaNo)

(None of these photos are mine, excepting the wattle picture. That one is, and you can’t steal it, even though it’s amazing).

Yesterday, Celeste did a post introducing her NaNoWriMo project, and since I promised to introduce my own project about two weeks ago, I decided I’d snitch some of her questions and introduce it! I also added a few questions of my own. I also have sore wrists, so this introduction is going to be short.

Without further ado, I present…

Wattle Fire.

Wattle Fire 2

The colours clash a bit in this one, but oh well.

What’s the basic plot?

The basic plot follows three characters: Yilla–a clan girl from the open plains near a mountain ranges, High-Praise–a princess married at a young age to the king of Traumlant, and Courageous–the said king. Basically, it’s about politics, monarchy and Yilla trying to save the world by educating the rather ignorant king and queen on the ways, language and cultures of their people. It’s also involves touring the country, and dragons, and bushrangers and a weird, eclectic blend of historical fashions and periods and inventions.  Continue reading

Gems from The Infinity Notebooks

Gems header

So, I realise that the heading makes me sound like I’m trying to put together the Infinity Gauntlet or something, but there’s an actual reason for the name and it’s fairly simple. My trilogy all contain the word “infinity”, in their title, so I call the trilogy “Infinity”. Thus, my notebooks are called “The Infinity Notebooks”, and today I’m going to present to you some absolute gems that I’ve found in my scouring of these notebooks.

Note: Most of the things written in here were written during a) NaNoWriMo or b) Camp NaNoWriMo (only slightly less stressful), and they were fuelled by caffeine and lack of sleep and that is probably why they’re so…odd.

Anyway, let’s jump into it! Continue reading