Disability Representation in Storytelling: A New Series

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Hello everyone!

I come to you today from the depths of university disability studies with a proposition for a new blog series.

Namely, as it says in the title, a series that examines disability representation in storytelling.

My favourite unit at uni so far has been one called Perspectives on Disability and it focuses on critiquing the representation of people with disabilities in media. My major assignment involves writing an examination of a YouTube clip from an X-Factor audition a few years ago.

I’ve really enjoyed the critical thinking aspects of this unit, but I felt a bit limited by the assignment. I wanted to branch out more, dig deeper into some of this representation. So, what better way to do that than with a few blog posts on the topic! I’m super excited to dig into this more, and raise some awareness on disability and also provide a guide for writers’ who are looking to add more diversity to their novels.

I already have a long list of characters, movies, and books to examine (way more than I’ll ever be able to actually write about), but if you have a particular topic you think would make a great instalment let me know!

Anyway, thanks for your time today, hopefully I’ll be more active on here, especially since I’ve convinced myself that “it’s uni work!” I’ll see you around!

How has life been for you, my friends? Are you studying at the moment, and if so, what? Who is your favourite disabled character in media? Any suggestions for topics in this series? Also, are you currently doing Camp NaNoWriMo?

5 thoughts on “Disability Representation in Storytelling: A New Series

  1. Accccck CHELSEA I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!! And it’s so good to see your face on the blogosphere again! (? metaphorical face, I guess. the internet is weird.)

    “It’s uni work.” << best blogging excuse ever.

    Miss Megan (I think WordPress might be forcing me to sign in as LucyAgnes, but whatevs)


  2. Well, done with studying, but when I did- majored in Sociology and minored in Theater and Spanish Cultural Studies

    In my opinion, the word “disability” is such a misconception- replace it with “difference”. Considering I have disabilities myself- they are just “differences”


  3. Sounds interesting! I look forward to seeing where you go with this series.

    …My mind immediately goes to Hawkeye and Daredevil (and wonders how they would communicate if Clint didn’t have his hearing aids?), heh.

    (Can you turn your blog posts in for extra credit…? xD)


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