In Which I Ramble On About My Latest WIP (a.k.a. What I’m Writing for NaNo)

(None of these photos are mine, excepting the wattle picture. That one is, and you can’t steal it, even though it’s amazing).

Yesterday, Celeste did a post introducing her NaNoWriMo project, and since I promised to introduce my own project about two weeks ago, I decided I’d snitch some of her questions and introduce it! I also added a few questions of my own. I also have sore wrists, so this introduction is going to be short.

Without further ado, I present…

Wattle Fire.

Wattle Fire 2

The colours clash a bit in this one, but oh well.

What’s the basic plot?

The basic plot follows three characters: Yilla–a clan girl from the open plains near a mountain ranges, High-Praise–a princess married at a young age to the king of Traumlant, and Courageous–the said king. Basically, it’s about politics, monarchy and Yilla trying to save the world by educating the rather ignorant king and queen on the ways, language and cultures of their people. It’s also involves touring the country, and dragons, and bushrangers and a weird, eclectic blend of historical fashions and periods and inventions.  Continue reading

The Language of Worlds Link Up

The Language of Worlds 1

I’m going to be doing something new and a bit…edgy, this week. Okay, so it isn’t edgy at all, but it does look like fun! Most of you will probably remember Paperfury’s awesome link up Beautiful People (RIP), and this Language of Worlds is sorta the same, but it’s run by the wonderful Liv and it’s tailored for Christian fantasy.

Of course, I love this sort of thing, and it’s been going around for a bit, so I decided to join in 😀

I’ll be using Augustine Quillon from Infinity, because he and Chessy are dual-narrators for the final book in the trilogy, The Author of Infinity. You already know a lot about Chessy, but so far I haven’t really done a spotlight on Quillon. Also, this link up has been running for four months now, and there’s been two editions released. I missed the first link up, so I’ll be doing both sets of questions, just because I’m revolutionary. Continue reading

A Bunch of Exciting Tags! (Feat. The Get to Know Me tag, My Favourite Things tag and the 777 Tag)

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself tagged for three different tags, so I’m going to do an exciting amalgamation of all the tags I’ve been tagged with. Without further ado, here we go!

Beginning with the Get to Know Me Tag, Writer’s Edition!

Get to Know Me Tag Banner


  • Link back to the person who created the tag (that would be the awesome Savannah)
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Musical Theatre Tag (I ramble about Musicals and my WIPs)

musical tag header

The wonderful MyMusicalAndWritingLife created this awesome musical/WIP tag which I just had to do, given my adoration of everything musical and because of my love of rambling about my WIPs. So…here we go. If you are not prepared for wild fangirling and ramble, you’d better leave now 😛

Jean Valjean [Les Mis]

 (A character you’ve written that underwent major character change)

All my characters?

Okay, Justice probably changes the most over the course of The Stars Fill Infinity, Zachary Stoner changes the most over When Infinity is Empty, Chessy and Quillon don’t really change that much. They have arcs that kind of border on flat. They grow and deepen and definitely do change, but they don’t…do a 180 and change themselves completely (Justice and Zac do though). Continue reading