Red Pens, Backstories and Whiny Character Make Overs: Writing Updates!

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It’s been a few months since I did a writing update, so I decided it was high time I gave you another one!

So far, 2018 has been a pretty slow year for writing, I haven’t done a whole lot, but there’s been a few changes since my last update, so I’ll let you in on them. 😀


WIP—The Blade of the Dragon Trilogy

I mentioned briefly at the start of the year that I had started rewriting Jihi and then had stopped after about a thousand words. It was just dry and uninspired, and despite my earlier enthusiasm over the replotting and outlining I’d done, I just wasn’t feeling any passion for this novel at all. Continue reading “Red Pens, Backstories and Whiny Character Make Overs: Writing Updates!”

Character Karaoke Tag

(Images all from Pixabay)

Jane Maree over at Misty Maiden recently did this tag and I thought it looked fun, so I decided to join in.  I don’t really talk about music a lot on this blog, but I love music and I enjoy singing. I can’t play any instruments, but I want to learn the oboe so, so badly (I’ve heard it’s really hard to play though, so…).

Anyway, onto the questions, 😀 I’ll be focussing again on my current Beauty and the Beast/Phantom of the Opera retelling, because I really love this book…and that’s all the reason I need! Continue reading “Character Karaoke Tag”

Beautiful People–August Edition + Snippets



Beautiful People is a monthly blogging meme hosted by Cait and Sky which aims to help writers better understand their characters! It’s a lot of fun, so I’ve decided to link up with August’s edition.

I’ll be answering the questions for Felicita Cristiano, the heroine from my new WIP Rose Mask. Rose Mask is a plot bunny I decided to pursue for fun at the beginning of this month. It’s only a small novella and its a Beauty and the Beast/The Phantom of the Opera retelling. I’ve had a lot of fun writing it so far, so I’ll also include a few snippets at the end for your enjoyment!

Now, for the questions! Continue reading “Beautiful People–August Edition + Snippets”