Hello, I am not Dead and I have an Announcement!

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Hello, People!

As the title implies, I’m not dead. I know I’ve missed a few posts, but my excuse is that I’ve been busy (sooo tired at the moment!) and I’ve also been trying to write a novel on top of that. Actually, I wrote a novel on top of that, all 94,000 words of it. And I’m editing my novelette/novella thing, so…

I am exhausted, so today’s post is going to be pretty short. (Also, not my main announcement, but another announcement I have is that, for the foreseeable future, I’m going back to one post a week, rather than two).

Okay, my announcement!

Next month, on May 11, I’ll be celebrating my 1-Year Blogiversary! And since it’s the done thing around the blogosphere to do a Q+A Post when celebrating blogiversaries, I thought I’d do one as well (nope, you aren’t getting a vlog out of me any time yet, sorry. Maybe next year).

Which means that I need questions! So, it’s up to you to ask away. Anything you want–writing, reading, blogging, or personal (but not too personal, you know. That’d be awkward).

If you have any questions, feel free to comment them below, I’ll collect them and answer them all on May 11!

So, how have you guys been? How did Camp NaNo go for you? Tell me a bit about your life at the moment!

How Goes Camp NaNo? 50k + Snippets!

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How goes Camp NaNoWriMo for you? Has it been a good month or a bad one? So far, for me, it’s been a pretty good Camp because on Monday 16th I reached 50k, which was my goal for the month!

So today, I’m going to briefly update you on how my Camp NaNo novel (When Infinity is Empty, which you can read about here) is going!

I started a day late this month, on the 2nd instead of the 1st, because the first was not only a Sunday but Easter Sunday, so it felt a bit wrong. Anyway, that doesn’t seem to have impacted the story a lot. It was so much fun on that Monday just to plunge into this story (which I’ve been planning since New Years Day) and to immerse myself again in the world that I basically solely lived in last November. It’s been amazing to go back and visit Chessy, to expand her world and to deepen the relationships she has with the lucky few who managed to survive the last novel. I’ve also loved introducing the new characters, in particular the Caelans, Dr Alexander Manly and Zac Stoner. And I’m setting everything up for the third book too, which is really exciting 😀 (This third book is going to be epic). Continue reading

Easter and Craziness: March Wrap Up

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(Just a note before we start: Unfortunately, due to Internet issues, there aren’t any pretty pictures for this post. Sorry about that)

Hello guys!! Can you believe we’re a whole week into April already?? It’s crazy, but I’m going to update you on my March. These posts of mine tend to be really, really long, but today I’m going to attempt to shorten my monthly wrap-up posts, in the hope that I won’t sound so rambly!

Before we start, I just want to mention that yesterday I did a guest post for Audrey Caylin on the importance of hope and you really should go have a look, and check out Audrey’s blog as well, because it’s amazing (and she’s amazing too). Continue reading

Summer is Over and Now It’s Autumn: February Happenings

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(So, I was really busy on the weekend and didn’t get a chance to post this, but here I am now! Also, because of aforesaid busyness, I didn’t get a chance to take any cool book pictures or anything 😦 So, sorry)

Summer is oveeerrrr!!! This is good news because I’m not a huge fan of summer…It’s hot (over 40 Celsius sometimes), and there’s fires and snakes and…yeah, not a fan. But I love autumn! There’s something so lovely about warm (not hot) days and something cosy about chilly nights.

February was a pretty quiet month, which was nice, and I only got up to a few things. Continue reading