Disability Representation in Storytelling: A New Series

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Hello everyone!

I come to you today from the depths of university disability studies with a proposition for a new blog series.

Namely, as it says in the title, a series that examines disability representation in storytelling.

My favourite unit at uni so far has been one called Perspectives on Disability and it focuses on critiquing the representation of people with disabilities in media. My major assignment involves writing an examination of a YouTube clip from an X-Factor audition a few years ago.

I’ve really enjoyed the critical thinking aspects of this unit, but I felt a bit limited by the assignment. I wanted to branch out more, dig deeper into some of this representation. So, what better way to do that than with a few blog posts on the topic! I’m super excited to dig into this more, and raise some awareness on disability and also provide a guide for writers’ who are looking to add more diversity to their novels.

I already have a long list of characters, movies, and books to examine (way more than I’ll ever be able to actually write about), but if you have a particular topic you think would make a great instalment let me know!

Anyway, thanks for your time today, hopefully I’ll be more active on here, especially since I’ve convinced myself that “it’s uni work!” I’ll see you around!

How has life been for you, my friends? Are you studying at the moment, and if so, what? Who is your favourite disabled character in media? Any suggestions for topics in this series? Also, are you currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo?

The Bookish Blog Tag

Hello all! Today I wanted to just do a fun post, and I haven’t done a tag in a while, so I thought we’d do the tag all the cool kids seem to be doing, aka The Bookish Blog Tag. There’s not much to say about this one, except that I have no idea who created it (if you know, let me know and I’ll add credit!) and no one tagged me, I’m just a pirate and stole it. I also won’t tag anyone, if you want to do it, you can steal it.

All right, these are some fun questions, let’s go!

What are 1-3 of your favourite books of all time?

After years and years of anguish, not knowing what my favourite books were…I finally decided on my top three books a few years back.

The Lord of the Rings: Look, I’m pretty sure LOTR is just the perfect book. The characters are perfect, the story is perfect, the setting is something beyond perfect, and the writing is meandering and beautiful. I just love it so much, and it’s my comfort read, the book I keep going back to time and time again.

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Top Ten Items Which Help Me Manage My Chronic Illnesses

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Welcome to my blog! Today we’re doing a bit of a different post, as we’re not going to be looking at writing or reading, but chronic illness!

As anyone with a chronic illness can tell you, it affects pretty much every part of your life. From what you eat, to what you wear, where you work, what your hobbies are, and even who you make friends with.

Obviously, when chronic illness is framed like that, it can sound like it’s all there is to my identity, but really it’s not. Accepting that something affects my life is not the same as letting it rule my life. So, with that in mind, let’s have a look at my top ten things that help me focus on other things–whether that be dogs, horses, writing, reading, or work!

Also, as a quick disclaimer. This list may have things that aren’t suitable, or won’t work for you, even if you have the same illnesses as me. Always talk to your health care professionals if you aren’t sure about something 🙂

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Writing Update: Progress Is Not Made, But I Show You Character Art Instead

It’s been a while* since I got on here to tell you about my many beloved projects, so I thought I would do so today. It’s going to be a chill post, the internet equivalent of sitting down with a cuppa and a biscuit and chatting with a friend you haven’t seen in a few months. We’ll have a look at each of my major projects, discuss where I’m up to with each of them, what my goals are with them, and share some snippets and character art!

Let’s get into it!

*Approximately 18 months, to be exact.

The Changeling and the Wolf

This is my baby at the moment. The story of a young and idiotic werewolf, whose brother is a monster hunter. Together they discover an evil cult which is trying to resurrect the long dead tyrant Dark Lord, and it kind of just goes from there.

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