Writing Update: Progress Is Not Made, But I Show You Character Art Instead

It’s been a while* since I got on here to tell you about my many beloved projects, so I thought I would do so today. It’s going to be a chill post, the internet equivalent of sitting down with a cuppa and a biscuit and chatting with a friend you haven’t seen in a few months. We’ll have a look at each of my major projects, discuss where I’m up to with each of them, what my goals are with them, and share some snippets and character art!

Let’s get into it!

*Approximately 18 months, to be exact.

The Changeling and the Wolf

This is my baby at the moment. The story of a young and idiotic werewolf, whose brother is a monster hunter. Together they discover an evil cult which is trying to resurrect the long dead tyrant Dark Lord, and it kind of just goes from there.

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Disney Writing Tag

disney writing tag

I know that I’m doing a lot of tags at the moment, but that’s because they’re quick, easy and fun! I have some very philosophical, deep sort of posts coming up, but I need some time to think these through and write and edit them. So for now, we’re going to do some tags!

Celeste sort of tagged me for this one about a month ago and it looked like a lot of fun. Generally, I’m not really a Disney person (yeah, I know. Don’t come at me like that) but I like talking about my WIPs and all that, so let’s get into it!

(Also, unless otherwise specified, I’ll be talking about Wattle Fires!)

1. ALADDIN — Poof! A genie appears and is willing to grant you ONE wish to fix your current WIP. What do you wish for?

I would wish for some clarity as to what needs fixing in Wattle Fires. I know there’s a lot wrong with it, but I’m just not sure how to fix them. I also need some clarity on the plot…it’s quite confusing and I am confused, and the one person who has read the opening chapters was also confused.

Yeah…it’s got issues.

2. LION KING — If you had to retell a Shakespearean play using animals as the main characters, which play would you choose and which animals? 

I’m not familiar with most of Shakespeare’s plays, but I would love to do Macbeth. Maybe with dogs? Or with otters. I don’t know which would be better. I have written a novel where all the characters were anthropomorphic otters, so it would be familiar territory for me.

3. POCAHONTAS — Have you ever pulled inspiration for a story from history, and what was it?

All the time! Wattle Fires is a retelling of the lives of King Charles I and Marie Antoinette and so a lot of the plot is based on the English Civil War and the events leading up to the French Revolution. I also drew a lot of inspiration from the lives of King George V and VI and Queen Henrietta (Charles’ wife).

Trust me, the amount of books on the English Royal family I read were astounding and I’ve weave a lot of the details i learnt into the plot and setting of Wattle Fires.

4. SNOW WHITE — What was the very first story you ever wrote?

The first “proper” story I wrote was the otter story I mentioned above, actually. I wrote some things before that, but I consider Otter Storm to be my first actual story. The very first story was so long ago I wouldn’t even be able to remember, to be honest.

5. MULAN — Who is the strongest character you’ve ever written and what made them strong?

This question isn’t fair at all! All my characters are strong in one way or another and picking one out of all the characters I have (even if I narrow it down just to Wattle Fires) is really difficult.

Yilla is probably one of my strongest characters, physically, mentally and emotionally. Tahitoa is also very strong (my dear, sad boy). Plus, both of their arcs centre around becoming strong in unconventional ways and learning that weakness is not the same thing as showing emotion or being kind.

Unconventional strength is one of my favourite tropes.

6. STAR WARS — If you had to live in one of the worlds or setting you’ve created, which would it be and why?

Probably The Dreamland, the world of Wattle Fires. Futeristic Australia, the setting of TSFI is depressing and dystopian, whereas the Dreamland has its issues, but also a lot of beauty and unique culture. I think living there would be lovely.

7. ANTHEMS — Which Disney song(s) would you put on your writing playlist?

While I’m not sold on most Disney movies, I love Disney songs! I even have a bit of a list for Wattle Fires:

-“Be Prepared” from The Lion King. the whole plot of WF is an attempt to usurp the king, so this definitely applies!

–“Reflection” from Mulan. Tahitoa really struggles with feeling that he isn’t good enough, that he’s a failure and that the mask he puts on for the rest of the world isn’t who he really is.

-“How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. This would be the anthem song of practically all the girls in WF, but particularly Puatea and Heirani. Both struggle with their dedication to their duty vs their desire to be free.

-“Mother Knows Best” from Tangled. Like Rapunzel, Tahitoa grows up with a domineering, ambitious and emotionally manipulative mother. She convinces everyone around her, but particularly Tahitoa, that they can’t survive without her, and she manipulates everyone (especially her husband the High King) into doing what she desires.

-“Speechless” from Aladdin.  I know this song is supposed to be a feminist anthem sort of thing, but I really like viewing this song from the point of view of Jasmine’s royalty. Looking at royalty over the years, particularly princesses and queens, but all of them really, they’re often puppets of more domineering, powerful people. One of the climaxes of Tahitoa’s arc is him deciding that he isn’t going to be anyone’s plaything anymore, so I like to see this song as one of his anthems.

8. RETELLINGS — Which fairytale movie would you want to retell?

I’ve been working on a Little Mermaid x King Arthur retelling for over a year now. While I love the plot and general aesthetic of the story, but there are several details that I haven’t been able to work out and these have kept me from the editing the story.

I do love it though. Basically, Morgan curses a young girl who strays into her realm to become a water nymph in the service of the Lady of the Lake. When young King Arthur arrives at the lake to receive Excalibur, Nimue–the nymph–falls in love with him. She later makes a deal with Morgan and then saves Arthur from falling into Morgan’s clutches…

Alas, it is based more on the original tale than the Disney version.

9. FROZEN — Which character that you’ve written is Most Likely to be misunderstood or incorrectly interpreted as a villain?

Oooh, this one is hard. I’m not really one for morally grey characters (I like solidly good or solidly bad characters, with the occasional antihero/ine thrown in there). But maybe Tahitoa’s uncle, Rahiti. Rahiti isn’t a nice person, he is even villainous sometimes and cunning all the time. But he isn’t a villain, or at least, he isn’t the most villainous person in WF. He also really does love his nephew…he just has a funny way of showing it.

10. MOANA — If you had to go on an epic journey with ONE of your characters, and the two of you were tasked with saving the world, who would you choose and why?

Definitely Yilla! Out of all my characters, Yilla is one of the most like me, personality wise. But life-experience wise, she’s very different and has a completely different skill set and together I think we could do a great job at saving the world.

11. PINOCCHIO — What’s the most common lie you tell people about your stories or writing?

“Yes, you can read it when I’m done”.

Usually this phrase is followed by me awkwardly ducking out of the conversation and hoping that, in a year, the recipient of those words will have completely forgotten about my book.

12. SIDEKICKS — Who is your favourite minor character you’ve written that you wish you could give their own full story to?

This one is easy! In WF, three of my absolute favourite characters are my three female side characters, Vaite (Puatea’s sister and handmaid), Heirani (Tahitoa’s sister), and Wirra (Yilla’s sister). These three are awesome and I would love to do a spinoff story where the three of them go on an adventure of their own. They’re all spunky and kind, but all different and have such different philosophies and cultures. I love the dynamic the three of them have.

How about you guys? Who are your favourite sidekicks? If you had to go on a quest with one of your characters, who would you choose? Have you ever pulled some inspiration from history?

A Wattle Day Appreciation Post (+ Everything You Wanted to Know About Wattle Fires)

Wattle Day (1)

Happy 1 September! (Edit:This was meant to post yesterday and didn’t for some reason)

When I took an unofficial poll on my blog a few months ago, almost everyone was interested in me doing more Australian themed posts, so I decided to do a Wattle Day post.

For all of you who aren’t in the know, Wattle Day isn’t really anything important. Its not a national holiday where we all show our pride, or even get a day off work. Its just 1 September, when we wax poetic about the pretty yellow flower we call the wattle.

So in honour of Wattle Day, I’m going to talk a bit about my WIP Wattle Fires and the cultures that inspired it, as well as doing the Language of Worlds Link up! So let’s get into it 😀 Continue reading “A Wattle Day Appreciation Post (+ Everything You Wanted to Know About Wattle Fires)”

Heroes of Legend Character Tag

Here’s my second last character tag. Pretty certain I wasn’t tagged officially for this, but it looks fun and I have no conscience, so I’m stealing it. 😛

For something a little different, I’m only using characters that are not main characters. So basically, if a character has a POV in either the Infinity series or Wattle Fires, they aren’t allowed to be the answer to these questions. So here goes, let’s learn a little about my secondary characters.

1.Is most likely to be turned into a frog (and then thrown against the wall for extra obnoxiousness)?

Most likely to be turned into a frog for obnoxiousness? Kendall is coming straight to mind 😛 He’s probably the most obnoxious character I’ve ever created, though he has a soft, cute heart beneath 😀

2. Could probably persuade a man–sent to kill them on pain of death– not to kill them, through charisma or charm alone (or manipulation, whichever way you take it)?

Heirani. She’s clever and has an array of sharp objects at her disposal as well. Combined with her quirky charm and power of persuasion, I’m sure she could stop anyone from killing her.

3. Is that kind of person who waves around a weapon (or other sharp pointy object) everywhere they go, regardless of their skill in handling it (which is to say, probably quite doubtful)?

This would probably be Dae Quillon. She doesn’t actually have any weapons in the story, but she definitely would be quite dangerous if someone gave her one. 😛


4. Can endure the most pain with a stoic, completely neutral face (maybe s/he’s dancing)?

Jonas. Sweet Jonas is so self-sacrificial that he would endure all sorts of pain without letting on that he’s hurting–both physical and emotional.

However, the mention of dancing also brings to mind Neva Marnee. She has chronic pain, and though she isn’t free of moments of frustration, she definitely bears the majority of it alone.

5. Is most likely to pull off a Hua Mulan and face a trial as one of the opposite gender if need arises?

Neva again comes to mind. But I won’t tell you why.

6. Would be quickest to obey a talking cat when it demands them to buy it a pair of boots?

Zac Stoner. He’s a bit of a conman, so I can see him trying to pull the wool over the talking cat’s eyes. He’d play an elaborate trick on it, but knowing Puss in Boots, it would probably end up catching him hook, line and sinker.


7. Is willing to do anything– absolutely anything– in order to rescue someone s/he loves (includes killing innocent foxes and asking the moon for help)?

Can I mention Zac again? I think so. Yes, he would do absolutely anything to save someone he loved.

8. Seems to stubbornly not die no matter what you put them through (if you haven’t tried the Big Bad Wolf, now’s the time)?

Leilani (High-Praise). She never seems to die, no matter what terrible thing I put her through.

9. Is the terrifyingly malicious, extra-megalomaniacal, wildly unpredictable Queen of Hearts/Bluebeard villain (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

I don’t really have any characters like this. Most of my villains aren’t really villains…they’re more just…antagonists. Probably the closest thing I have is Theresa Caelan. She’s terrifying, if not wildly unpredictable.

10. Is the terrifyingly placid, blood-freezingly calm, monotone-voiced villain that is Every Fairytale Villain in History Incarnate (the kind that makes you want to run and hide)?

Maria Caderousse. While Theresa is passionate and mad, Caderousse is so calm she’s also terrifying. Yes, she fits this almost exactly.

Thanks to whoever it was who created this tag! What about you guys? Which one of your characters would listen to a talking cat? Who is your most terrifying villain? Which character would be turned into a frog?