I’ve Been Tagged–Again!

Liebster award second tag header

Thanks to wonderful Story Sponge, I have been tagged again for the Lobster Liebster Award. Since I didn’t really have any ideas for a quick post this week, I decided that I’d take up the challenge and let her interrogate me.


My reaction when I found out I’d been tagged a second time!


1.    Pie or Cake?

Good question. I like apple pie, but I haven’t tried any other sorts of sweet pies, which I assume is what the question means. I’m going to have to go with cake, I think. Devil’s food cake is the best.

2.    Who is your favourite author and why?

Ahh! Who would ask a question like this? Okay, for the sake of the post, I’m going to name my favourite authors as J.R.R. Tolkien and Victor Hugo. I like them both for similar reasons.

They both write compelling stories, that are so deep and the world building is so thorough. Tolkien really thought out Middle-Earth, to the point that it almost is a real place. It’s so easy to vividly picture Middle-Earth, and Hugo’s Paris too, which might as well be a completely different world. They also have beautiful characters, who are easy to love (or hate) and to root for. Their themes are deep, thoughtful and biblical.

There are a hundred and one other reasons I love these authors—and others like them too—but I want to keep this post fairly short, so I’ll spare you.

3.    Who is an author you cannot stand?

I’m a controversial person, okay, so I’m going to say…Jane Austen. I. just. Can’t. stand. Her. That’s all there is to it. I love classics so I went into Pride and Prejudice, hoping that it would live up to 250 years of hype, and instead…well, nothing really happens. They just play whist (what even is whist?) and argue and go to balls.

I haven’t been game to try any of her other books.

4.    If you could live in any fictitious world which would you choose?

Middle-Earth. Specifically, the Shire.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in this house?


Picture Source


5.   If you could suddenly have a new skill what would it be?

Either the ability to play the oboe, or the ability to speak fluent German. I don’t know which I’d prefer.

6.    What is something you wish people knew about you without telling them?

Ooh, this is hard. I don’t know. I’m a very reserved person, so there’s a lot of things only my family and very close friends know…maybe I would want other people to know that I’m not actually as boring as they think I am, and that I’m not actually as perfect as they think I am.

7.   What would your superpower and superhero/supervillain name be?

I like this question. *rubs hands evilly* One of my works in progress, Black & White, has a villain turned anti-hero named Whiplash. As his name implies, he is super fast, and I think that it would be really cool to run as fast as he can. If I couldn’t do that, I’d choose telekinesis, because one of my other heroes could do that.

8.    What is your favourite blog post that you’ve written?

Hmmm….*runs away to rifle through archives* I really liked the post I did introducing my NaNo novel, I also quite enjoyed the character karaoke post, which took me a very long time to put together. And I liked the Character types post as well.

9.    If you could give one fictional character a hug right now and tell them they aren’t alone, who would it be?

I often feel like giving hugs all round. How can I choose just one? The Phantom always needs a hug at the end of both Acts. Eponine needs a hug, Fantine needs a hug, Gavroche also needs a hug, Loki needs a hug, my own characters all need hugs. Can’t I just hug everyone?


Hugs for Gavroche and Eponine. Picture source


10.    If you could punch one fictional character in the face right now, who would it be?

I always feel like hitting the foreman, from the beginning of Les Mis.

11.    Which character from fiction would you choose to have as your big brother?

Gavroche. If you’ve read the novel, you’ll know that Gavroche makes a good big brother. Or else, Davy from Newsies. Or Peter, from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I love big brothers in fiction and I always wished I had one of my very own. Unfortunately, I don’t, but I do have a little brother, and he’s pretty cool too.


Now, it’s been acknowledged that I sometimes break the rules. I didn’t know, when I did my first Liebster Award, that you had to state 11 random facts about yourself, but apparently you do, so I’ll now proceed to state 11 random facts about myself.

1.    I have three little brothers and only one sister.

2.    I’m obsessed with listening to musicals in languages I can’t understand (French, German, Spanish, Japanese) to name a few and I’ve listened to parts of Les Mis, Phantom of the Opera and Cats in all of the above languages, and then some.

3.    I hate shopping. Unless it happens to be a book or stationary store, and then you can’t make me leave.

4.    I’m currently teaching myself French by reading a Victor Hugo book in French, and I’ve been teaching myself German for some time by writing WW1 fiction about German soldiers.

5.    I tried to learn ancient Greek from a college textbook when I was twelve

6.    I am obsessed with history, but particularly with Roman Britain, France from 1750-1945 and World War 1.

7.    I very rarely read contemporary novels

8.    I prefer “boy” books over “girl” books

9.    I desire greatly to be Enjolras in a production of Les Mis. Failing that, I want to be Gavroche. If they still protest, I’ll settle for Eponine.

10.   I don’t like pop music and I really only listen to movie soundtracks, musicals, Casting Crowns and Lee Kernaghan.

11.    I’m a highland dancer, and I can’t dance Irish properly to save my life.

Again, I’m being a rule breaker. I nominated heaps of people last time I did this so I don’t want to nominate them all again. Unless, of course, they want to do it. Basically, if you read this post, you’re tagged!

And here are my questions:

1.    Can you speak another language? If so, what is it?

2.    Do you like your name? would you change it if you could?

3.    Opinions on Jane Austen?

4.    If you had to choose your own family of fictional characters, who would you choose?

5.    Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? Who was it?

6.    Would you rather be stuck with spiders or snakes?

7.    Would you rather never hear again or never be heard?

8.    Are there any authors you cannot stand?

9.    Who is your favourite Avenger?

10.   If physical books no longer existed, would you go for audiobooks or e-books?

11.   Have you ever done any form of dance?

Well, that was a lovely, eclectic mix of weirdness from me!  How about you? How would you answer some of these questions? Do you prefer spiders or snakes? Audiobooks or ebooks?

[UPDATE: I forgot to mention, but as of tomorrow I am going to be on a week long hiatus. Do not despair! I have two posts scheduled for Sunday, the final instalment in What God Has Been Teaching Me and a December and Yearly Wrap up. I won’t be able to reply to your lovely comments, but please keep sending them! I will do my absolute best to reply to them all when I get back :D]

23 thoughts on “I’ve Been Tagged–Again!

  1. Oh I want to live in Hobbiton too!! I mean those houses?! They’re so cute! And like a life of reading and eating and being generally happy living in that cosy little community? YES. So me.😂 Also I also listen to music in languages I can’t understand, although sometimes I worry what I’m listening to haha. *shifts around awkwardly* And I love both ebooks and audiobooks, but I always remember a book better if I listen to it over read it. That’s so weird, right?!

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  2. Congrats on being nominated again!!
    I can speak very, very little Spanish since I have forgotten most of what I learned in high school, decent conversational German, and Japanese which is kinda slipping from me after having learned it for about 10 years and stopping a few years back.
    I don’t dislike Jane Austen but I don’t particularly love her either. I like Georgette Heyer a lot better–I find her stories more readable and funny (even if they kind of are just really silly sometimes!).
    As for crushes on fictional characters… I definitely had/have a crush on Enjolras. I’ve always loved the idea of revolutions and also, Victor Hugo spent just about a page describing him so… yeah, I was pretty much doomed to have a crush on him.
    Captain America is definitely my favorite Avenger.
    If physical books were out of the picture, I’d be more of an ebook person. If I have my earbuds in, I’ve got music playing; I can’t listen to books read by someone I can’t see. The exception being Dickens’s “A Christmas Carol.”
    I did ballet when I was younger (like 5 years old) but the only thing I learned was how to skip ridiculously well!

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  3. Okay can I just defend Jane Austen for a second? Her books have so much subtext, social commentary and moral commentary and sarcasm that has made me laugh out loud before…there is so much about them that is still relevant and important to today. They are so much more than whist and dancing once you start getting deep into them, I promise. And I understand that they’re not everyone’s taste, especially if you’re more into “boy” books, but objectively they are some of the greatest literature of all time.

    Anyways. Sorry for the rant, but I’m a huge fan. I still love you, I promise! 😉

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  4. There are so many wonderful fictiouous place to live, but maybe Narnia. I never had a crush on a literary character or a musical character. I have learned Spanish so I thought it would be cool to eventually see Les Mis on Spanish and I loved listened and watched videos of some of those songs in Spanish, but everyone is like how on earth will you understand what is going on and I am like I am a Les Mis Freak so I understand the entire story.

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  5. I know! I definitely could live in a little round house underground (though I’m not of the stature to walk into a hobbit house and not bang my head on the chandelier, unfortunately).
    I know what you mean. I’d have no idea if there was anything inappropriate in a German or French song. in fact, I usually can’t work out what’s going on, or what the song is about anyway.
    I’m the same, but I find that I sometimes drift off if someone else is reading, especially in the boring parts, but that never happens when I’m actually reading. I definitely prefer audiobooks over ebooks though.
    Thanks for commenting!


  6. Narnia would be cool too, I was tossing up between it and Middle Earth.
    I’ve never learnt Spanish, but I really like listening to Les Mis in French and German. And I know perfectly what’s happening because I’ve listened to it so much in English.
    Thanks for commenting! I’ll talk after I get back from my hiatus 😀


  7. I understand that there must be something that people like about them, since they’re so popular and beloved, but I just couldn’t enjoy it. I guess that I tried to read Pride and Prejudice right after Les Miserables and I couldn’t find it in me to care about middle class women trying to get husbands when I’d just read an epic about convicts and revolutionaries. I don’t condemn anyone for liking Jane Austen though. it’s just not my cup of tea. Romance never is. 😀
    Thanks for commenting, I’ll see you after my hiatus! 😀


  8. I hate how you lose languages so quickly once you stop practising. I used to be able to speak very bad Italian, but I’ve forgotten almost all of it now.
    I have to admit that I’ve never read Georgette Heyer, but I’m not really into romance stories. I might give it a try one day though.
    Ah yes, me too. I love Enjolras, though I think the chances of getting Enjolras to love you back would be pretty slim indeed 😀 (I think it was more than a page, to be honest. And how could you not have a crush on him, after all that description?) I have mixed feelings on revolutions, but they always make for good reading material and conflict!
    I love Captain America too 🙂
    I do read the occasional ebook, but I spend so much time on the computer looking at a screen, that I like to give my eyes a break when I read, so I prefer physical books or audio, but if its a book I’m desperate to read and I can only get it as an ebook, I’d definitely read it.
    Thanks for commenting, I’ll see you after my hiatus! I’ll have plenty of your posts to catch up on 😀


  9. I could see Les Mis in any language and could understand what is going. Me being passionate as Les Mis as I am makes me so knowledgable on the plot. If u include the movie and the 25th anniversary concert DVD with the 5 times I seen it live adds up to who knows how many times I have seen Les Mis. Plus have listened to the songs so many times so I for sure would understand what is going on

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  10. Yeah, it’s a real bummer how languages take forever to learn and yet take an instant to forget!
    Haha, yeah, that’s definitely the problem with loving Enjolras–he’s too busy being in love with France and all that!
    See you after the hiatus!

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  11. I loved this tag so much. You have a lovely blog here… I think I’m just going to have to follow it!!!
    Rejoicing in Hope,
    Bri from forget-not-his-benefits.blogspot.com

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  12. This post makes me so happy. Yay for the Newsies reference! Because when possible, add Newsies to everything.
    I would totally choose to live in Hobbiton too! I am truly a hobbit at heart.
    I know what you mean about Jane Austen. I had to read a few of her books for school and they weren’t my favorite, though I do actually enjoy the movie adaptions of her books.
    I love your answer to number 9! Yes, let’s just hug everyone, there are so many people who need hugs.

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  13. Living in the shire would be my life! I also thrive on Devils Food Cake! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Confession time: I’ve never read The Lord of The Rings. ( I have read The Hobbit and I thought it was quite enjoyable) Things have gotten to the point when my TBR has gotten so large, The Lord of The Rings just wasn’t a priority. Hopefully, that’ll change in 2018, but I feel like I say that every year. Good post! I LOVE reading tag posts.

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  14. You tried to learn Greek from a textbook?? That is crazy and very cool. Ooh, I like your questions!! Especially number seven. Yes, I do speak another language- Mandarin! I don’t listen to audiobooks or read ebooks, but I choose audiobooks. Reading books electronically doesn’t even compare with words on paper. Haha, I used to do ballet and tap when I was little, but I wasn’t good at all!

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  15. Okay, I can see why you wouldn’t like them if you don’t like romance in general. I’m a hopeless romantic and really enjoy period dramas and all that sort of thing, so of course they’re more my thing! That makes sense.

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  16. Yeah, I feel the same way when I listen to it in German. I have no actual idea what they’re saying but I know the lyrics so well that I can just go with it.


  17. The romantics are allowed to love Jane Austen as much as they wish, but I tend to stay clear of her and all others like her. Though I do have a classics challenge and on my list is Emma, so I will give that a go before I give up entirely. I am determined to read at least one Austen book before I do.

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  18. Yay for Newsies. They make a good post into a great post, am I right?
    Except that I am not really the build for a hobbit (fairly tall and I’ve got quite wide shoulders, I do have big feet though :D) I am a hobbit in nature. I would be quite happy to curl up in a hobbit house and read books and drink cocoa by the fire forever and ever.
    I remember my mum making us watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, but I can’t remember my opinion on the matter.
    Yes, how on earth could I choose just one?

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  19. You MUST read the Lord of the Rings, its one of my favourite books of all time and it’s just. So. Good. Definitely put it on your 2018 reading list! Thanks for commenting, Jared!


  20. It WAS crazy, in hindsight, but I was determined and no one was going to talk me out of it. It didn’t really work though, unfortunately. Still, I tried and it was fun.
    Cool! Mandarin would be a super interesting language to know! Yeah, I hardly ever read ebooks and I would just prefer audiobooks. my favourite is still a paperback though. Ballet and tap are both awesome and I wish I could do them!

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  21. Out of all of them, Emma would probably be the one I’d have recommended for you anyway, so good luck with that! I hope you like it!


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