A Bunch of Exciting Tags! (Feat. The Get to Know Me tag, My Favourite Things tag and the 777 Tag)

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself tagged for three different tags, so I’m going to do an exciting amalgamation of all the tags I’ve been tagged with. Without further ado, here we go!

Beginning with the Get to Know Me Tag, Writer’s Edition!

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Comrade: Chapter III


Comrade Header 2

Guten morgen! We’re up to part three of Comrade today, which is a shorter part than the other ones I’ve shared so far, but it’s exciting because the next chapter you get to meet two more very important characters 😀 Let’s go!



“First things first. Strip off those clothes.”

I stared at him, “You want me to undress, right here and now?” I demanded, heat washing over me.

Ben Simeon frowned at me. “I’ve known you ten minutes and I’m already finding you exasperating. Yes, I want you to get undressed, right here and now!”

Perhaps it wouldn’t have bothered anyone else, but it bothered me. It’s awkward stripping yourself naked in the middle of the forest, with your mortal enemy looking on. Continue reading

Gems from The Infinity Notebooks

Gems header

So, I realise that the heading makes me sound like I’m trying to put together the Infinity Gauntlet or something, but there’s an actual reason for the name and it’s fairly simple. My trilogy all contain the word “infinity”, in their title, so I call the trilogy “Infinity”. Thus, my notebooks are called “The Infinity Notebooks”, and today I’m going to present to you some absolute gems that I’ve found in my scouring of these notebooks.

Note: Most of the things written in here were written during a) NaNoWriMo or b) Camp NaNoWriMo (only slightly less stressful), and they were fuelled by caffeine and lack of sleep and that is probably why they’re so…odd.

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3 Ways to Make The Editing Process Perfect (or at Least Better)

3 editing.

Okay, so that title was pretty much clickbait.

But I’ve just finished the second draft of my novel, The Stars Fill Infinity, (if you’re interested, you still have two more days to sign up as a beta reader) and I learnt some new things while I was working on these revisions, which I thought I’d share with you, since I know some of you are going through edits at the moment. I can’t make the editing process perfect, because no one will ever have a perfect process, but I can, hopefully make it better.

Have a Plan

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