Mid Year Book Freak-Out Tag

At this point, its kind of an unspoken tradition in the Book Blogging circles to do the Mid Year Book Freak-Out Tag whenever June/July rolls around. Other tags die sad and lonely deaths, forgotten by all, but the Freak-Out Tag pops up every mid year, proving that it will probably never die, and will in fact, be still lurking when the last of the book blogs inevitably gasps its final breath.

Anyway, all that to say I’m here doing this fun little book tag to get you all up to speed on what I’ve been reading this year! There’s a few versions of this tag running around, but I’m doing Paper Fury’s version, because her questions are so much fun. Let’s get into it!


Currently I’ve read 52 books out of my goal of 80, which I think is pretty good. I’ve currently got four on the go which I hope to finish soon.


I’ve been mainly reading non-fiction this year, actually! I tend to flipflop between non-fiction and fiction years and this year has been a NF year, which has been pretty fun. I love challenging my mind with lots of different topics and I’ve discovered some absolute gems which I hope to put into a blog post very soon.

Other than non-fiction, I’ve been reading a lot of adult! Usually I stick to YA with a sprinkling of MG, but lately I’ve been digging into some adult fiction and really enjoying it. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world of different tropes and cliches and genres. It’s been really good. I’ve particularly been enjoying some adult mystery/thrillers, and some adult fantasy.

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Ignite Release Blog Tour: An Interview with Jenna Terese!

I am so incredibly excited to welcome you all here today to celebrate the release of my wonderful friend, Jenna’s debut! She’s such an amazing woman and an amazing writer and I have the absolute pleasure of interviewing her today about her book, her life and her writing process! Let’s get into it.

But before we do, check out the awesome book trailer 🙂

CRH: First of all, thank you for coming on the blog, Jenna! It’s such a pleasure to have you here. To start off, can you tell us three things we might not know about you? 

JT: I only like fries with nacho cheese, I will take a photo of EVERY pretty sunset I see, and I have a plant named after a book character. Super random things here. XD

Haha, I love these facts! What inspired you to write this novel?

The idea was sort of sparked by an image stuck in my head from a movie trailer and another superhero novel I tried to write but didn’t go anywhere. I become intrigued by the idea of superpowers being more common in our world, but not thought of as positively like we do.

That’s a really fascinating starting point, thanks for sharing that! What parts of this novel are drawn from your personal experience?

A lot of Scarlett’s journey about accepting all of who she is instead of letting society and pressure from others tell her whether her God-given gifts are worth keeping or not come from some of my own learning experiences. As someone with social anxiety and who is generally pretty self-conscious, it can be easy to give in to peer pressure and worry about how people see me. But all that matters is how God sees me, and if He’s given me a feature, a trait, a passion, or a gift for a purpose, there’s no reason to hide it.

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2020’s Terrible Reads (Books That Made my 2020 Experience Worse)

So I think we can all agree that 2020 was not the best of years. It certainly wasn’t for me. However, it wasn’t all bad and one of the things that made it better was that I read a lot of good books and a blog post of all my favourite (by that I mean five star) reads will be coming out tomorrow. One of the things that helped contribute to this was me becoming much more liberal in my DNFs. For the past few years I’ve almost religiously tried to finish books once I commit to them (for me, reading the first few pages and deciding not to continue isn’t committing to a book), but this year I finally decided that I just don’t have enough time in life to read through books I’m hating.

So I have begun down the path of Did Not Finish.

And thankfully, there’s a lot fewer books I hated this year than there has been in previous years. However, do not think for a moment that I loved every book I read. Most of the books I read were mediocre, or were fun reads that entertain in the moment but don’t stick longterm and that was ok. At no point during this year did I really feel like diving into some deep literary fiction. But there were a few books I did really strongly dislike and we’re going to get into them now!

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Stop The Rain Release Blog Tour: Review

So this review was supposed to be up a few days, unfortunately, life just got out of hand and it didn’t get published. However, here we are now! The blog tour is still going on, so jump over to Soldier Girl Stories to see what the other participates are saying about Stop the Rain.

Anyway, if you haven’t been around my blog for the last few days, here’s Stop The Rain‘s blurb.

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