The Lunar Chronicles (Mini-Reviews + 4 Reasons Why Everyone Should Read This Series!)

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Hello, folks! I come to you today bearing a bunch of mini reviews for Marissa Meyer’s amazing YA series The Lunar Chronicles, plus giving you four reasons why you should read these books, if you’re not convinced by the end of the reviews.

I’ll try to keep these as spoiler free as possible, but if I do have to bring up a spoiler, I’ll make sure to tag it first! (Also, just as a note, I will not be reviewing Fairest because, as of now, I haven’t read it. Thus I cannot cast my opinion on it into the realms of An Ordinary Pen).

So, let’s go! Continue reading

Symbolism 101: 7 Ways to Add Symbolism to Your Novel

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If there’s one thing I love when it comes to storytelling, its symbolism. Next to characters and plot, I probably invest the most in the symbolism that I present in my stories. I also love finding it in other works (though there’s a point in novel study guides when it gets ridiculous. Sometimes a colour is chosen simply because it looks nice. Aesthetic is important too).

But sometimes symbolism is really subtle and its easy to miss. And sometimes its very difficult to work symbolism into the plot and characters without slapping the reader over the head with clunky motifs, metaphors and similes.

So, I thought today I’d share a few tips I’ve gleaned over several years of writing, offering you some inspiration on how to add symbolism to your novel! Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Tag

So, Quinn O’Fallon nominated me to do this super fun tag, and since I have the brain capacity of…like, a carrot, right now, it seemed perfect. (Between competitions I’m entering, Stars which I’m editing, and rereading The Return of the King, I have no time for…anything else. Including pretty blog headers. 😦 ).

Why did you start blogging?

Um, because it looked fun? There wasn’t really any deep, philosophical reason, I just wanted to do it. 😀

Do you prefer to write with pen and paper or on a computer? Why?

It depends. When I’m outlining, creating characters, worldbuilding and brainstorming, its always, always on paper with a pen. I don’t know why, but I can’t think of good ideas on the computer. But, when I’m drafting and editing, I always type because its so much faster, and too much penwork destroys my wrists. 😦 Continue reading

Character Playlists

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A few days ago, MyMusicalandWritingLife made a compilation of songs that she felt fitted her characters’ personality and circumstances. I really liked the idea, so I decided to borrow it for today’s post.

I’ll be focussing on my four main characters from my Infinity trilogy (as I refer to Stars Fill Infinity; When Infinity is Empty and Those Who Outlast Infinity as): Chessy, Sapphire, Justice and Quillon. Here we go! Continue reading