The Hard Working Creative Website Launch

Welcome!! I’ve got an exciting post for us all this week. Today, all over the world, creative teens are celebrating the launch of a new website–The Hardworking Creative.


The Hardworking Creative is the result of months of hard work on the part of Hailey Hudson and it’s for anyone who’s bursting with a dream. Hailey aims to find her people, to gather young people from all kinds of creative walks to one place, where they can inspire and encourage each other, learn and grow in their skills and talents. 

The website is going to showcase creatives who are following their dreams in an effort to inspire, and it’s also going to feature practical tips on marketing, branding, social media (and all the other stuff that isn’t really fun, but is essential!).

So, whether you are a writer, painter, dancer, filmmaker, actor, whatever you are, if you’re bursting with a dream, come one and come all to The Hardworking Creative! (And five stars for The Greatest Showman references!)

As part of the launch, I asked Hailey if I could interview her, so without further ado, I present the lovely Hailey Hudson!

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 Hailey Hudson is a nineteen-year-old author, blogger, and freelance writer; she was also a classical pianist for ten years and a dancer for seven. These days, when she’s not writing or working as a voiceover artist, she spends her time obsessing over Broadway musicals, playing with her camera, or coaching softball. View her writing portfolio by clicking here.

Thank you for coming, Hailey! What inspired you to start The Hardworking Creative?

I know a lot of young people who are very creative and talented, and they have big dreams–but they aren’t actually doing any work to get them where they want to be. So I wanted to create a place where I could collaborate with fellow hardworking creatives to provide the resources these young people need to make their dreams become their reality.

That’s such an encouraging idea, I know it’s going to be an amazing encouragement to so many young people! What do you hope to achieve with this new endeavour?

The Hardworking Creative is “for anyone who’s bursting with a dream,” so I hope to achieve two things: I want to connect with those people, and then I want to give them the tools to put in the work necessary to make that dream come true.

Where do you see the website (and yourself!) in a few years’ time?

In a few years, I see The Hardworking Creative as a website that’s well-known for giving young creatives the inspiration and tools they need. I’m planning on THC having an ebook, some merchandise, and also an online job board. Besides managing THC, I see myself doing the same things I do right now, just at a higher level: working as an author, a freelance fitness writer, and a softball coach!

I wish you all the best with those goals, I’m looking forward to seeing you succeed in those goals :). Is there a particular Bible verse and/or quote that inspires you in your creative life?

One Bible verse I love is Psalm 90:17–“May the beauty of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us–yes, establish the work of our hands.” And one of my many favorite inspiring quotes is “A thousand dreams within me softly burn” (Arthur Rimbaud).

Both of those quotes are amazing, I can definitely relate to having ‘a thousand dreams’ softly burning within me. How can we get involved with The Hardworking Creative?

People can get involved with THC in three big ways: first, you can spread the word on social media. Second, if you’re interested in being interviewed on the blog, you can apply through the contact form on the site (I won’t be able to interview everyone since there will only be one interview a month, but I’ll try my best). And third, stay tuned for lots of exciting collaboration opportunities, details coming soon!


Thanks for agreeing to be interviewed, Hailey 😀 And now, what are you waiting for? Hop over to The Hardworking Creative, check out the Welcome post and subscribe! I can’t wait to see what Hailey has in store for us over the coming years.

Have you checked out The Hardworking Creative yet? Are you interested in getting involved? What kind of creative are you?


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