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Hello there! Yep, I disappeared for a bit there (I blame work), but I’ve got a huge backlog of blog posts to get through (I’ve been given so many tags that I want to do!) so here I am today to do a random blog post!

So, Emily over at E.K. Seaver created a blog tag for writers, called the Disney Character Blog tag and she tagged me for it a few weeks months ago. Basically, here’s the rules:

  1. Link back to the tag’s creator
  2. Link back to the person who tagged you
  3. Pick 10-12 of your favourite Disney Characters
  4. Chose which of your cast of characters (whether from your current or a former WIP) reminds you of those princesses and tell us why.
  5. Tag 4-7 other people
  6. (Optional) Use the graphic I created for the tag

So…I don’t really know that many Disney characters. Weird, aren’t I? I didn’t really grow up watching Disney movies so the only ones I’ve seen are the ones my younger siblings enjoy watching. With that in mind, I decided to use the original Disney Princesses, with a few exceptions. I honestly couldn’t think of any of my characters to compare to Aurora, Snow White or Cinderella, because, if we’re being honest, they don’t have much in the way of personality. So I’ve replaced them with three other characters I like from movies I’ve actually seen.

Also, I think I’m supposed to choose one novel/cast of characters, unfortunately, I’m a rulebreaker and I don’t want to choose just one of my novels. So anything I’ve written so far is fair game! Now, let’s get into it!

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Know the Novel: The Darkest Night-Part 3, It Is Written

[My brain is fried guys, I accidently pressed Publish Immediately, instead of scheduling this for Thursday. At this point, I’m far too tired to care, so you lovely people get a Tuesday post instead of a Thursday one!]

Hello all! How are you doing? Pull up a chair and join me as I throw a log on the fireplace (I know it’s summer here, but it is dang cold, people. The coldest summer for a decade. And I’m still sleeping wrapped up in my huge winter blanket, plus two other blankets).

Today is the last day of the Know the Novel link up I’ve been prematurely taking part in! Also, this will be the last you’ll hear of this novel for a while (aside from perhaps the odd mention of how its doing). I’m keeping this novel fairly closely under wraps because I hope to do great things with it and I don’t want the whole world knowing about it.

So, now the fire is roaring cosily, let’s get into the questions for today.

1. Firstly, how did writing this novel go all around?

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous two posts (you can find them here and here), writing this novel was so easy, even though I’d been stuck in an eighteen month long writer’s block. Since I’ve already talked a lot about this point, I’ll say no more and we’ll get into the juicy questions.

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Know The Novel: The Darkest Night–Within the Novel

*[Somehow I completely forgot to write an introduction for this post? Oh well, let’s get into it! Today’s we’re looking at Part 2 of Christine’s Know the Novel Tag for my 2020 NaNoWriMo novel, currently working titled The Darkest Night]*

1. How’s the writing going overall?

Overall, the writing of this book was pretty smooth going. I was very busy during the three months I wrote it, so I didn’t get it finished as quickly as I would have liked, but I can’t complain. I wrote it and I’m proud of it.

And there’s obviously been a few road bumps and pot holes (and plot holes as well), and there’s so much that needs to be fixed up in the next draft, but I’m really happy with it!

2. What’s been the most fun aspect about writing this novel so far?

How can I even choose? So much of this book was fun to write. I think though the monsters were my favourite thing. As I mentioned in my last post, there’s kelpies, green fae dogs (which really need a bigger part in the story!), ghouls, a fae queen, werewolves (obviously)…it’s all so much fun!

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Know The Novel: The Darkest Night Introduction

Hello everyone! How are you doing this fine Thursday morning? Welcome to the first post of 2021!

Today I’m going to be introducing you to my “secret project” which I’ve been hinting at a bit for my last few posts. Since it was my NaNoWriMo novel and I never finished doing Know the Novel for my other novel which was supposed to be my November novel, I’ve decided to introduce it using this format.

Anyway, I’m really proud of this novel. If you’ve been following my blog for the last few years, you’ll probably know, or at least guess, that I haven’t completed a novel since my dad died in 2018. This is the first one I’ve finished for over two years! And I’m so happy with it! And I feel like I’ve finally broken through the writer’s block I’ve been suffering from for so long.

So yeah, I’m not going to be talking much about this novel outside of the three Know The Novel posts I’ll be doing on it, mainly because its very special to me, and secondly because I’m going to attempt to query some agents and I just don’t want all the details floating around the internet.

On that note, let’s get into the first post! (These questions come from Christine Smith’s linkup, in case anyone is wondering)

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