Dear Young Writers…Guest Post by Jenna Terese

Dear young writers

Guess what, I’m not dead (only mostly) and I have a special guest post for today! The wonderful Jen (check out her blog here).   Hopefully, I’ll give you guys a NaNoWriMo update next week, but until then, enjoy Jen’s post 😀


Writing is hard.

I know, I know. I didn’t write this just to tell you a bunch of stuff you already know, but bear with me for a moment…

Writing is hard. It takes years to learn specific skills, understand certain concepts, figure out how things work.

And still…our writing needs a lot of work. It’s tough, to say the least, despite how much we enjoy it.

As writers, we are also big readers. Not just for already published books, but those lovely snippets writers post on their blogs, or that book you’re beta-reading for a friend.

We’re always filling ourselves with others’ writing, and a lot of us start thinking….

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The Root Problem With Christian Fiction

Root Christian fiction

I’m very sorry for my lack of posts at the moment, life’s just been hectic and it’s a bit tiring. Or, you know, a lot tiring. I mean, when I usually say “life’s hectic” I usually mean that I’ve been moderately busy and too lazy to write a post, but this time I mean “oh, schedule is completely upside down and I can’t seem to go to bed before twelve-thirty am. So yeah…

Anyway, my plan for today was a blog post on whether Christians should be writing Christian or secular fiction, but the wonderful Audrey Caylin actually did a post on this a few weeks ago. I couldn’t think of anything to add to her points, so if you want a look at this issue, you can check out her blog post here.

Having decided to skip that post, I’m up to the last one in my Christian fiction series (for the foreseeable future anyway. I have plenty of other ideas I might develop into posts sometime next year). In this post, I’m going to be—hopefully—addressing the issue of the single biggest problem I see in Christian fiction.

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5 Ways To Create Valuable Christian Fiction

Christian fiction header

Last week I published a post on why I write Christian fiction, and it was very well received. A lot of people agreed with me on why we should be writing Christian fiction and it was really enjoyable to discuss finer points with readers who didn’t agree with everything I said. However, I’ve not quite finished the series I started with that post. I still have three(ish) posts left to do, including this one.

I’m going to be away next Saturday, so I’ll have a scheduled post for you guys, which may or may not end up being the next in this series. However, today I’m going to share five things that have helped me in my quest to write Christian fiction (and over the coming weeks I’ll be talking about what I believe is wrong in the current Christian fiction market and the pros and cons of Christians writing secular fiction over Christian fiction).

So what makes fiction valuable?

In my opinion, there’s a lot of things. First of all, it should be entertaining, it should teach you something–whether you realise it or not–it should encourage you, inspire you and bring you closer to God and His word–again, whether you realise it or not.

And that brings me to my next question. How do you write fiction that does all of the above? Continue reading

What Does God Mean to Me Tag

God means to me header

Today’s post is going to be shorter than usual, but I could use a short post and I hopefully won’t take up too much of your time with it 😀 A few months ago, Tania @ Write Owl tagged me to do this tag, which is more of a serious tag than the others I’ve participated in, but it might help you understand what I believe in!

Here we go (thanks to the wonderful, Tania for tagging me :D)

Who is God to you?

God is a Father, Ruler, Judge, Comforter, and someone I am not worthy to approach, yet He still calls me to Himself. Continue reading