Never Have I Ever//Writer’s Edition

Hello all! Look at me posting semi-regularly? What is this? Anyway, I received this tag from the amazing Hailey Hudson and I think I’ve done it before, but it’s such a fun tag that I’m going to do it again. We’ll see if my answers have changed in the last few years.

I believe this tag was created by Bree Dawn over at the Long Voyage

… started a novel that I didn’t finish.

Of course! I think its pretty much a given that a writer will start and not finish a hundred stories to each one that actually does get finished. However, I don’t do this as much as I used to. I have so little free time nowadays that I usually only start novels that I am almost certain I will finish. It still does happen occasionally though.

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All About You Round The Blogosphere Tag

So about a month ago, Gracie over at Grace A. Johnson tagged me for this tag, and I love doing tags, so I thought why not do it today? Also, I haven’t introduced myself to all the new followers I’ve gained for some inexplicable reason, so this might be a nice little “get to know me” post.

Let’s get into it!

What is your favourite book/series and why?

I am nauseatingly enthusiastic about my favourite books, so I’m sure if you’ve been around this blog for more than 3.8 seconds you know the answer. My three favourite books in the whole world are (not in order), The Lord of the Rings, The Eagle of the Ninth, and A Tale of Two Cities. There are some runners up, such as The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, Frankenstein, The Secret Garden, The Hunger Games, The Scorpio Races, etc. But the three above mentioned are my favourites by far.

Um, why? I don’t really know, other than the obvious answer that they’re well-written, entertaining, beautiful, and have relatable characters. I think that those three have just struck a chord in my heart that other books haven’t. I could talk about them forever, but this tag is going to be long as it is, so let’s move onto the next question.

Who is your favourite author?

Probably one of the authors of the books above, Tolkien, Dickens or Rosemary Sutcliff. If I had to choose based on talent, I think it would definitely be Tolkien. His works are just so, so good. Everything about his stories are just amazing. Dickens is also very good for the same reason, plus I also admire his passion for social justice. Personally though, I love Rosemary Sutcliff. She was an amazing woman, who managed to write hundreds of books even with severe rheumatoid arthritis.

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Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag

Hello people! How are you all doing? Today I’m doing yet another tag, this one stolen from Kenzie. It’s the Jolly Genre Jubilee Tag, and it is so much fun to do, basically because genres are fun and rambling about my favourite genres and just maybe giving you a little taste of one of my latest plot bunnies and my NaNoWriMo 2021 prospect.

Ok, let’s get into it!

What is your favorite genre of fiction to write?

Hands down, historical fantasy. But I also really love writing dark fantasy, and by that I mean fantasy that is aesthetically dark, not necessarily thematically or content dark. Fantasy that takes place in winter, at night, with the wild fae out roaming the hills, and relying heavily on old Celtic/British mythology and folklore. I eat that stuff up.

What genre would you NEVER get caught writing? . . .EVER.

A proper, true blue romance novel, Harlequin books style. You will never catch me writing that, or Christian historical romance. I would rather do almost anything than write those. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, per se, I just can’t stand anything vaguely romance-y as a genre. Bring on the romance in other genres (or don’t, that’s also perfectly fine) but I could never write proper genre romances.

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Mid Year Book Freak-Out Tag

At this point, its kind of an unspoken tradition in the Book Blogging circles to do the Mid Year Book Freak-Out Tag whenever June/July rolls around. Other tags die sad and lonely deaths, forgotten by all, but the Freak-Out Tag pops up every mid year, proving that it will probably never die, and will in fact, be still lurking when the last of the book blogs inevitably gasps its final breath.

Anyway, all that to say I’m here doing this fun little book tag to get you all up to speed on what I’ve been reading this year! There’s a few versions of this tag running around, but I’m doing Paper Fury’s version, because her questions are so much fun. Let’s get into it!


Currently I’ve read 52 books out of my goal of 80, which I think is pretty good. I’ve currently got four on the go which I hope to finish soon.


I’ve been mainly reading non-fiction this year, actually! I tend to flipflop between non-fiction and fiction years and this year has been a NF year, which has been pretty fun. I love challenging my mind with lots of different topics and I’ve discovered some absolute gems which I hope to put into a blog post very soon.

Other than non-fiction, I’ve been reading a lot of adult! Usually I stick to YA with a sprinkling of MG, but lately I’ve been digging into some adult fiction and really enjoying it. It’s like I’ve discovered a whole new world of different tropes and cliches and genres. It’s been really good. I’ve particularly been enjoying some adult mystery/thrillers, and some adult fantasy.

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