What Does God Mean to Me Tag

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Today’s post is going to be shorter than usual, but I could use a short post and I hopefully won’t take up too much of your time with it 😀 A few months ago, Tania @ Write Owl tagged me to do this tag, which is more of a serious tag than the others I’ve participated in, but it might help you understand what I believe in!

Here we go (thanks to the wonderful, Tania for tagging me :D)

Who is God to you?

God is a Father, Ruler, Judge, Comforter, and someone I am not worthy to approach, yet He still calls me to Himself. Continue reading

What God Has Been Teaching Me: Guest Post #4–Jane Maree

blog headerToday, I’m so pleased and excited to have the amazing pizza ninja, Jane Maree herself, here for our second last post in this series! (goodness gracious, I sound like a radio presenter :P)


Jane Maree is an Adventurer—living and laughing in God’s beautiful creation. If you say anything about pizza, superheroes, books, or any of her many, many fandoms, she’ll come running. Aside from crafting worlds using only twenty-six letters, she is a passionate Jesus-lover, freelance editor, self-trained martial artist, songwriter, and musician. Find her on her website janemareeauthor.com.au

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What God has Been Teaching Me: Guest Post #3–Hailey Hudson

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I’m so excited to have Hailey Hudson here today to talk about what God has taught her this year! She can introduce herself best in her own words, I think!                        


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetHailey Hudson is a young author, blogger, and freelance writer based in the mountains of north Georgia. She loves fastpitch softball, Harry Potter, and her beagle puppy, Sophie. Learn more about her faith journey and her writing journey by following her blog.



2017 was possibly the most difficult year of my life so far, but it’s also been the one where I have grown the most in my faith. Today I’m here to share with you how I was set free.
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