Happy First Birthday to The Stars Fill Infinity


Guess what? Today, you get a special post because….*Drumroll*…

…It’s the first birthday of my messy work in progress The Stars Fill Infinity. Exactly a year ago, I sat down with a gold notebook I’d received as a birthday present a few days before and I wrote the first words that would eventually lead to the birth of TSFI. They were, very appropriately, Chessy Verde–Main Character ENFJ. 

Over the next year, my five words have grown into 200,000+ words, two novels, two and a half outlines and plans for a trilogy (plus a companion novella), plus countless pages of character charts, Beautiful People interviews, blog posts, random (usually discarded and humorous) ideas and a billion and a half sticky notes.

Why yes, I am slightly obsessed.

The truth is, I love this story. I love the characters. I love Chessy and Sapphire, Jean and Quillon, Justice, Zac, Jonas, Rain, Neva, Stasya and the plethora of other characters I brought to life in my writing. I’ve dedicated large amounts of time to this work because I feel it is a work I need and that others need and that God wants me to write.

So, today’s post is a celebration of all things Infinity! And it’s a little bittersweet, and slightly scary, but also exciting. First of all, this is going to be the last post about TSFI for a while. Continue reading

The Language of Worlds Link Up

The Language of Worlds 1

I’m going to be doing something new and a bit…edgy, this week. Okay, so it isn’t edgy at all, but it does look like fun! Most of you will probably remember Paperfury’s awesome link up Beautiful People (RIP), and this Language of Worlds is sorta the same, but it’s run by the wonderful Liv and it’s tailored for Christian fantasy.

Of course, I love this sort of thing, and it’s been going around for a bit, so I decided to join in 😀

I’ll be using Augustine Quillon from Infinity, because he and Chessy are dual-narrators for the final book in the trilogy, The Author of Infinity. You already know a lot about Chessy, but so far I haven’t really done a spotlight on Quillon. Also, this link up has been running for four months now, and there’s been two editions released. I missed the first link up, so I’ll be doing both sets of questions, just because I’m revolutionary. Continue reading

A Bunch of Exciting Tags! (Feat. The Get to Know Me tag, My Favourite Things tag and the 777 Tag)

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself tagged for three different tags, so I’m going to do an exciting amalgamation of all the tags I’ve been tagged with. Without further ado, here we go!

Beginning with the Get to Know Me Tag, Writer’s Edition!

Get to Know Me Tag Banner


  • Link back to the person who created the tag (that would be the awesome Savannah)
  • Thank the person who tagged you (and that would be lovely Christine )
  • Share the tag graphic
  • Tag eleven bloggers.

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Gems from The Infinity Notebooks

Gems header

So, I realise that the heading makes me sound like I’m trying to put together the Infinity Gauntlet or something, but there’s an actual reason for the name and it’s fairly simple. My trilogy all contain the word “infinity”, in their title, so I call the trilogy “Infinity”. Thus, my notebooks are called “The Infinity Notebooks”, and today I’m going to present to you some absolute gems that I’ve found in my scouring of these notebooks.

Note: Most of the things written in here were written during a) NaNoWriMo or b) Camp NaNoWriMo (only slightly less stressful), and they were fuelled by caffeine and lack of sleep and that is probably why they’re so…odd.

Anyway, let’s jump into it! Continue reading